Petrainer Dog Training Collar
Petrainer Dog Training Collar [100% Waterproof]

Dog training collars can be a versatile tool in making an aggressive dog into a very obedient and well-mannered dog in just a matter of time, but when choosing the best dog training collar out there, there are aspects you should consider.

Have you ever wanted to train your dog without taking it to a professional? The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is the perfect device for you!

This collar offers an effective and humane way of training your pup, allowing you to give them commands up to 800 yards away.

With a range of features like adjustable shock levels, beep mode, light mode and more, this collar is sure to make training your pup easier than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many features of the Petrainer Dog Training Collar and how it can help you achieve the best results in puppy training.

Features PETRAINER 998DRB Remote Dog Training Collar

If you are training a dog breed that loves to play in the water, such as Labrador Retriever and other medium-sized dogs, it might be better to look for a waterproof dog training collar.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar [100% Waterproof]
Petrainer Dog Training Collar [100% Waterproof]

Why use a waterproof dog training collar?

Of course, aside from keeping it working while submerged in the water, it is also more durable than regular dog collars for small dogs.

You do not have to worry that it will be damaged if your dog runs in water puddles or pools. A remote dog training collar waterproof can protect itself from getting wet without sacrificing its efficiency and effectiveness in training dogs with zero interruptions compared to others.

Also, most waterproof collars are durable compared to other types. It is built with materials that do not soak quickly with water to keep it clean and smelling fresh even when worn for days.

Most waterproof collars are also made with hygienic materials to ensure that the dog is not irritated and remains clean even if it is submerged in mud or gets wet with drooling.

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  • CHECK THE DEPTH OR DISTANCE OF THE WATERPROOF LEVEL OF THE COLLAR- Most of these devices can be submerged up to three meters, just like regular waterproof wristwatches. Ensure that it has this kind of feature or is not waterproof. This is crucial because once the device inside gets wet, fixing it and replacing it with a new one would be tough.
  • CHECK IF IT IS MADE FROM QUICK DRYING MATERIALS- If your dog loves to play in puddles of mud, pools, and rain, the collar would also get wet. That is why you have to make sure that it is made from quick-drying materials or, much better, use synthetic rubber to help the dog not get irritated. Usually, dog collars that are hard to dry out cause irritation to the dog’s neck, affecting the dog’s training if not addressed quickly.

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According to Amazon’s dog training collar reviews, Petrainer’s 100-percent waterproof dog shock collar that comes with remote control is the best choice for dog trainers who have dogs who love to play in the water.

This device with a range that reaches 300 yards can be yours at $**.99, and if you buy two right now, you can get it a $**.70 only!

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  • Effectively helps barking, walking, and leash training for dogs. This is the perfect device to decrease the dog’s aggression and promote compelling behavioral obedience.
  • An adjustable shock level from zero to a hundred also has a vibration feature that is less harmful to dogs.
  • It has an authoritative tone (beep) mode that will warn the dog audibly to guarantee discipline, especially for working dogs.

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Petrainer PET998DRU Electronic Dog Training Collar Introduction

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Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar


When all other methods fail to train your furry best friend and the dog does not listen to you, you can turn to a shock collar like the Petrainer dog training collar (i.e., Petrainer PETDBB-2 Shock Collar).

A shock collar is also known as collar-mounted electronic activity aid or e-collar—the shock collar hooks around your pet’s neck like a regular one. Typically, the shock collars come with a few modes, such as vibration, beep, and shock straight into your pet’s sensitive neck.

Thus, you can control your dog by adjusting the level of beep, vibration, and shock timing using a remote. One such shock collar is the Petrainer dog training collar. Let’s review this product to know if it is worth your money.

Overview Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Petrainer Dog Training Collar
Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Petrainer is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of dog training tools. Petrainer has been immersed in research and development, making and distributing pet products in the North American area. With a desire for innovation, this Petrainer team continually improves its pet products and operations to provide the best product to its valued consumers.

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar has a strap that modifies between 3 and 25 inches. Thus, you can fit pooches whose sizes of necks are between the 3-25″ range. Nevertheless, a few canines shouldn’t wear this shock collar for specific reasons over the fit. If you have a young puppy, then avoid using this shock collar. It is mainly designed for adult dogs.

This model comes with a remote controller that is a common one; an LED display screen, a few buttons, and also with the correct weight.

