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SpotOn GPS Dog Fence & Collar, Wireless, Precise GPS Location, Up to 20 Fences, No Acreage Limits, Waterproof, Assembled in USA (Small/AT&T)

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About this item QUICK SETUP – NO SUBSCRIPTION NEEDED – Set up in minutes & manage from your phone with an easy-to-use app. Train your dog to understand the alerts and tones that are issued by the collar near the fence boundary with the SpotOn Training system – an easy DIY program developed by certified trainers. Customizable feedback with 30 levels of static correction and vibration. Lasts up to 22 hours and can fully recharge in just over one hour. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY – CUSTOMIZE UP TO 20 FENCES – Create virtual fences of any shape or size with no acreage limits and add Keep Out Zones to off limits areas, without extra hardware or beacons. There are no buried wires or hardware to install so you can make fences at home, on the go, or if you move. SpotOn is the ONLY GPS fence to support overlapping fences, so you can create a large fence for daytime use and a smaller fence for night, or create multiple fences to support rotational grazing. MOST ACCURATE GPS – SpotOn connects to a network of 128 satellites at once, allowing you to create precise boundaries without wifi or cellular connection. The active, dual-feed GPS antenna and patented True Location technology dynamically filters out the noise – inferior GPS signals affected by trees, buildings, or the horizon – creating the most reliable virtual dog fence. TRACK AND RECALL YOUR DOG WITH AN OPTIONAL UPGRADE – Real-time location tracking lets you see your dog’s location anytime, receive low battery notifications, and get alerts and escape reports if your dog leaves the boundary. Recall feature lets you call your dog home and activate a light on the collar for added visibility at night. [software subscription sold separately] 30-DAY RETURNS – If SpotOn isn’t a good fit, Amazon makes returns easy. You’ll have 30 days to try it risk free. Amazon return policy applies.

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14 x 1.71 x 0.95 inches; 1.54 Pounds

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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October 14, 2022

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SpotOn Fence

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#64 in Dog Wireless Fences

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99 ratings

10 reviews for SpotOn GPS Dog Fence & Collar, Wireless, Precise GPS Location, Up to 20 Fences, No Acreage Limits, Waterproof, Assembled in USA (Small/AT&T)

  1. Heather EngelHeather Engel

    I cannot say enough good things about this collar. We recently bought land and it’s fully wooded at the moment. I wanted our dogs to have enough space, but honestly trying to build a fence through the place was going to be a huge hassle.I did a lot of research before going with Spot On Vs the others- one big thing was the ability to fence in all of our 56 acres if I wanted to AND their reviews for working in heavily wooded areas.SpotOn did not disappoint. We’ve been using these collars for months and it has worked flawlessly. The tree cover does not prevent the collar from working. I do have the subscription for the live tracking, but the collar works out of the box too!It was really easy to train my dogs on the collar. The customer service is amazing!If you’re on the fence (pun intended) about purchasing these, DO IT! They are worth the price.You can also set 20 different fences, so I have fences drawn for when I’m visiting family out of state or when I bring the dogs to our truck shop- I just click what fence I want in the app and it uploads to the collar. IT IS SO EASY!Keep out zones are great too! We have an area with a bunch of old rusty barbed wire that I was able to draw a “no go zone” around so they don’t get hurt.We love this product so much and I’m so glad we made the investment!!

  2. Kira J.Kira J.

    We own a small pork and poultry farm raising approximately 9,000 pastured meat chickens per year in a very predator dense area of Montana. We use 4 livestock guardian dogs to keep predators away, but lately the coyotes have been outsmarting the dogs and pulling them away from the chickens. We needed a unique solution for keeping our working livestock guardian dogs not only within the boundaries of our property, but specifically in the exact area where our chickens are on a given day. The chickens move daily, so cross-fencing is not a great solution. Burying wire was also not possible given the size of our property. We had heard from other farmers who use working dogs about the SpotOn GPS fence and decided to give it a try after doing a lot of research into potential solutions. The collar came with really easy to understand instructions, including a guide on how to train the dogs to the collar. The size large fits our two 130+ pound young males with extra room to spare. It is easy to set up and the app is intuitive. We are working now on training our dogs and so far everything is going well. While it would be great to have an ever-lasting battery, the collar charges really fast so taking it off to charge in the morning while chores are being done, then putting it back on the dogs is easy enough. We are hopeful that this is a solution to our predator issues for next season.

