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Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash 8ft Long – RED – Traffic Padded Two Handle – Heavy Duty – Double Handles Lead for Control Safety Training – Leashes for Large Dogs or Medium Dogs – Dual Handles Leads

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About this item 2 SOFT PADDED HANDLES; the Primal Pet Gear dog leash dual handled with Black Padded Handles has been specifically designed with 2 handles, one at the end of the leash at 8ft and another one 12″ from the clip. Keep your beloved 4-legged companion safe at all times! GREAT CONTROL; use the long leash for casual walks, extended sniffing and loose leash walking; use the shorter leash for busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas that require that you have instant, up-close control of your dog. Control Dominance and Aggression. NEW STRONGER CLIP; we have upgraded with a Thicker Thumb release knob that won’t break easily. MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS; the Primal Pet gear dog leash with Black padded handles can be used for medium to large dog breeds, but may also work for some smaller dog breeds as well. TOP QUALITY; we take pride in the high quality of our dual handle dog leash, which has been manufactured with top quality materials. Backed by a 1 year REPLACEMENT WARRANTY, this is totally risk-free buy; we will replace the dog leash if there’s any problem. CLICK the Orange button to Order Now!

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Product Description

Leashes for Large Dogs Heavy DutyLeashes for Large Dogs Heavy Duty

The Primal Pet Gear 8FT long Blue Double Handle Dog Leash is Perfect for your Medium, Large and Giant Breed Dog or Puppy

8ft red dual handle dog lead8ft red dual handle dog lead

Do you need an all in one Dog Leash for Training, Control and Safety that is Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs?

PRIMAL PET GEAR DOUBLE HANDLE DOG LEASH 8FT – Made for Dog Lovers who want an all in one heavy duty leash for medium and large dogs and puppies that is strong, durable, comfortable and a pleasure to use.

The one leash that is perfect for

  • ✔ Controlling your dog for safety
  • ✔ Training your puppy
  • ✔ Freedom for roaming in a safe park or environment

Primal Pet Gear Dual Handle dog leads are built heavy duty with soft comfortable handles and – the shorter traffic handle is best for training to control Dominance and Aggression, on busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas that require that you have instant, up-close control of your dog or puppy.

The longer 2nd handle is perfect for casual walks, a run leash, extended sniffing and relaxed leash walking to give your medium or large dogs more freedom.

Some big advantages include:

  • ✔ 2 handles: one at 8ft and another 1ft from the clip
  • ✔ Great control of your dog in both busy and less crowded areas.
  • ✔ Extra padding on handles for comfort.
  • ✔ Dog’s range of motion is limited when you’re holding the short handle.

Super Comfortable Neoprene Handles are Great for Extra Control, Safety and Training

dog leash red heavy dutydog leash red heavy duty

  • These soft and super comfortable Neoprene handles make the Primal Pet Gear double handle leash a pleasure to use every day.
  • Our unique leashes have one traffic handle at 1 ft from the end of the clip for training, control and safety in busy areas and to prevent dog aggression, whilst the 2nd handle at 6ft allows pooch more freedom in less crowded places.
  • Whether you train, walk or exercise your medium or big dog or puppy you will be keeping it safe at all times.


plutus lead redplutus lead red

6ft rope heavy duty leash red6ft rope heavy duty leash red

control safety training puppies leashescontrol safety training puppies leashes


The Traffic Handle is perfect for controlling your dog in high traffic areas such as busy sidewalks, footpaths and away from other animals to prevent aggression. Also doubles as as a dog or puppy training leash.


The 2nd Handle allows your dog freedom to roam for extended sniffing and exercise in open spaces and less crowded areas.


Enjoy the precious time spent with your best mate.

New Improved Durable Heavy Duty Metal Alloy Clasp and D-Ring

strong dog leash for puppy 6ftstrong dog leash for puppy 6ft

  • Our new redesigned Heavy Duty Rust Proof Metal Zinc Alloy clasp is now stronger, more durable and has enough strength to pull all breeds from medium, large, or giant dogs.
  • The clip is 2” long with a thicker thumbnail release for easy access and ease of use on any dog collar or harness.
  • The Metal Alloy D-Ring is great for attaching poop bag holders, keys, and puppy training treat bags.


dog leash strong reflectivedog leash strong reflective

dog leash for large and medium dogsdog leash for large and medium dogs

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


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96 x 2 x 0.1 inches; 0.32 Ounces

