Sighthound Dog Harness
Sighthound Dog Harness

Owners of sighthounds sometimes live in anxiety that someday their beloved dog will slip out of its collar and may meet with tragedy.

This’s because the Sighthound’s head is slimmer than its neck. Thus, regular harnesses and collars are just not snug enough for sighthounds to keep them secure.

Several key features make Sighthound Dog Harness the best choice for all.

Best Sighthound Dog Harness in 2022

  • Robust hardware and buckle – while most Sighthound Dogs have a laid-back attitude to life, they’re relatively heavy dogs. Look for a harness with solid hardware and metal leash d-rings. Tough webbing and durable nylon can also make the harness last more than a few walks.
  • Soft and padded – Sighthound Dogs have thin skin and short coats. Padding can prevent chaffing or sore spots while also keeping your dog warm.
  • Adjustable design – every Sighthound Dog Harness has some adjustment level, but the best model has several adjustment features. Sighthound Dog has a unique body, so it looks for a dog harness with many options to get a solid fit.
  • Correct size – Besides padding, getting the right size is the most acceptable way to prevent chafing. A perfectly fitted harness is also harder to escape from.
  • Washable – Dog Harness rapidly becomes dirty, so ensure it can withstand repeated washing. Unfortunately, several of the best Sighthound Dog Harness options are unsuitable for machine washing, so you must clean them by hand.

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Type of leash and collar best used with Greyhounds

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Additional consideration

Forever check a harness fits after purchasing it and not be afraid to exchange it for a different size if essential.

Look closely for chafing, slipping, rubbing, or excessive movement, which can rapidly cause pressure wounds.

While the Sighthound Dog Harness should not be too tight, you should also check that your Sighthound Dog is secure and cannot escape.

Note – if your pet is a determined escape artist, you might need to take additional steps to keep it safe.

A spook harness, for instance, could be a fine choice for your beloved pet.

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 What Makes A Best Sighthound Dog Harness

Fortunately, your struggle ends here today. We have a codeveloped guide that shows what makes a theist sighthound dog harness.

You can also check out the top 3 best dog harnesses for Sighthounds. After this, what makes the best sighthound dog harness guide?

What Makes A Best Sighthound Dog Harness

The sighthounds have been living with people for many years now. These puppies are very easy to live with. It is no wonder they’ve been our best friends and helpmates for centuries. But their body structure doesn’t fit regular harnesses.

That is why you need to find out the most suitable harness for them. Below is the feature that makes the best sighthound dog harness.

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Harness Styles & Types

There are several types of harnesses and collars available for puppies. Each comes with an added advantage. Let’s see the types and styles of harnesses to know which one or what makes the best sighthound dog harness.

Back Clip Harness

Back-clip dog harnesses are mainly for calm dogs. These are no-pull leashes, as the structure does little to prevent pulling.

Dual Clip Harness

The double clip harness delivers both front & back clip options to attach the dog leash. Switching between these two is quite simple, which is helpful for training and your pet’s comfort level.

Vest Type Harness

Vest types offer extra padding and material that comfortably straps around your pup. Those different elements also deliver additional support. This’s an advantageous use to the Sighthound breed.

Front Clip Harness

These are ideal for training as they deliver more control without tugging or choking on the Sighthound’s spine and neck. This reduces the risk of throat and neck injuries in Sighthounds.

Sizing & Adjustments

Like our clothing, a dog harness must fit as cozily as possible. Sizes are undefined, typically coming in S to L or XL.

Each of these sizes typically features a flexible range to help Sighthound owners create the ideal fit for their Sighthounds.

Top 3 Harnesses For Sighthounds

After careful review, we have pieced together what makes the best sighthound dog harness. Each option has plenty of features that make the best sighthound dog harness.

This list is not all-inclusive. However, it will put you on the correct path to dressing your Sighthound.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness
2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

This dog harness is a must-have if you own a sighthound. It comes with a martingale loop on the harness’s back that pulls slightly around the dog’s chest to prevent tearing. And the front clip enables the control of the Sighthounds easier than ever.

With this harness’s structure, you are assured that your Sighthound will have a complete range of leg movement and minimal chance of gagging and choking at the same time. The Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds features a patented martingale loop and a customized fit. This makes it quite challenging for the Sighthound to escape once appropriately adjusted.

It has four adjustment points and Swiss velvet lining to stop rubbing and deliver maximum comfort to your Sighthound.


  • Made for comfort
  • Last longer


  • Somewhat expensive

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ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable Sport Harness

ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable Sport Harness
ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable Sport Harness

The Sighthound is an athletic canine that gets too excited throughout outdoor sports. This excitement will usually cause the Sighthound to pull away.

However, the ThinkPet dog harness is ideal for keeping the dog under control, well-behaved, and comfortable walking outdoors. Its no-pull technique lets you control your Sighthound better by connecting the front clip to a leash.

Similarly, the dog harness is made using breathable and soft padding that’s bound to fit snugly your Sighthound such that it feels secure and comfortable wearing it. This comes with quick snap hooks that make the procedure of wearing & taking off the harness easy. Also, the lock pattern ensures that your Sighthound won’t get off the saddle quickly and sprint away from the harness.

The straps of this harness are provided with fluorescent light, allowing night visibility. This’s a must-have dog harness for your precious Sighthound.


  • Made using 600D high-density premium nylon material that makes it super durable
  • It’s provided with fluorescent lights for better night visibility
  • It comes with comfortable padding to withstand intense pulling
  • Superior quality


  • This harness only works when it’s the right size for your Sighthound

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WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness

WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness
WINSEE No Pull Dog Harness

This is if you’re searching for an ideal harness for your Sighthound, particularly during hiking tours. This WINSEE tactical dog harness lasts long with its 1680D oxford fabric and high viscosity that stops tearing up soon.

It also comes with a light, breathable mesh lining and soft cushioning in the belly and chest area, making it relaxing to wear. The dog harness comes with a front clip system that allows your Sighthound to walk comfortably by your side on-road and while hiking.

A is also harness’sVersatility is among the most vital points of this WINSEE dog harness for sighthounds. For one, this harness comes with a MOLLE design that features two rows on either side, and you can easily carry your bags, water bottles, and other supplies. An additional strap is also placed in the middle to reinforce the harness’s adjustability.


  • It’s versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for outdoors activities
  • It’s made to last longer


  • It isn’t machine washable
  • Dogs tend to chew this harness’ material if left alone

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Sighthounds are loving and loyal companions. However, they need a soft, secure harness to help prevent injury when you go outside with them.

All the harnesses listed above in the article are top-rated choices that will work perfectly with your fast & furry Sighthounds.

Appreciate peace of mind as soon as walking your Sighthound by choosing the perfect dog harness for their requirements.

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