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ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash (Large (Over 25 lbs), Black)

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About this item RECOMMENDED BY TRAINERS: Our simple, “no-pull” dog leash solution is highly recommended by positive-based trainers around the country OVER 80% EFFECTIVE: with consistent, safe, gentle feedback, ThunderLeash encourages your dog to stop pulling, and has proven effective in 80% of dogs EASY-TO-USE: ThunderLeash goes on in seconds, with no complicated straps or irritating head collars. Just clip the leash to your collar, wrap it around the torso, and go. Comes with an easy-to-grasp, comfortable padded handle 2-IN-1 SOLUTION: Our ThunderLeash can be used as both a harness, and a leash, so you can take less with you! ThunderLeash is adjustable, so it can fit any breed of dog. FROM THE MAKERS OF THUNDERSHIRT: You can trust ThunderWorks for affordable, effective, easy-to-use calming and walking solutions

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Product Description

ThunderLeash – A No-Pull Dog Leash that Really Works

ThunderLeash No Pull Leash for DogsThunderLeash No Pull Leash for Dogs

Start Enjoying Your Walks Again

If you’ve asked yourself, “How do I get my dog to stop pulling on the leash?”, we have the answer for you! The ThunderLeash is the simpler “no-pull” solution for your dog, highly recommended by positive-based trainers across the country! Our patented design is easy to use, and converts from a standard leash to a “no-pull” solution in seconds. No complicated harnesses. No irritating head-collars. The “no-pull” configuration provides a safe, gentle pressure on the dog’s torso, providing consistent feedback to stop pulling on your walks.

Customers have been very impressed at how well the leash works, and how much more control they have over their dog. They are back to enjoying their walks, and you could too!

  • No training required
  • Soft touch padded handle for your hand’s comfort
  • No complicated harnesses
  • Compatible with all standard collars
  • Reflective logos for added nighttime safety
  • Fits all breeds and sizes
  • Recommended by positive-based trainers across the country

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1 x 8.5 x 11.5 inches; 5.87 Ounces

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April 9, 2013

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#98 in Standard Dog Leashes

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3,841 ratings

10 reviews for ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash (Large (Over 25 lbs), Black)

  1. Jarrod B. Stritt

    My recently adopted Pit Bull was so annoying on walks. He is 70lbs and nothing but muscle. When using a harness he would pull, making walks less enjoyable. My sister recommended this leash she had used on her dog. Almost immediately he stopped pulling. It was night and day. He will still occasionally pull, however it is nowhere near as hard as when he only wore a harness. It performs great and it made of quality material. For the price you can’t beat it.

  2. Denise J. Sasaki

    My dog was able to escape from traditional harness when I pull her forward with leash- harness would just come off over her head. This leash is perfect. At first I got the Small (12-25lbs)- she is 28 lbs. She chewed through it and leash was too short to walk her. I got Large for 25 lbs and over- much better! MAKE SURE 1ST BUCKLE IS SHORTENED FOR MAX SQUEEZE LENGTH AROUND TORSO. 2ND BUCKLE SHOULD BE 5” APART. Metal holder should slide between 2 buckles.

  3. cwrex

    The leash (Med/LG) is a bit bulky for my pup, though that’s due to his size, he’s easily in the gray area between small and med/large (beagle mix, larger than a PB), but works. He doesn’t seem to mind it, not terribly anyway. Initially he tried to nip the lead, but that stopped within the first 45 seconds of the first walk. He’s a very headstrong and scent driven dog, so I was hoping this would curb his quite blatant (albeit hilarious) pulling technique (he has what I refer to as ‘Pull Mode,’ alters his stance to get the extra 6 inches closer to whatever it is he feels he needs to sniff). It actually does help in that regard, pretty substantially – he still goes into his Pull mode but quickly corrects. It’s not completely pull proof and I’m fairly certain it’s due to his breeds that it won’t really be effective as a training aid to outright stop the pulling, but it works when it’s used. Compared to his standard rig, it’s night and day. Basically it does what it’s supposed to and it comes down to whether I want to spend the walk manually correcting him (which, let’s face it, gets exhausting) or letting the ThunderLeash do the work for me. I vote the latter. It works exactly as intended! I think the lead length is fine – frankly if you have a Puller, you shouldn’t have them on a really long leash in the first place. I read the couple of reviews that complained they thought the length was too short, for me it’s actually a tad longer than what I’ve been using.The latch or bracket or ring (whatever we want to call it) is easy enough to use, putting it on and taking it off of Pups is easy.I’d recommend it to anyone with a puller, but keep in mind dogs can be stubborn, so this isn’t going to transform your canine into an angel, but it will spare you the monotony of constantly correcting.If you’re all about the arm workout and patience testing, then skip it.