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Date First Available ‏ : ‎

August 20, 2015

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Primal Pet Gear

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#44 in Dog Training Leashes

Customer Reviews:

3,527 ratings

10 reviews for Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash 8ft Long – RED – Traffic Padded Two Handle – Heavy Duty – Double Handles Lead for Control Safety Training – Leashes for Large Dogs or Medium Dogs – Dual Handles Leads

  1. Lee

    This leash is very well made! It is sturdy, easy to hold, and very comfortable to use. The dual handle is great for keeping a secure hold on the dog in crowded areas. The snap is high quality, not like the cheap snaps on some dog leashes. It looks great and several people have commented about it when we’re walking our dog with this leash. I highly recommend this leash.

  2. Courtney Chibbaro

    First, getting a few emails from the seller asking how we are liking it was really nice! I live off of reviews, so here is mine…..We LOVE the leash. We have about 5 hanging up and I guess it really is a matter of which one fits right. We have a Doubledoodle (Goldendoodle/Labradoodle mix) and she is a big girl, but with her hair off now she is smaller and has much more agility with all her fluff, plus she is only 1 and still growing and still growing out of her puppy ways! We have a few of the standard leashes which I guess are about 5 feet. We live on the 3rd story so we are constantly all day walking up and down the stairs with her, with that alone we needed more slack on the leash. She will stop at each landing, but me being shorter than my boyfriend I just couldn’t handle that feeling like she was going to tug even while doing the right thing. So this leash has helped immensely in solving this problem. It also allows us the proper amount of space. The retractable leashes are the most dangerous things in my mind. I had 2 situations with them that didn’t prove to be well. One, Molly ran as a baby to someone who is handicapped and would have knocked her over, the leash wouldn’t retract, I grabbed it and it burnt my skin right off. Second time again it just wouldn’t lock and retract and we were in a roadway. So we knew we needed a good, durable, no puppy chew through, leash that would give a huge dog enough room to roam, but also know when she needs to be at our side. My FAVORITE part of this leash hands down is the handles. First that they are both padded soooo nicely! I hold on to them for dear life (haha) because of how big Molly is, they are my safety to keep her safe from any car or anything running our way (Molly has been attacked by a dog out of no where so it is important to me to feel like I have a good grip on her). And my part of my favorite is the short strap. When someone is coming out of their door when we are going down the stairs or when we are on the street or coming by a non-friendly dog, it is SO great to just pull up the first strap and hold on rather then raveling the leash around my wrist a million times or grabbing it in a way that just slips out. On top of everything else mentioned, it’s super durable, thick, my dog will turn and chew when she gets really playful but nothing the leash can’t handle! It’s hands down the best leash!!! My only recommendation would be that if you have a smaller dog than the little pony we have, I would get the 5-6 ft’ one which would give plenty of room. The 8 ft is perfect for large dogs wanting/needing that extra room!

  3. ThinBlueLine

    Let me begin this review by stating customer service today is usually non existent. Well not with this company. John, the owner I presume, not only responded to my email immediately, he actually addressed my idea and concern. This is my opinion makes this a five star product for customer service alone. Now onto the leash.The leash itself is great. I like the overall length being 8 feet. This is great for taking a walk or just allowing your dog a little extra distance. I also like the short handle near the top to draw your dog close should cicumstances dictate. The leash has a good comfort feel in your hand due to the padding. Bottom line I would recommend this leash.Now before I conclude let me say this. The lobster clasp in my opinion is not the best, I prefer a more heavy duty clasp. However having made this statement let me explain further. I spoke to John ( again presumably the owner) he assured me the quality is in place for the lobster clasp and it is in fact up to standard. I will say I have experienced no issues with the leash or the clasp. I have a 90 pound pit bull who is solid as a brick wall. So if any other consumers need a reference point/dog here is mine to go off of. Bottom line I still give this leash five stars. Based on customer service being outstanding, the fact the company seeks consumer feedback and actually appears to care what the consumer has to say. In addition the leash itself is very nice and also carries a one year guarantee. That was one reason I also purchased it. In the end I do recommend purchasing this leash. If you are bit more normal, or not as specific as me then I assure you this leash is great. Again, I have had no issues with the leash, it’s just more or a personal preference in my book.