This Petrainer Dog Training Collar has three correction modes: vibration, beep, and static shock. The static shock and vibration modes are exactly immediate correction modes.

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The collar receiver of this model is what truly stays on your pet’s neck and interprets the order you transmit via the remote.

Moreover, the electrodes on the receiver are already covered using plastic. Thus, you don’t have to worry about metal probes that may dig into your pet’s skin.

If you get this Petrainer Dog Training Collar, you will notice a plastic with a bulb inside. This clear plastic, along with the bulb, is what you will use to specify if the shock is working.

So what you will have to do is place the light on that electrode and then press that button to activate the shock system on the collar. If the bulb is lighted up, it will mean that the shock mode is working perfectly.

The collar strap of the model comes with a metal hook that’s both operated as a clasp and an adjustment tool.

The collar’s receiver is made using plastic and, thus, should be capable of working even underwater. This also comes with a bit of a leash ring. Therefore, you can use the collar to teach your pet during walks.

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Features Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Features Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar
Features Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar


  • Remote control along with a LED display screen
  • Three correction modes: vibration, beep, and also static shock mode.
  • A collar receiver ranges from 330 yards (means 900 feet)
  • Metal buckle
  • Test light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Leash ring
  • USB cable included

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Pros Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar

  • Features a rechargeable battery
  • A dog owner can control up to 7 collars with one remote controller.
  • The collar is waterproof.

Cons Of Petrainer Dog Training Collar

  • Not so a good way of switching between receivers
  • It does not allow for a quick action
  • Buttons slow down things

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Petrainer Dog Training Collar Review

Petrainer Dog Training Collar Review
Petrainer Dog Training Collar Review


The Petrainer PETDBB-2 Dog Shock Collar for dogs is a rechargeable (USB) tool for dog training, ready to operate within 4 to 5 hours. On a single charge, the model lasts for more than one week.

It has three standard settings: shock mode, vibration mode, and tone mode. The tone mode only features 1 level, even though you can set the other two methods between ONE and HUNDRED. Moreover, the silicone-covered prongs won’t hurt your dog’s hair or skin.

This model is designed to be operated up to around 330 yards. Nevertheless, it’s not practical at that range. Here, you’re better off within just a 100-yard area. It would help if you also viewed that this model isn’t fitted for XL pooches or those bigger dogs with thick fur since the prongs won’t be capable of penetrating through their hair. Additionally, the remote of the model comes with an easy-to-see LCD light. However, the overall structure isn’t durable.

The shock collar is flexible from 6 to 25 inches, and you can set around seven collars with one remote. However, pairing these many collars is challenging and makes the all-around performance less convincing. Also, the Petrainer isn’t as waterproof as it declares, so bathing, swimming, or other water sports aren’t recommended while wearing this collar.

On the more optimistic side, this model comes with a power-saving system that keeps the collar’s battery from draining as soon as it isn’t in use. Also, the charge time is quite long, at about 6 to 7 hours, but you’ll get a significant run time as soon as it’s fully charged.

Who is the Petrainer Dog Training Collar Suitable For?

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is an e-collar suitable for dogs of all ages. It is a safe and effective way to train your dog.

The collar has three modes: static, vibration, and beep. You can use the collar to train your dog to stop barking, to come when called, and to stay.

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is also a great way to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

How to Use the Petrainer Dog Training Collar

If you’re looking for a dog training collar that is reliable and easy to use, the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is a great option.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Put the collar on your dog. Make sure that it is snug but not too tight.
  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • Press the “Remote” button on the transmitter, and then press the corresponding button on the collar receiver. This will put the collar into “Remote” mode.
  • When your dog does something you want to discourage, press the “Correction” button on the transmitter. This will emit a warning tone from the collar and deliver a mild shock if necessary.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed until your dog learns not to do the undesirable behavior.
  • Once your dog has learned what you want him or her to do, you can turn off the “Correction” function on the transmitter and use the warning tone as needed.


The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is a shock collar from the Petrainer brand. This Petrainer brand is a subordinate of the actual brand name “iPets.”

iPets is a brand that has been in the business of developing, manufacturing, and also distributing products for pets. And whereas this brand is mainly established in the North American area, its consequences for pets have reached a long way almost worldwide.

iPets prides itself on accomplishing everything in the making method in-house. And this helps make its pet products inexpensive. One such product is the Petrainer dog training collar which is affordable and offers quite a few good features. Although the product has a few drawbacks, however, at this price, you can’t expect more!

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