  4. NorCalGal

    I have a 70lb AmStaff and she is very well behaved on a leash with a martingale collar – but only if everything is ‘quiet and normal’. However, if we encounter new people to meet (which she loves to do) or cats/squirrels to chase (another love of hers), these factors in the equation changed everything in her being well behaved on the leash. Every time in these cases I had 70lbs of pure muscle pulling me in the direction she wanted to go. Even her martingale collar didn’t work to subdue her. She just dragged me along in her ventures.I did a lot of research on the ThunderLeash after hearing about it and decided to take a chance that this might be the answer to having her more controlled without hurting her.WOW! WOW! WOW! This has been the answer I have been looking for. We are in our infancy of using this product and, yes, she still pulls in the above mentioned circumstances… but now it’s only for a brief moment and doesn’t knock me off my feet. She immediately concedes and comes back to her place next to me. We’ve only been training with this for a short time and already it’s a noticeable difference. Not just by my observation but by people who know her and meet with her regularly.***NOTE – IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO*** This does not work in a safe manner using a martingale collar. The martingale collar allows for too much backward placement of the product surrounding the dog’s body and could put it in a too far back position on the dog which could cause harm to their organs. I believe it’s meant to be around their rib cage just behind their front legs.I tried this product first with her martingale collar and found the pressure being introduced was at a point further back then the mfg shows. I immediately put a regular collar on her and found it to be just what was expected from the product.***AGAIN – SAFETY FOR YOUR DOG*** This product should not be used with a martingale collar.

  5. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    we have had our beloved dog Bella for three years – she is 85 pounds lab mix – she has a very sweet temperament but – trying to walk her from day one (we adopted her from a shelter when she was 10 months old) has been a challenge to say the least. i would say i have average strength for a 45 year old mom – but – we live about a block away from a park where i regularly walk her – or i should say – she would walk me! lol there are plenty of rabbits and squirrels that she wanted to chase – not to mention runners, other dogs, and even occasionally she would try to take off after a passing truck – every day, either morning walk, or evening walk – i would have rope burns or cuts on my hands from wrapping her rope leash around my hands trying to hold onto her if i would see something coming up – and God help me the times I didnt! after 2 years – and ignoring friends who kept telling me to get one of those spiked choke collars (I just couldnt do it – they look so medieval to me!) i ran into someone at a “Dog Daze” event at a Bass Pro shop – who had this product on his dog – i found out about it by my apologizing to the poor man over and over with my Bella jumping on him in excitement and wagging her tail and trying to run around his ankles and his dog – he laughed and said he didnt mind that his own dog used to be the same way til he bought this leash. With nothing to lose except the pain in my hands and arms – I purchased this – and it is THE BEST purchase I have ever made – inexpensive and COMPLETELY effective!! I actually ENJOY walking her now – she isn’t pulling with her whole body weight and half choking herself during the whole walk and she actually just walks at a regular pace next to me! Yes – there have been two or three times in the past 3 weeks that i have had this where she forgets and darts for a squirrel or rabbit – but she stops HERSELF – no more pain in my hands, no arms pulled painfully – I could not be more happy with my purchase and thank GOD i ran into that nice man that day – I would recommend this product to ANYONE who is having a hard time walking their enthusiastic fur-baby – only wish I had found this sooner!!

