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tobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness Adjustable Reflective Oxford Easy Control Medium Large Harness with A Free Heavy Duty 5ft Leash (L (Neck 18″-25.5″, Chest: 24.5″-33″), Purple)

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About this item 【 NO PULL & NO CHOKE 】tobeDRI dog harness featured with 2 strong metal delta shape-rings on front and back for leash attaching, front clip prevent pulling and back for relaxed walking. The 2 rings are sewn with durable thick nylon webbing and enforced box stitches and bartacks that preventing ripped off even pulling hardly. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking 【 EASY TO USE AND LOCKING SECURITY 】The dog harness with simple design and quick snap buckles which make it easy to put on and take off. Locking feature on both snaps makes it more secure, 100% ensures no accidentally detachment. 4 easy size adjustors at neck and chest for easy adjusting to fit your dog perfectly, even with some room of growth. Perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more! 【 DURABILITY 】Made of durable nylon webbing, enhanced high density nylon oxford, breathable mesh lining and strong accessories including buckle, size adjustors 【 EASY CLEANING 】Machine washable is easy for daily use. All metal accessories are rust-proof 【 REFLECTIVE 】Reflective stitching maintains high visibility at night for safety

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dog harness

dog leash

dog leash

dog collar

dog collar

No Pull Dog Harness

Comfortable Two Dog Leash

Two Handles Dog Leash(Webbing)

Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar + 5ft dog leash
Color 6 colors 3 colors 4 colors 10 colors 10 colors
Size 4 sizes 2 sizes One size (6ft) 4 sizes 4 sizes

Washing Machine washing Hand washing Hand washing Machine washing Dog collar: Machine washing, Dog leash: Hand washing

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9.84 x 7.17 x 2.28 inches; 1.23 Pounds

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January 13, 2020

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#7 in Dog Vest Harnesses

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9 reviews for tobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness Adjustable Reflective Oxford Easy Control Medium Large Harness with A Free Heavy Duty 5ft Leash (L (Neck 18″-25.5″, Chest: 24.5″-33″), Purple)

  1. Jason Baron

    I have a 70 lb muscular Golden Retriever who pulls like a tractor. Neck was 19″ and girth 29, so according to the chart the large size would fit her. WRONG! The neck was very tight. There was barely a finger gap between harness and neck. The girth around her was so snug that if she sneezed the harness would blow apart at the seams. BUT, I liked the leash & harness combo so much, I ordered a second set, just one size LARGER (XL). Fit’s her perfectly. Returning the Large size. If in doubt, go larger.5 Stars for the pink COLOR, bright and shiny, and appears well made. Beautiful. Just like in the sellers ad.5 Stars for the reflective STITCHING thread. It lights up in a dimly lite room and is very bright at dusk. She glows in the dark.4.5 Stars for the BUCKLES and LOCKS. They’re plastic and large and ‘seem’ to have a firm grip (time will tell). They lock very easily with a no-effort glide. Love the concept of the locks and they seem to work very well. My pup loves to play with other dogs at the park and I was concerned the latches on her old harness would release. Not now.5++ Stars on the rope LEASH. The buckle is metal and very strong (maybe abit overkill). The rope has a slight elastic give and is thick. No chance in breaking like a plastic or dried out leather leashes. The handle is SO soft. I feel very secure with it. There’s a relective stitching around the rope. Glows beautifully.5 Stars on the FRONT LEAD attachment, not plastic, but a durable metal. No longer do I have to wrap my furbaby’s nose in a lead harness on walks. She hated that (and so did I). Using the front lead, she walks by my side without any pulling.5++ Stars on the BACK HANDLE. Nice and big (and I have large hands), strong and well secured.FYI: These are MY opinions. I’m not being compensated in any way by the company. I will closely scrutinize this product and ‘if’ there’s a problem, I’ll post it. Your furbaby’s safety is all of our concerns

