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SportDOG Brand NoBark 10 Collar – Rechargeable, Programmable Bark Collar – Waterproof & Submersible, Black

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About this item SILENT PARTNER TECHNOLOGY: This bark collar detects barking by using our patented technology that quickly determins your dog’s unique barking style and filters out all the rest to avoid any false corrections.BATTERIES : Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Charge in 2 hours, last 200 hours per charge. With Low Battery Indicator 2 MODES OF OPERATION: Two selectable modes of operation (Progressive Correction and User Select) with 10 levels of static stimulation SIZING: Collar fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″ WATERPROOF: SBC-10 is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet using DryTek technology AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Yes, correction automatically stops after 80 seconds BATTERIES : Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Charge in 2 hours, last 200 hours per charge. With Low Battery Indicator

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24 x 1 x 1 inches; 3.2 Ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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June 25, 2019

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Radio Systems Corporation

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#41 in Bark Collars

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10 reviews for SportDOG Brand NoBark 10 Collar – Rechargeable, Programmable Bark Collar – Waterproof & Submersible, Black

  1. Tracky

    It works! My dog is a Pyreneen Sheep Dog and is 6 years old. We have used an electric collar since he was 1 year old in the car and it ensures a stress free ride since he would think it his duty to bark at every crossroads and every person who walked past the car to tell them to get out of the way and to warn us! Earlier this year the battery gave up in the electric collar and we invested in a new one from Petsafe Big Dog Barking Collar costing ca €90 with postage. It was absolute rubbish and did not work. It advertised itself as Petsafe! I had to put a pair of ear mufflers on to help me suffer the stress of my dog barking in the car. I saw this one advertised for around same price with postageand was a bit dubious – especially about some of the very negative remarks about dogs getting injured. However we have been absolutely pleasantly surprised and relieved that our 28 kilo dog has taken to the collar and there is hardly a squeak from him when we set off early for his morning’s walk by car.. He licks the collar when we begin to put it on. Absolutely no problem and our dog and us have stress free car journeys! What a relief and well worth the money.. I love it!

  2. SR

    I tried a cheaper bark collar that worked once, then didn’t work again. Don’t waste your time. These are more expensive, but they’re more expensive for a reason. I bought one and tried it on my 40lb basset and 5lb chi. I left it on progressive for my chi, and she never made it past level 1. Definitely re-directed her but didn’t seem harsh. My basset, being the stubbord breed that he is, easily ignored level 1 and initiated the reset before his barking was deterred. For him, I programmed the user-selected level and started him at level 5 (of 10). A bark barely escaped his mouth before he was immediately re-directed by the collar. I love my dogs and wouldn’t put anything on them that I felt was cruel. These work so well that I went ahead and ordered 3 collars for my 3 dogs–each programmed for his/her personality. Programming the user-selected levels instead of leaving it on progressive it’s somewhat confusing, but I wound up figuring it out using the company’s YouTube video tutorial. The company has both phone and online support. If you have a larger/heavier breed, I recommend getting the 10 series for the user-select level option as your dog will probably exceed the progressive settings before triggering a reset, rendering your collar ineffective. The 8 series should be fine for small-medium/lighter breeds, but you lose the user-select level option. For $30 more, I’d just go ahead and buy the 10 series to give you the additional flexibility. That’s what I did. You never know if your dog will get used to the re-direction at some point in the future. These collars have finally brought us and our neighbors peace!ETA: 6 months later and these collars are still going strong. They hold a serious charge too (talking weeks)! A quality product that’s absolutely worth the money.

  3. Bl

    I used a cheaper model and it went off at dogs barking in TV. Not this model though. I have it loose fitting on my dog and set it to the lowest setting and he does not bark at all. However, I replaced the rubber collar with a regular collar material because the rubber collar is stiff and the adjustment’s holes were either too tight or to loose. With a regular collar, I can adjust it perfectly.

  4. Almus Kenter

    Amazing… a bit traumatic initially for dog (and owner to observe), but after two days, my pup is donewith barking. Truly miraculous.

  5. Placeholder

    I’ve bought more Collars than we have dogs and this one has been the best value and quality.I love that it is rechargeable and that it stays charged for a long time.But best of all is the fact that our dogs love the water and the collar has survived numerous trips into the river!Just bought a second one for my Corgi.

  6. SleeplessInSummerville

    I chose this collar (in spite of being more expensive than others) b/c of my experience with other products by this brand and because it is waterproof. (What dog is not tempted to go into the water?) It holds its charge for multiple days (when taken off/turned off at night); and has a self-teaching feature that increases the alert to the dog as he continues in undesired behavior.