  4. Robbi Jeanne Brosman

    I love these leashes. I have 3 of them. It’s really strong and has a shorter handle when needed. I wash mine in the washing machine all the time when they get dirty, and they come out nice and dry fast. One of my puppies likes to chew on hers, and you can’t even tell where she’s chewed on it. Very well made.

  5. Maria

    Got this for my Cane Corso Pit mix so that I can walk him in a way that allows me distance control. Since he’s much too powerful to have on any kind of retractable leash, this was the ultimate solution to me having to have multiple lengths leads with me. Both the grip handles are padded which gives me even more confidence while walking with him. I use the shorter grip for more structured walks and let the leash go to it’s 8 ft length when our outings are more of an exploratory nature. The leash line itself is very sturdy, thick, and made of quality material. I guess only time will tell how it holds up long term, but you can see that it is well made even by the precise stitching along the edges, so I am confident that it will stand the test of time. I would 100% recommend this leash to anyone looking to comfortably walk their dog, especially if your dog is one that has a little more power behind them. I only wish that these guys made a long recall training lead that is of this high quality and durability.

  6. Pamela O

    We bought together the harness and leash for each of our medium sized dogs. Other harness’ either rode to high up on our dogs where you attach the leash closer to between their shoulder blades which encouraged ‘pulling’ behavior. From the moment my husband placed the harness on each dog, which was very easy and simple as to was sizing for each dog, they immediatly quieted! I couldn’t believe it! Almost as if they were wearing a snug shirt for comfort; except this was a new walking harness. The leash, which has ‘two’ hand placement handles are just beautiful, well made and of high quality. Had we bought this set up at a major store, we would have paid 3 or 4 times the amount that we spent on Amazon. They arrived the very next day with our Prime membership. I simply couldn’t be happier, my dogs couldn’t be happier and we now all enjoy a nice leisurely walk that doesn’t require pulling your arm out of it’s socket! A medium harness fits as described, so to the large. Measure your dog(s) from the broadest part of their chest and up around the thickest part of the middle. You’ll be thrilled at the quality and the wide variety of colors in the harness. The leashes are a standard black with a red inseam. Very comfortable for arthritic hands too! I absolutely love um and recommend them to those with dogs who pull at walk time. What a fantastic product!

  7. OverRover

    When I first started using these leads with my dogs, I worked with them in the yard, swapping from long to short, training ME to handle the lead in the most effective manner without dropping the longer part on the ground. The dogs learned my motions in the process and to respond to the way they feel me handling the lead, they know when I am about to take up the slack and get a hold of the second handle, they know but that doesn’t mean they care or are always willing to work with me! (ha ha)(Dobermans, 98 lb. three year old, 75 lb 15 month old.)Having set myself up (trained myself) to be rote function with the lead makes it a lot smoother to do the swap even when they don’t care I am doing the long to short swap with them.I keep a tab leash on their collars along with this leash if I am using it in a high trafficked are be it people or vehicles so I can get hold of them close to their collar and control their actions. This one is a bit long at the short handle for good control over the fur baby near traffic or things that the dog might want to make a fast break toward or lunge at and even more so if you use it with a harness over some kind of collar that helps you control the animal ( we use martingales) Both our boys are “tuggers” and that’s when the short handle comes in handy, it gets us close enough to their collar to slow them down and if need be close enough to get a hold of the tab lead on the collar.Even with the short handle being out from the collar to far, I am giving it five stars for the quality overall. The seams are sewn solid, heavy thread, I don’t feel like they would give way as long as normal care is taken with the lead.The snap clasps are strongLost one while traveling a while back and had to replace right away and paid 40 bucks for the same darn thing at one of the big box pet stores. I’m buying a couple of extra here on Amazon just to keep in case I get scattered brained again!

  8. m h

    I take my dog out on a long board and we go a few miles oppose to normal walks. This leash is perfect for that because it lets her get to a full run without fear of straying too far away and getting yanked to the side. Then when we are just walking normally i can use the short grip to keep her in something closer to a heal position. It has been a few years since my dog chewed her leash so i can’t speak to that durability, but she dragged it through the woods for a few days and after a wash it still looks new.

  9. gonz45

    I love this leash! It’s perfect for my dog the lower handle it positioned just right to keep her near my side when we are in traffic or around people she may jump on. It also offers me greater control when I take her to the store if I need it. Otherwise I let the leash play out to the full extent and let her do her thing.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I bought this one to replace another one from another company that the handle tore in two This one is held up for quite some time would buy it again.

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