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SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar – Programmable, Waterproof Bark Collar

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About this item SILENT PARTNER TECHNOLOGY: This bark collar detects barking by using our patented technology that quickly determines your dog’s unique barking style and filters out all the rest to avoid any false corrections..INCLUDES : NoBark SBC-R Collar, 3/4″ Black Collar Strap, Adaptor With Charging Cradle, Standard Contact Points, Long Contact Points, Operating Guide 3 MODES OF OPERATION: Three selectable modes of operation (Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User Selected) and 10 levels of static stimulation you can choose the type of bark control that works best for your dog’s temperament. SIZING: Collar fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″ WATERPROOF: SBC-R is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet. AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Yes, correction automatically stops after 80 seconds. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Lithium-ion batteries charge in 2 hours and last 200 hours per charge. It also features a low battery indicator so you know when it is time to charge GEAR THE WAY YOU’D DESIGN IT: By designing our products in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind, SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories. Additionally, the locally based Customer Care Center is available 6 days a week to provide support when you need it INCLUDES : NoBark SBC-R Collar, 3/4″ Black Collar Strap, Adaptor With Charging Cradle, Standard Contact Points, Long Contact Points, Operating Guide

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2.75 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches; 2.12 Ounces

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1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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May 11, 2017

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Radio Systems Corporation

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10 reviews for SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar – Programmable, Waterproof Bark Collar

  1. Amy L. Chidester

    We are SO pleased with this bark collar! I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. We’ve had it for a few months now. We adopted our 2 year old great dane when she was 6 months old. Her nuisance barking has improved since we adopted her, but was still a problem that we had not been able to remedy with training or other bark deterrent products. She would not only stand at the fence and bark at people and dogs who walk past our house, but when we invite guests into our home she would bark at them for up to 5 minutes until she got used to them and felt comfortable enough to calm down. I didn’t know how well this collar would work on an extra large dog, since I couldn’t find any reviews of people using it on their great dane or other really large breeds. And our dog is a little nervous around new people, so I really wondered if a bark collar would be a good idea or not (or whether it could possibly make her more nervous), but she is a big dog and her barking can really scare some people who aren’t comfortable around dogs, so we decided to test it out. We followed the instructions exactly, and used the setting where the shock level reset at 1 again each time. It worked! It didn’t prevent her from ever making noise (which isn’t what we were trying to do — we’re ok with our dogs letting out a couple short barks to alert us to someone at the door or a stranger approaching, we just wanted to stop the incessant barking problem). The first day we used it, after 2 or 3 barks she definitely noticed the collar and quieted down. It started working quickly, and has worked consistently since we got it. We did follow the instructions, and remove the bark collar every night (although there have been a handful of nights we have forgotten to take it off overnight, with no apparent negative effects).The best thing about this collar, is that it has not only improved our dog’s barking habit, but it has improved her other behavior too. As I mentioned, our dog is a little nervous when meeting new people. Especially men. Or anyone with a beard, or wearing a hat, sunglasses, a large coat, or carrying anything large in their arms. Basically, she’s a big scaredy cat. Since the day we adopted her and brought her home, she has been really afraid of my adult brothers and my father (even though they are calm people who have experience around dogs). My dog will bark at them and run away from them every time they come over to our house, no matter how much time they spend letting her warm up to them or offering her treats. But since she’s had the bark collar, she doesn’t act totally scared of them anymore. She may still approach them slowly at first, but she doesn’t bark, usually doesn’t run away, and she will even go up to them and let them pet her on her own now. The only thing I can figure is that the barking used to get her so worked up that she was then even more anxious around them, and now that the barking has significantly decreased she doesn’t get so worked up in the first place, so she can relax around them a lot easier than she used to. It’s really amazing that this one little collar has made such a big change in our lives with our sweet scaredy cat of a great dane!I chose this collar on the recommendation of a friend, and because we have two dogs, so I didn’t want the dog wearing the collar to get shocked if the other dog ever barked (we previously tried a different bark deterrent product from the local Petsmart store, which let out an ultrasonic deterrent sound everytime the dog barked. Unfortunately, we noticed that product also made the sound when the other dog occasionally barked, or when the kids were noisy, or when the kids practiced the piano. We had to stop using that one quickly!) This collar, on the other hand, works great, I don’t think she’s ever been shocked when she was not barking).Oh, and I should also say, about a month or two after getting the collar we switched to using the setting where it starts at the level that it left off at the last time when the dog starts barking again the next time. That’s because our dog has learned that she can make lower pitched/quieter little barks and they won’t trigger the collar, but then if she raises her volume at all it will trigger it. Once we switched that setting, it has consistently continued to work well for us. It’s not a way to silence a dog. And we’re ok with 2 or 3 short barks to let us know there’s someone approaching us. But this has all but stopped the barking at people over the fence, barking at our neighbors when they are in their back yards, barking at people who we invite into our home, etc. (Except on the couple of days when we have forgotten to put the bark collar on in the morning. Then we quickly remember to put it back on again). 🙂

