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Roam Gear 6FT Dog Leash Heavy Duty | Two Handles Extra Padded – Lockable Metal Carabiner Clip – Shock Absorbing Night Reflective Rope Leash – Durable Silicone Clamps & O-Ring | for Medium & Large Dogs

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About this item 【WAG-WORTHY DOG WALKS AWAIT】Experience true walking bliss with our 6ft dog leash. This dog rope leash allows you to effortlessly secure your pup to a pole, gate, or tree while the 360-degree locking hook eliminates unexpected escapes or altercations. 【CRAFTED FOR CONTROL & COMFORT】Step into a world of cozy strolls and unparalleled command with our thoughtfully crafted rope dog leash. The double-padded handles on this heavy duty dog leash ensure a gentle grip while offering you complete control. 【RUFF & TOUGH – OUR LEASH LASTS】The two handle dog leash features a strong, weatherproof silicone clamp paired with a robust 0.5″ thick rope. Also, the o-ring on the dog leash with two handles adds an extra layer of versatility and resilience. 【SAFELY STROLL UNDER THE STARS】Illuminate your evening strolls with our reflective 6 foot dog leash. The reflectivity ensures you and your dog are always seen and protected. Our reflective rope leashes for dogs are available in Black or Brown. 【INSPIRED INNOVATION FOR PETS】We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way you and your furry friends experience the world together. We cater to the unique needs of pets and their families, ensuring that every adventure is memorable and comfortable.

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Product Description

dog leashdog leash

Embark on Pawsome ExpeditionsEmbark on Pawsome Expeditions

A Leash That Knows No BoundsA Leash That Knows No Bounds

Secure Your Pup with ConfidenceSecure Your Pup with Confidence

A Team of Paw-ssionate InnovatorsA Team of Paw-ssionate Innovators

Embark on Pawsome Expeditions

Embrace a dog leash that understands your needs, and embark on paw-sitively unforgettable adventures together. Its innovative design combines strength, safety, and style, ensuring every walk, long or short, is a comfortable, confident, and joyful experience for both you and your pooch.

A Leash That Knows No Bounds

With its versatile tethering capabilities, you can now effortlessly secure your canine companion to any pole, gate, or tree, giving you the freedom to run errands, grab a cup of coffee, or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility. This leash is perfect for pet owners frequently on the go.

Secure Your Pup with Confidence

The premium carabiner boasts a fully locking mechanism and a 360-degree rotating hook, providing effortless freedom of movement for your pooch. Also, its lightweight and compact size ensures your dog won’t be weighed down, allowing them to explore with boundless energy and joy.

A Team of Paw-ssionate Innovators

At the heart of our mission is the desire to improve the lives of pets and their families by creating top-notch gear. We’re constantly inspired by the unconditional love our furry friends give us and are dedicated to providing innovative products that elevate the happiness and connection we share with them.

roam gearroam gear

roam gearroam gear

roam gearroam gear

roam gearroam gear

Industrial Strength for Every Stride

Our leash measures 5.9′ in length and features a 0.5″ thick rope, perfectly suited for medium and large dogs. This rope leash provides a delightful and secure walking experience, ensuring your pooch is always content. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and reliability, designed especially for your little canine companion.

Double the Control, Double the Glow

The double-handled design features premium foam padding for enhanced comfort while allowing you to effortlessly switch to the second handle for a close radius hold in bustling traffic or during those unexpected moments. And the reflective rope illuminates your night walks, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

Fourfold Security for Furry Friends

Expertly crafted with quadruple stitching and lightweight silicone, the heavy-duty clamp on the pet leash is designed to defy the elements and withstand the test of time. No worries about it falling off or eroding – our waterproof, weatherproof clamp ensures your dog’s safety on every stroll.

Two Tones, Endless Possibilities

Our daily dog leash is available with a sleek Black or earthy Brown rope. Each style comes with a multi-purpose o-ring attached to the handle, adding a touch of versatility to your walk. You can use this o-ring to clip on essential accessories like waste bags, treat pouches, or even a portable water bowl.

roam gearroam gearroam gearroam gear

roam gearroam gear

roam gearroam gear

Additional information

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

71 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches; 8.8 Ounces

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Date First Available ‏ : ‎

May 8, 2023

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Dongguan Henshine Sport Products

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#47 in Standard Dog Leashes

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270 ratings

10 reviews for Roam Gear 6FT Dog Leash Heavy Duty | Two Handles Extra Padded – Lockable Metal Carabiner Clip – Shock Absorbing Night Reflective Rope Leash – Durable Silicone Clamps & O-Ring | for Medium & Large Dogs

  1. Susan

    Love the handles. They don’t hurt my hand! Durable leash. Thank you!

  2. A.B.

    I have an approximately 90lb Golden Retriever puppy who can be, at times, unruly on the leash. He has a another leash that he’s broken in more than one place due to pulling, but this leash has more than stood up to the test of his pulling, and it even has comfier hand holds for walking him. I love that it has two different loops for walking, a further one, and a closer one for more control. If I want something in between, I have looped the longer end through the shorter loop to create a length and a half rather than twice the length. It is thick and sturdy, and I would recommend the leash to anyone who has an energetic dog that likes to go for walks.

  3. Lauren

    I got this for a 40 pound foster puppy who clearly hasn’t had a ton of training. I love the positioning of the second handle for control, and the grips are more comfortable than a standard nylon leash when she wants to lunge forward. I’m not sure how I would like it for walking two dogs at once, but it’s great for one dog who is in a big hurry. I’m actually about to order one for my forever boy too.

  4. Maria

    I like the color plus is super strong grip to handle . Feel safe with my American Akita pet i got.

  5. SARGE

    Purchased this for my Cane Corsa. Great purchase !!! The locking mechanism is a bit flimsy but I reinforced that with a heavy duty carbiner …

  6. Aimee

    My dog has broken two leashes recently, and I needed something a bit sturdier that would last. I chose this for the carabiner style clip and the two handles. I LOVE this leash! I love that I can just grab the second handle for a closer heel, and it reflects perfectly in the dark. I can tell it will last a while, and it’s comfortable for me even if my dog pulls a bit. 11/10!

  7. kaitlin peters

    We have three dogs and each have their own. They are durable and comfortable. I wish it had a third handle closer to the clasp for a closer hold on the dog, we have tall dogs. The clasp is holding up against big dogs learning to walk on the leash. Wish it had more color options. I like durable but also cute

  8. J. Allen

    I love the sturdiness, 2 handle design, and secure swiveling clip. I can hold the first handle in one hand, slip my other hand through the second handle and there’s a perfect place to hold the leash at the reinforced stitching. It makes it easy to keep my dog on a short lead and gave better control which scooping the poop. Love this leash!

  9. Jam

    No more rope burn on hands. When I met other people or dogs on our walks, I would have to hold the leash so my furry puppy love wouldn’t jump and try love everyone else. For 29 pounds she is pretty strong and it would hurt my hand. This leash is great.

  10. Alysia Davis

    I have two of these for both my boy puppies. I love them on our walks. The second handle on it is nice as well.

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