  6. Marc Castro

    I tried halter leashes, choker chains and harnesses but I couldn’t get my dog to stop pulling aggressively. The Thunderleash may be the answer.The leash is a clever design with a pentagonal shaped shackle with a leash slot on the side. I looked at a similar design (controlleash.com), but I feel the Thunder Leash design is superior as you may have less wear on the leash material.In the default state (attached directly to the collar), the pressure induced on my dogs chest, was not enough of a deterrent to stop pulling. I have a 60 lb Border Collie that is high energy (neurotic) and constantly pulls. I added a carabiner between the shackle and collar that allowed the leash to loop around my dogs diaphragm/belly area. This seemed to be more effective. You can also accomplish this in the default state but when the dog relaxes, it tends to slip forward back to the chest area. He still pulls but I think he’s getting the idea. My wife feels that he definitely pulls less.The only con is the leash gets twisted if your dog is highly active and constantly maneuvering like my dog does. A design suggestion would be to add a swivel shackle at the handle to prevent this.A customer’s review on the packaging states he was able to control his 110 lb Rottweiler but I’m a little skeptical as the side slot on the shackle may not hold up to larger dogs. The leash material and thickness appears to be adequate but not as beefy as the LeashBoss leashes.

  7. Donelle Fast

    Worked great! We have big dogs, who are not very well leash trained, it worked well for them!

  8. Kimmer

    I have a growing puppy and so far, can’t find a harness that works for her.I looked at this one for awhile and while she’s probably an XS, I saw Amazon had a small in the used category for $9.95 and thought what the heck I’ll buy it.It arrived quickly and it looks brand new. I’m assuming it was a return and my first used purchase on Amazon. So yes I got the $30.00 leash for less than $10.00 and it works pretty well! It’s going to take her a minute to fully grow into it. But it will work nicely even once she’s full grown.So seeing this in person, it’s worth the $30.00 listed in my opinion and have recommended my neighbor purchase one for her pup.

  9. Dan M

    I have tried all kinds of leashes for my excitable 60lb pibble and NOTHING comes even close to this one. Not only is it extremely effective at keeping him calm with all 4 paws on the ground I have never held a leash that feels so meticulously designed for both my pup and myself.This replaced a harnesses with chest loop which was effective at controlling him but did nothing to discourage his pulling. Before that I used a gentile leader that attached around his face which while effective, seemed very uncomfortable for him and also made it look like I needed to keep him muzzled which I hated. This leash is the best of both worlds, it keeps him from pulling, does not look intimidating and he doesn’t really seem to mind it as it not attached to his head or dangling off his chest. It works by tightening around his chest and pulling directly backwards on his collor which seems to be much more effective that pulling his chest or head. I was seriously considering a choke collars because I was so frustrated but this solved everything instantly.I very much appreciate a well designed item and the designers here took the dog leash to a level I didn’t even know I wanted. Not only is this the most effective anti-pulling leash i have ever used it was clearly designed with human comfort in mind. There are all kinds of little details that set this leash apart, it has reflective materials woven into the nylon its made of, there is a little metal loop by the handle for attaching treat and poop bags and my personal favorite, the padded handle. It is lined on the inside with a soft, squishy fabric like you used to see on mouse pads and its amazing. Maybe I’m not up on high-end leash technology but I’ve never experienced these features, and I will not go back. Also whens its not in anti-pull mode its a foot or so longer then your average leash which I really like.My only complaint is the nylon is much more slick then the leather leash it replaced but I have gotten used to it.

  10. erin e dawson

    I have never written an amazon review; I’ve never been particularly compelled to (no reflection on the products…I’m just lazy). But this leash is unbelievable. I read the reviews before I decided to purchase one, and the biggest complaint I saw was that this doesn’t work on long-haired dogs. Not true. I have a 3 year old purebred Keeshond, so she’s obviously long-haired (and always super pumped at life), and I just took her for a walk with absolutely no problems. In addition to being ridiculously long-haired, she’s also 70lbs and has a huge barrel chest…she was the genetic anomoly of the litter. And she has no idea how big she is. Jameson has always been a problem puller (she seperated my shoulder, and once pulled my girlfriend down so badly that she broke two of her ribs). We have tried everything short of a choke collar and I finally bought this as a last resort. Like I said, just took Jameson for a walk and it’s like I have a new and impeccably trained dog lol. She was so calm that I held her leash with two fingers for most of our walk…the only time things got dicey was when she saw a rabbit, and even then she was bucking against the leash but I had almost no strain on my arm and didn’t have to dig my heels in at all. I am completely blown away! I recommend this leash for anyone, even those without problem dogs…it works as a regular leash as well and is very sturdy with a padded grip. My girlfriend and I wish we had more dogs, so that we can have an excuse to buy more of these leashes. Buy one for yourself, and buy one for everyone you know. This leash is that amazing.

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