  2. Amber Burch

    This collar deserves a through review because it’s much different than all the others I’ve tried.When I decided to try a bark collar, I started with trying cheaper ones on Amazon. If a $30 collar is gonna do the trick, why spend almost $100?ISSUES WITH THE CHEAPER BARK COLLARS:1. They were too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I couldn’t find a reliable in-between. If the sensitivity was too high, the collar would either go off from background noise or from the jingle of his collar. If he was playing with another dog, it would also go off at the wrong times.2. Shock levels were either not enough shock or WAY too much shock. We tested it on ourselves and it did not gradually increase shock, there was a big jump on some of them from a static zap to OMG THAT REALLY HURT3. Not water-proof. Winter snow + cheap collar- non responsive unit. I’m sure overtime rain or even a small splash in a puddle would break most of these units.HOW THE COLLAR WORKS- 3 SETTINGS:1. Manual- you set the shock level and it will always shock at that one level2. Temperament learning- Similar to manual mode except the bark collar helps you decided which level is best. It will increase shock values and remain at that level once the dog decides “nope, I’m not barking anymore that one hurts too much” So if level “4” is the level your dog decides it not worth barking at, it will remain at level “4” for future barks as the optimal shock level.3. – Progressive Learning- Also increases shock value as your dog decides to consistently bark. When your dog stops and remains stopped for several minutes, the shock level goes back down to 1 for the next time your dog barks. This is better if you want to always start at the low level so the least amount of shock is delivered to begin with. This is what I use for my small dog.I USED IT FOR TWO DIFFERENT SIZED DOGS AT FIRST:When I first bought the collar, my dog was barely 7lbs and around 6 months old. Toy poodle. The collar wasn’t working for him. He would give a loud strong bark and it wouldn’t go off. It had an accuracy rate of around 40% I decided he was too small and put it on my 40lb dog who it worked wonderfully on. The 40lb dog barks only at cats in the neighboring yard, but the poodle barks at every noise, person, animal, etc…I spent the next 6 months trying to find another collar that worked for the poodle. Nothing was a good fit. The ones with a warning “buzz” before hand allowed him to figure out ways around not getting shocked. I gave each collar 3 weeks and they all failed. The good collars he would outsmart and the bad collars never seemed reliable in the first place.So now 6 months has gone by and my 40lb dog has been able to go without a shock collar and his barking is no longer an issue. I decided to try to collar again on the now 1 year old 10 lb toy poodle. It worked BEAUTIFULLY!!! It hasn’t yet falsely shocked him, and it is reliable every time he tries to bark. He understands that barks=shock. His anxiety has decreased significantly and he has learned to greet people at the door silently but still friendly and exited- only he doesn’t bark along with it now.Why didn’t it work on the Poodle the first time?I believe the issue I was having before with poodle was that the collar was not fitted correctly on him. It has to be very snug. The sensor for this collar is between the two prongs. Very different than all the other collars I’ve tried. It uses vibration from the vocal cords to know when the dog is barking. You should be able to fit one finger under the collar, but that’s it. If it’s too loose, the collar cannot feel the vibration during the bark and therefore not trigger the shock. The collar does turn a bit sideways sometimes but it still works fine when it’s not perfectly centered below his chinCONS:1. It is not the same charger as any other electronic device you own. If you lose the charger, ya gotta buy a new one and it isn’t cheap. I wish it was a mini usb charger like everything else in my house that has a rechargeable battery.2. The collar is very stiff and hard to get stung at first. It’s the buckle collar type and I’ve always found that it’s gonna be a little TOO tight right before you fasten it and my dog freaks out sometimes when I’m putting it on.