  3. Kindle CustomerRICK COLDIRONKindle CustomerRICK COLDIRON

    The media could not be loaded.  What can I say about this collar? Well, for starters, IT works!!!! The sizing is super accurate and the GPS fence does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Tracking is also very accurate. This is the first time we have ever taken our dog out to my moms house with no barrier at all. She has a little over 3 acres and as soon as he neared the boundary he came right back to us!!! I could not be happier with this product and can’t wait to use it on our camping adventures, etc.! We did keep our eCollar on this time around because he likes to eat moles (we are working on this lol), but the collar has a remote recall option that can be operated through the app and we plan to try that soon now that he’s got the collar figured out and understands the corrections. I feel so safe having him off leash knowing that he has his SpotOn GPS collar.For reference, Tucker is 93lbs and wears a medium!

  4. Brian Weyrauch

    After having an Invisible Fence that broke multiple times, we didn’t want to go through that installation again. We decided to try SpotOn as it seemed so easy. We live on six acres and wanted to be able to let our golden retriever run through our woods, but keep him away from our pool and the road. Training was super easy for him and he got it within a couple days. I highly recommend SpotOn to anyone looking for a reliable GPS fence for their dog.

  5. HAD

    *** Updated:It turns out the charging cradle had widened a bit so there was no longer a great connection of contacts and the collar wouldn’t charge overnight. Their customer service team sent me a new charger and we are back to 5 stars. This collar definitely works!Overall, this collar was 5 stars for the first 3 months. But recently, when the collar is in the cradle charging overnight, it has drained to zero overnight. I have cleaned the contacts and made sure that the green lights flash to indicate it is charging. Unfortunately, it appears that the collar doesn’t realize it is in the charger and acts as if it is active and saps the battery faster than it can charge. I can see this happening when I see a mix of green flashing with white flashing. I tried turning the collar off to charge but that doesn’t work at all. I think the company’s firmware update recently broke this. So far their customer support has been pathetic. I hope I can update this review with better news but $1200 for something that only works for 3 months is pathetic.

  6. RSorolaRSorola

    I have been grateful to be introduced to the Spoton caller as we have purchased our second one recently and looking to purchase more in the futureMy purpose and goals for these callers have been amazing in our LGD training process introducing them from a kennel as pups to SpotOn callers in a 2-3 acre trap before putting them out in 700 acre pasture they have learned their boundaries within getting near fences trying to dig and or climb the ability to track at any time is amazing as well notifications of getting near boundaries if I have questions my I can contact rep and not have to worry bout the waiting time as she is quick to answerAgain thank you SpotOn and thank you Amazon for making arrival time as my Rep for introducing us to the items

  7. Tom

    My dogs safety is one of my biggest concern in pet ownership. I live in a rural location on 20 acres and putting a underground fence in was out of the question. We tried a correction collar at first but wanted something that wouldn’t require us always be watching her. She is a young German Shepard. This fence is everything that they say it is. We set in up in minutes and because of her experience with a correction collar was trained within a couple of days. We no longer wonder where she is or her safety as we can monitor her with out phones. It’s expensive but our puppers is worth it. Highly recommend.

  8. The Crooks Family FarmThe Crooks Family Farm

    Our dog was having some roaming issues which we didn’t mind we just wanted to know where she was. Now we can track her at anytime!!! I love being able to draw different fences to keep her in different fields plus there’s no limit on fences and size! The app is easy to use and customer service was very helpful when I had a question about collar sizing and app usage.

  9. Dave

    Finally a GPS fence that works! We tried Halo and it failed terribly. Their battery life was 3 hours then a 2 hour charge time. We live in a rural area with 5 acres of land. We have collars for our Great Pyrenees and our Akbash – dogs that roam. Spot On can stay charged for 2 days. No problems with the dogs swimming or getting the collars wet or dirty. We can finally leave our dogs outside while we are away and they stay in their boundaries! Set up is simple. We used the virtual fence set up as opposed to the physical set up and it works great. Thank you, Spot On!

  10. S.McguireS.Mcguire

    So far it works great. So easy to set up. I’m so happy they have this cuz I hate to lock my dog up. He can go all over my property. And I can keep him from going over to my neighbors. Thank you so much. I just wish there was a way to have a long battery life. I do keep my dog in at night so that’s when I charge it. But it would be nice to maybe have a 2nd collar so you can switch out, without it costing to much. But I am very happy with this and I tell everyone to get one for there dog!! Worth the money.

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