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Wakytu Ergonomic Design Handle Dog Leash, 2 Traffic Padded Handles Reflective Dog Leash for Small Medium and Large Dogs, with Waste Poop Bag Holder, Traction Collar for Walking, Black, 7’×1/2”

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About this item 【HEAVY DUTY DOG LEASH】The short leash gives you better control of your dog, made from strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope, fits large dogs close traction. 【REFLECTIVE STITCHING】Wakytu Short Handle Reflective Traffic Leash is stitched on both sides with highly reflective thread, keeps you both safe and visible on night walking. 【SOFT PADDED HANDLE】 Leash with padded handle doesn’t hurt your wrist, and allows you to keep a good grip. just enjoy the feeling walks with your dog and protects your hand from rope burn. 【360°ROTATING CLASP】The clasp prevents the leash from twisting and dog getting tangled. Heavy-duty clasp makes our training leashes last longer than most ones. 【QUALITY GUARANTEE】: Wakytu offers an 3-year warranty service, Quality problems within 3 years can be replaced for free new models. So if you have any problems with your product, please feel free to contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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6.85 x 5.91 x 2.56 inches; 11.36 Ounces

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January 1, 2023

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10 reviews for Wakytu Ergonomic Design Handle Dog Leash, 2 Traffic Padded Handles Reflective Dog Leash for Small Medium and Large Dogs, with Waste Poop Bag Holder, Traction Collar for Walking, Black, 7’×1/2”

  1. Sam Lucero

    Good leash. Comfortable and strong.

  2. Allison G.

    I tell my student driver, if you hit something going 60mph, what is in the car is still going 60mph, and will fly thru the front windshield, including the 120 lb dog in the back seat. So, maybe I should look into a seatbelt restraint for the big girl! She does like to pace, stand on the center console and navigate, stick her head out one window, look out the other window, back to the middle, so I’m not too sure how the restraint is going to work. It would be better if she stayed in one place anyway. I like that the piece that has the seat belt latch, also has a handle, is a bungie strap and is about 2 foot long. I can use this on it’s own as a short leash, then hook her into the seatbelt once in the car. Also included is a nice thick sturdy long leash, adjustable to make a long leash (6ft) to let her sniff along a trail, or can adjust it to be a short leash, under control in public. The handle on the long leash is adjustable so you can wear around your waist. and a fabric poop bag holder attached near the handle. I did not get any poop bags. Wrapped around my fat waist, there is about 2 feet of leash left, I attached the bungie section and that was a good length to keep my pup close to me but not too restricted. There is a tag attached and a piece of paper enclosed that says there is a 3 year warranty on the bag. The wording makes me think they generally make bags and backpacks. I’m not sure that just the poop bag is warrantied for 3 years, or they mean for the leash to be also. Generally pleased though. Seems very durable, good clips. Would be nice in colors or prints.

  3. Trappergirl83

    Nice leash and seatbelt holder. My dog doesn’t like the bungee part though.

  4. Karissa

    My dog isn’t a puller; he’s old as heck and never really liked walks anyway. BUT when we travel, and he needs to pee at a rest stop, good lord… he’s trying to pull and mark everywhere. This leash had no problem with any of that and he didn’t seem overly encumbered by the weight of it. The tether for the car is such a wonderful inclusion as well; buckled right into the seatbelt buckle and was long enough for him to wear it while laying comfortably in his booster seat. I also very much appreciate the poop bag holder already attached, even though it doesn’t see much use outside of road trips (again, he hates walks). Pleasantly surprised by this one!

  5. Michelle Anne

    I’ve got a 45lb pitbull that loves to yank on the leash and isn’t the greatest at commands to keep her still. The ability to choke up on the leash when I need her to stay close has been great and she’s learning to listen and sit with very little pressure. It’s comfortable to hold in the hand and very sturdy.

  6. Kathy H.

    I have a French bulldog, and he can really pull, so I need a sturdy leash! This leash is certainly strong enough for the likes of him and has a short option which is “heel” length. You can hold the leash there and keep the dog right close to you or you can hold the end of the leash and let the dog have more freedom. Both of the handles have padding on them for comfort.The rope that the leash is made out of seems to have a little bit of give to it. It stretches a couple inches or so when the dog pulls. I like this feature because you don’t go from 0 to 100 pounds in two seconds.The snap is easy to clip to the harness or a collar.

  7. Kathleen Emerson

    I use this leash on my 60 lb golden retriever puppy, he is learning not to pull.The leash is heavy duty and I would not use it on anything smaller than a large dog but the bungee portion is very nice.I love this leash because it keeps him from pulling me hard in one direction or another.I would recommend this leash highly

  8. CynHueCynHue

    I got this for my cane corso, Tom, however it was way too small. His neck is about 23 inches. I got an xl, but like I said it was just way too small. The leash and collar appear to be made very well. The collar comes with 2 patches that you can attach. The leash is stretchy. I really like the clasp on the collar. The clip on the leash is a screw on type connection. It’s a normal clasp, but you have to screw it up or down and then you can attach/detach the leash. I like this feature as it seems to be a stronger connection. I really like the leash and collar combo and it appears to be quality.

  9. theyarenotmetheyarenotme

    I have never used a leash with the two different lengths, with training, I always had to just hold more of the leash in my hand … which is fine but with this leash it’s so much easier. With the second handle to make it shorter, it’s super easy to give your dog less leash.It’s high quality, a really solid leash. Price wise, it’s great considering what the prices are of just regular leashes at the retailers. The big handle for the longer leash is so comfortable to hold. If your dog pulls, you don’t have that irritation of the leash against your skin.Definitely recommend. My dog is only 12 lbs and this works for him.

  10. Phoenix

    Somehow, when I went to review this, I clicked the wrong product link and left a review for the wrong item. This is my actual review of this leash.I have a Belgian Malinois. She’s trained in personal protection but she has some quirks. Let’s say I’m walking her late at night and she thinks there’s a danger. She will pull, hard, in the direction of whatever danger it is she is sensing. If I’m using a nylon leash or a chain leash, I get yanked hard to and I’ve had my hand injured a bit on more than one occasion. This leash is perfect for my needs. I have better control of the dog because there is some “give” time between when she pulls and when I feel it, allowing me to correct her before she can pull far enough to actually yank me at all. Definitely recommend if you have a strong dog with a high civil drive.

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