  3. Javier G.

    Works great! does what it’s suppose to do ! Battery life on this is the best it has been 2 months now since I charged it and it still has plenty of life left . Comes with a charger and different contact post for dog hair types.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is the fourth dog collar I bought for my dogs and none of the others worked at all. I tried them on myself and they were a joke. A radio fence company told me to buy this particular collar and it is a miracle. It stopped both my basset hounds immediately. I was going to have to move or get rid of them if I didn’t find this collar. One of my dogs got the message from the first shock and the other one stopped after 2 shocks. Now one of my dogs stops barking if I just say the word “collar”. I LOVE THIS COLLAR! I now only have to use it from midnight to 9 am and if I leave the house. It has also stopped them from fighting because one of them always shrieks before she goes after the other one and the collar stops that immediately. Now I can sleep at night and have not had to break up one dog fight since I got this collar.

  5. BJ

    I have two Sportdog collars for my deaf dogs ( not bark collars) used for recall and to help with obedience when in the community since they can’t understand commands from behind when I’m walking them. This collar uses e-stim (like a muscle tens unit) instead of electrical shock which is why I loved it. My dogs were professionally trained with the other collars but it requires a remote. One of my dogs recently started to bark in the middle of the night since we recently moved to a 5 acre property where for the first time he gets to see a lot of wildlife. It’s gotten to the point where I have to get up every single night to go to correct him and it’s ruining my sleep and my husbands. I decided on the sport dog no bark collar with the same concept but no remote it works when it hears him bark. From day one it has been amazing. I have it on progressive training. For everyone saying it has to be super tight for it to work or else its it’s no good. They are right it has to be really snug against your dogs neck but if your dog is making sounds like he’s having trouble breathing it’s too tight. It should not be able to freely move side to side it should be snug with the prongs on either side of trachea. If your dog doesn’t look bothered by it he’s not! If you have a SIT MEANS SIT training center near you or maybe even on Amazon the have awesome neck straps to switch out for the ones that come with it that I feel are much more custom fitting. Please don’t give up on this for fit. It has to be snug but your dog shouldn’t be struggling to breathe. If you can’t find a good fit look for a different strap for it.

  6. Sara

    Three days of work and my stubborn GSD has stopped alert baking. With a family of four my dog would let us know every time someone walked in the door, and that was a lot.We tried a cheaper version of a bark collar. It would go off when another dog barked nearby. The straps would also come loose making the collar ineffective.In conclusion, I was hesitant about spending this much for a bark collar. But my sanity is definitely worth the money, when a product just works.