  2. Denise

    The media could not be loaded.  UPDATE: Almost 2 month later, this harness is the BEST! It’s such a pleasure to walk this guy using it. Ordering another XL one in red to change up his wardrobe, as well as one for my friend’s 8 month old large German Shepard! She saw how well this works, and asked me to ger her one. The blue one looks so beautiful on him, too. Vibrant. The buckles and hooks are extremely strong for this former puller. And the leash is a game changer for us, as well. Padded handle is so comfortable, and the leash is mighty! I really appreciate the padding near where to clip is. It protects his legs from ever chafing. Say goodbye to leash burn on my hands. Can’t praise this harness and leash enough!My 85 lb, 8 y/o pitbull used to pull extremely hard. For 6 yrs I was dragged during walks, despite strict training. I had to give in to his stubbornness to keep him active in a high traffic neighborhood. THEN CAME THIS. I only use the front hook and he literally walks by my side or behind me a bit. Finally, I am leading him. No more pulling, no more lunging to hug humans, no more sore shoulders for mommy.Very easy to slip over his gigantic head and secure clasps under rear legs, which lock to avoid accidental disengagements. Front metal hook well made. Turquoise color makes him look like the handsome meatball he is.Harness is nice and light, especially helpful for the summer months. Padded perfectly for comfort and it prevents any chafing in the leg and underbelly areas.Durability: Looks great after a week, with 6 long walks a day. Will update if any issues arise.Beautiful matching, free leash is awesome. Padded handle is comfortable and padded wrap near the hook protects his front legs from chafing. Rotating hook adapts nicely to his change in direction.This is the harness for you if your dog pulls. And if your dog doesn’t have that flaw, this is still the harness for you. It really is gorgeous and you will get many compliments.Go ahead and buy it.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Believe me when I say my dog is a puller. She’s 55 lbs, barrel chested, and all upper body strength. I have a sore arm after every walk. I have tried everything. Collars and choke chains do nothing, while also choking her. I’ve tried other harnesses too, and they didn’t have an effect either. She digs her claws into the ground and pulls with all her strength. Our walks took forever, and I felt frustrated and impatient while she was uncomfortable.This thing is a miracle. Her pulls barely feel like a tug. The harness and straps feel sturdy and secure and give me piece of mind. It was adjustable and easy to put on. She seemed invigorated, and most importantly, comfortable. The handle is on the back is great for when she gets too excited and I need to grab her.The added bonus of the leash makes this a must-buy. The leash is powerfully strong, allowing for just enough leeway for her to trot several steps ahead of me when she wants to walk faster than me, without having to pull. She gets to explore a little more as she sniffs. But when she gets too far, it gently stops her. The handle is comfortable on my hands, and it doesn’t feel like my arm is being snapped when she pulls.Both of us are much happier. Walking her has never been more of a breeze. No longer does it feel like a constant tug of war. This product was worth every penny and I recommend it for anybody who feels like nothing else works.

  4. Connie R.Connie R.

    This harness & leash product is PERFECT. The design is beautiful, with a handle that makes it easy to pick up my doggie, assorted vivid colors (got pink & purple), high quality, reflective edgings, padded leash handle, very secure strapping, easy to put on, and priced very reasonably. The BEST harness w matching leash I have ever had. Don’t hesitate to buy it…you won’t regret it!

  5. Abbie

    I have a mini Doberman and I got a size medium I could have went to a small but was scared the small would have been to small. Works so well for dogs who love to try and drag you! The handle and harness is very well made and super sturdy! The medium is as tight as it can go on our dog and he never looks uncomfortable. It has definitely improved on his pulling as it forces the dog to turn around and face you. The color blue is vibrant and very pretty

  6. Crystal

    This is a great harness. My dog is a big doggo at about 100 pounds and does tend to pull on walks, but he is easier to control with this harness versus a regular collar and leash. I love that it came with a matching leash, and the harness is very easy to put on him. Seems like good quality and at a decent price. I bought another harness from a pet shop before and it was 35 bucks just for the harness and broke after about a year. So I hope this one is better and lasts!

  7. april

    We adopted a black lab mix last year and she has grown to be about 65lbs. She is the sweetest thing, loves everyone. She is so super playful, wanting to play with ANY anim that crosses her path. (She has accidentally killed a lizard and didn’t understand why it didn’t keep “playing” with her.) BUT, she would pull on the leash soooo badly when out for a walk. Not Everytime, but most times, and if we crossed paths with a dog she’d be pulling to go play. Even with people she’d pull to say hi. And squirrels or lizards? Forget it- she would practically take your arm off. Needless to say, our 10 year old could not walk her. Day ONE with this harness, leash clipped on the front, no more pulling. I mean, she tried lol but without any extra effort on our part, she’s not able to pull us. My 10 year old can now take her for a walk herself and is able to have complete control. Every “no pull” gadget we’ve tried has never worked, FINALLY one that actually does! Now we can continue our training with her without the added pulling on the leash. She’s very trainable, but still very puppy-like and gets over excited. This has 100% made our walks and trainings more enjoyable!! Highly recommend for big dogs that pull!

  8. Indra Aldinger

    The quality and size are perfect for my dog. I was looking for something with a handle should I ever need it, but nothing overly big & clunky, and was hoping it would help with my dog’s pulling issues. It has cut down on her pulling almost completely- but I have to attach her leash to the front loop. If I attach it to the loop on back, she still pulls. I wouldn’t say it’s completely eliminated her pulling, but it’s cut down so significantly it’s actually a joy to walk her, whereas before it was difficult, uncomfortable and definitively no fun (for me anyway, I’m sure all 64 lbs. of her had the best time dragging me around). I would definitely recommend the harness. I have a longer leash that I use, as the one it comes with is fine for a back up leash, but it’s too short.

  9. Heather

    Best harness I have ever bought so far. Have had while my dog was little and growing to now being a big size dog and yet still works amazing and has enough room for her. I love the lockable feature will always use it! The leash is comfortable on my hand which helps a lot. It was first when she was small because it really was no pull but now she can definitely still pull me again. The blue color is so beautiful. Would buy this everytime I need one again!

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