Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar
Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar

If you want to break the Pet Safe stranglehold, Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar has a budget-friendly option worth your further attention.

You will be all set regardless of your pet as long as he is hit the 8lbs mark.

Features Downtown Citronella Spray Collar

Slip on the collar with its very lightweight spray device, and you are ready to go.

When the collar recognizes your pet is barking excessively, he will receive a metered citronella spray on the snout.

If he is anything like other canines, that’d be enough to bring him into the right line.

If not, he will get another hit! Unlike static correction, spray dog bark collars are humane but still typically efficient.

You can tweak the bark collar to fit your furball like a glove.

As with every training dog collar, you’d frequently check the skin around your pet’s neck to ensure he is not showing any signs of irritation after wearing the device.

The single real problem with this Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar is one you would expect at this price tag: durability could be better.

That aside, you will get a compact, light, and humane training solution at a price you will love.

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Reasons to buy Citronella Spray Collar

All you need is thrown in down to the training function.

Completely adjustable and works will help every dog from 8lbs and up.

Fully humane solution with no static shock at all.

Lightweight and comfortable dog bark collar so your pup would not feel fatigued.

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Reasons not to buy

Sixty days warrant she is weak. Some buyers of the Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar complain about build quality issues developing over time.

Final verdict

While you would not get the Pet Safe brand heritage, this dog bark collar is a cost-efficient option well worth popping on your shortlist.

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