  7. Brittany

    This collar has transformed my dog after many trials with many different strategies! Please read on.. I have a belgian malinois/german shepherd. Since we got her 7 months ago she has been unable to be left alone without trouble. My neighbors complained and HOA sent warnings because she will literally bark for2, 4, 6 hours straight. No rest until we get home, and then it’s as if nothing happened. If we leave her out while we are gone she completely destroys my house. She tears up EVERYTHING, IN EVERY ROOM. She will bust open doors, potty on the floors despite being trained, rip into food that is locked away, and is just overall an extremely destructive dog when alone. So we had to start to kennel train her. After attempting that her barking only became significantly worse, and she started BREAKING OUT OF HER KENNEL. She would bang into the door and chew at the locks until the door opened and then began her destructive behavior throughout the house. And still bark while doing all of this. So we put a master lock on the door to keep her from getting out if it unlocks. When that stopped her, she busted the welds on the seam on the cage and was squeezing out that way. So we had to make repairs to the welds to keep her in. Once she was no longer able to escape the kennel, her barking became too much of an issue. We attempted a muzzle. She chewed her way out of two and She would slam herself into the sides of the cage and Yelp. It’s the worst separation anxiety I have ever seen in a pup. But this is life and we need to be able to work and take kids to school while she waits at home. We tried significant exercise before leaving, we tried gradually easing her into being alone, we tried keeping her confined to one room, leaving her out, and kenneling her. We provide plenty of chew toys, bones, familiar noise, and have gone through THREE collars, and a muzzle that she eventually chewed through. The collars never made any difference in her behavior. I hate to say it, but this collar was the last resort. If this one didnt work we were going to need to rehome because of the complaints from neighbors. This collar did the trick!! From the very first use she no longer barks. Not only does she no longer bark, but it overall keeps her more calm. She does still attempt to escape sometimes, but she isnt slamming her head into the sides, or thrashing around in angst. Shes a different dog now to go home to!When we would arrive home she would be so overwhelmed, panting, piddling on the floor, excessive thirst.. pretty much every symptom of separation issues. It was complete over stimulation. Now when we get home she is calm, more gentle with greetings, and seems to be a happier dog! It keeps her from barking, keeps her from persistently trying to break out of her kennel, and stops her from banging around and panicking. It’s a reminder to her to stop when she gets too worked up and is affective on a tough dog. She lays down and naps now while we are gone. And this improvement has helped our owner/pet relationship. If I could give more stars I would.I promise this collar with be worth the money. It not only helped us and our neighbors… it helped our dog!

  8. MM

    If we could give this 10 stars I would. My 8 year old dog is reactive to everything and barks all day long. She used to scare people. She just wouldn’t stop barking. This collar is amazing! She doesn’t bark any more! This collar has calmed her down. We can stop and talk to people without any ruckus. She does on occasion still grumble a bit, but it is in a whisper voice. My doggie daycare provider recommended this to me and I can’t thank her enough. This collar is the best! Trust me this is our 4th no bark collar. I had given up. This works and holds a charge for over a week now. Worth every penny!

  9. Sydney

    Now before you read the review I just want to start by saying I am not an expert on dogs in any way shape or form, so please don’t let this review make a decision like this for you. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH :)I have an adult black lab and live in an apartment, so naturally, my neighbors weren’t very happy when me and my obnoxiously loud doggo moved in. We had to find a solution and someone mentioned getting a bark collar, so here I am!So first off, battery life. The battery lasts for a couple of days on this thing before dying off completely. I won’t lie, it would be very nice to have a more universal charger in case you were to lose the original but that’s really the only thing I would change about it.Again, I bought this for my lab, Wheeler. Labs are all about the water and while I don’t make him wear while he swims, I do appreciate that it’s waterproof and there’s no risk of it shorting out or hurting him. It’s great to have that peace of mind.I’ve seen a lot of people saying this left burn marks on their dog but thankfully I never had that experience. He never freaked out or cried out in pain while wearing his. I always had my neighbor listening out for him to see if the collar was helping while I was at work and it did! He used to bark and cry and whine as soon as I was out the door for work, within a week of putting this on him he was a changed dog! I even recorded him for a couple of hours one day while I was out, and not only did he stop barking but he didn’t pace around and try to get out of his kennel anymore either! Now all he does is hang out a nap around the house, the anxiety he was dealing with previously is totally gone! I’m convinced this collar saved me from having to get rid of my handsome boy and I am so beyond grateful. So to anyone looking for a decent collar to try I absolutely recommend this one!

  10. MsNinaJ2

    I recently relocated to different state and have had my daughter’s mini Schnauzer/poodle mix visit me several times. She is quite the barker at anything she chooses to bark at. Sometimes I’m not even aware of what she can hear. She is 4 years old, has had different no bark collars used in past but all comes with the hand help control. I wasn’t making much progress with her until I bought this SportDog no bark rechargeable bark control collar. It does not require the hand held control for me to push different buttons. This rechargeable no bark collar has been perfect for her. What a difference it has made. This collar has finally gotten her barking under control. It mainly stays at #1, has great battery life and requires little charging for her use. I would certainly recommend this collar for bark training. The difference it has made is huge. My daughter has used several different brands but always with separate hand held controls that are difficult to keep track of or always seem to need charging. Can’t go wrong buying/using this particular no bark collar which has three separate ways to use it.

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