  7. MusicianMamaMusicianMama

    We use a lot of positive reinforcement in our house, but despite that our young, well-socialized, friendly Great Dane (who has a trick title and his CGC) had a talking problem.He was good overall but required constant management to prevent him from launching into a barking fit. Anytime the doorbell went off, I had to jump up and start redirecting. When the neighbors were petsitting a super barky dog? Redirect. A Squirrel taunting him from a tree? Redirect. Flea sneezing 3 miles away? Redirect. I spent a lot of time addressing this by encouraging him to turn away from triggers, to watch the world go by, and to stop barking when I said ‘enough’. He gets more physical and mental enrichment than most pet dogs so no, not bored. Just…NOISY. He’s always been a talker.He is a BIG dog with a BIG bark and at some point, with a dog like this, you literally just have to tell the dog NO. Sometimes, saying NO is more humane than continuing the frustrating and ongoing process of redirecting and constantly managing things.Barking fits cause dogs a lot of undue stress and anxiety. For a confident otherwise happy dog that knows what to do instead, and has been offered tons of training and enrichment, there is NOTHING wrong with eliminating nuisance barking with a tool like this. By telling him NO, the fits went away and he’s much happier and calmer. He still runs to see what the ‘fuss’ is when the neighbor dog barks or his squirrel friend is in the tree, so he still gets to be a dog, he just has to be quiet about it.We chose the Sportdog because we wanted it to provide a different sensation than he receives from his E-Collar Tech e-collar (which we use at low levels for off-leash recall). I wanted to buy a reliable tool that would work, and not correct him for the wrong things at the wrong time.Cheap tools create superstitious, confused, and anxious dogs who may even ignore the correction because they aren’t reliable! We didn’t put all this training work into this dog to ruin him with unfair corrections. The timing has to be impeccable.The collar was so easy to set up. I used the default/factory settings. If I have one complaint it’s that it was tricky to figure out how to seat the charger correctly onto the device.He wore the Sportdog bark collar for one day and was corrected twice. The first time he was REALLY surprised, yelped, and went to lay down immediately. I felt bad because we don’t use a lot of sharp, deliberate corrections in our house. The second time he had a lightbulb moment.He’s been quiet ever since, and I’m not even good about putting the collar on him. It was a one-and-done thing. I like that it ONLY corrected him for real barks and clearly issued the correction IMMEDIATELY. Not for oofing and boofing. Two corrections helped him get over this ‘hump’, connect the dots, and chill out.Worth every penny. He’s SO much happier. I’m so much happier. The neighbors are so much happier! I call this a win-win.

  8. Emma

    I have a 1-yo Blue Heeler ( aka “Blue Soul-Healer”) who LOVES to bark. And he’s crazy. He barks when he’s being crazy and he barks when he’s happy and he barks barks BARKS. I’ve spent the past 6-8 weeks working on training him with the Sportdog 825x e-collar for general behavior, but the barking was driving me mental. Here are my unprofessional thoughts on how to use this collar successfully without creating stress/reactivity.Step 0: Recognize that this is a communication tool, not a magical problem-solving device. You are using low levels of electrical stimulation (comparable to the electric stimulation used in the medical field for physical therapy and etc) to communicate your thoughts to your dog in a way he/she understands because you have spent the time to show them what each level means. The levels used should be lower than the level where you see a physical reaction (twitching/scratching). If you see a reaction the level is too high.1. Buy this collar AND an e-collar, go through training with the e-collar to SLOWLY integrate it into your life with LOW-LEVELS. I’m talking levels you can’t even feel when you’re testing it on yourself (which you should also do to get an idea of what’s happening). The primary goal here is to train YOU, not your dog, but training your dog is a bonus.2. I had success integrating the ecollar with gentle training methods I learned from the Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg. (“The Art of Training your Dog; gently teach good behavior using an ecollar”)3. Once it has been a few weeks/you’ve gone through the training program in the book and you are comfortable using the ecollar to communicate with your dog/ you know your dog’s educational and reinforcement levels and WHEN to use them, set the bark collar to only send level one stimulation for a day or two (SportDog bark collar level 1 ~= SportDog ecollar level 3.5 or 4 based on my testing). If the stimulation is lower than your regular reinforcement level you can increase it one level per day after the first few days until it is at the lowest setting that stops the barking/the reinforcement level. I wouldn’t go past the reinforcement level. I also wouldn’t recommend using the auto-increase function because it can get too high too fast for your dog to understand and is unnecessary. My dog is set to level 2 and he stopped barking after day 3 with the bark collar on. It’s been on for about a week now.I particularly like this collar because it looks and feels exactly like the regular ecollar and he won’t become collar-wise about barking during regular ecollar training. It’s important to remember that this is a training tool, not a magical problem-solving device. If you’re not familiar with e-collars, either become familiar with them or do your dog a favor and look elsewhere to solve your barking problem. The extra money spent to properly train yourself to use the tool is well-worth the rewards.

  9. Forrest Stimans

    This works amazing on my lab. I haven’t had much luck with bark collars but spending the extra money on this one was very worth it.

  10. Rachael Edwards

    The battery life on this collar is amazing. I love that it has a tone we can use. We have had no issues with distance. Occasionally it seems that it will not register a button press but I believe that is because it is not making good contact because of the dog’s long fur.

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