LuckinPET Dog Training Collar
LuckinPET Dog Training Collar 1800ft Remote Dog Shock Collar Review

This newer model for the year 2019, with a new embedded bright and perfect size display panel design and the content associated with the on-screen display, is more copious.

The dog shock training collar is made using the latest Ergonomic design.

The product’s surface is treated very specially and has high resistance against water.

Furthermore, this dog shock training collar is non-sticky and gives a snug fit to your dog for comfort and convenience.

Features LuckinPET Dog Training Collar Remote Review

If you own a naughty dog that has some bad behavior and quite annoying for you, for example like biting your sofa seat, or scratching other foams, or break down another household items, or if he has a bad habit of barking at the night, runs suddenly away, or don’t listen to your instructions!

And finally, if you are tired of training such a naughty dog, don’t put yourself in more effort and hassle.

LukinPET dog Shock training collar is a beneficial training tool that has great use in training your dog with ease. It’s very safe and easy to use.

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LuckinPET Dog Training Collar 1800ft Remote Dog Shock Collar Review
LuckinPET Dog Training Collar 1800ft Remote Dog Shock Collar Review

Product’s weight: 14.4 ounces

Batteries; 1 lithium battery is required, and it is included in the package also.

Professional Tool

If you are tired of trying dog training products and your pet dog’s behavior is still not changed, then you should try the LuckinPET Dog training collar.

It is a professional training tool that is manufactured with human engineering design.

It offers three active functions for training, including vibration, shock, and beep, helping your dog learn some basic obedience commands.

Not only has this, but it can also it had three maximum channels to control three different receivers separately.

1800ft Remote control

This dog shock training collar effective remote distance is up to 1800 ft. It also has solid wall penetrating signals.

That makes this dog shock training collar the perfect collar to train your dogs in the parks.

In backyards or any other area that is wide and your dog loves to play and learn in that space.

No more outdoor boundaries with this dog shock training collar by luckinPET.


Picking up this product to review as the best dog shock training collar of 2019 is just because of its amazing and fantastic features.

The product contains an 1800ft range that makes it superior to other similar dog shock training collars.

Additionally, its 3-channel maximum range enables the user to control three receivers at tone time. See how cool this feature is!

But it would be a more excellent product if there would be an option for adjusting the tone.

Great for hiking

It has barking control.

Works well with the underground fence also.

The ton volume is not adjustable. If your dog used to listen, lauder, then this collar is not recommendable.

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Conclusion LuckinPET Dog Training Collar 1800ft Remote Dog Shock Collar.

The product is excellent because it has a decent range of 1800ft larger than others, it has three training modes and can support three channels.

It prevents accidental shocks and has high resistance against water.

Pretty much affordable, and customers have given excellent reviews about this product.

Although this is newly launched but still works perfectly fine.

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