Pet Union Bark Collar PT0Z1
Pet Union Bark Collar PT0Z1

This bark collar is the ultimate training collar for the beagle and several other dog breeds.

It’s completely waterproof and relies upon professional dog trainers to control dog barking.

Features Pet Union Bark Collar PT0Z1

This dog bark collar can also be used for leash walking, training, and sitting.

It can correct aggression, stop barking, and teach sitting.

It has a massive LCD remote with adjustable features alongside four different modes.

Aside from the static stimulation and vibration effect, you can also use the tone beep mode to provide a warning to the pup.

There’s a blue color backlist design on the LCD to make the day and night visibility fine.

The shock setting of the bark collar is recommended only in emergencies and not only for behavioral training.

The fast-charging lithium battery lasts a long. The auto-power protect feature will also conserve battery life when not in use.

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Fully Waterproof 1200ft Range Pet Union PT0Z1

Pet Union PT0Z1 comes with a lifetime manufacturer replacement warranty.

You’ll get a complete refund if you’ve issues with the training collar within a specific period after purchase.

It comes with free professional dog training. The manufacturer provides dog expert trainers for one-on-one dog training advice through email.

This unit’s shock and vibration modes vary from 1 to 100 for personalized dog training.

It is straightforward to pair the collar with a remote sensor.

Just turn on the remote, hold the antenna to the sensor and push the action setting.

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  • The backlit function gives visibility day and night
  • It has a long-range of process
  • Very long battery performance after one full charge
  • One of the most acceptable device for first-time pet owners
  • Free expert training if you’re a beginner

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  • Recommend for dogs among 10 to 100 pounds. It mightn’t be suitable for smaller dogs.

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Pet Union Bark Collar

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