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PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness – The Ultimate Harness to Help Stop Pulling – Take Control & Teach Better Leash Manners – Helps Prevent Pets Pulling on Walks – Medium/Large, Royal Blue/Navy Blue

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About this item HELPS STOP PULLING: Patented Martingale loop design puts gradual pressure on your dog’s shoulders to safely and effectively stop pulling; a front leash attachment helps you guide your dog LEGACY OF TRUST: Created by a veterinary behaviorist in 2004, the Easy Walk harness is loved and trusted by a million pet parents and trainers COMFORTABLE FIT: Easy Walk harness has less coverage than other harnesses making it lightweight and very breathable NO GAGGING OR CHOKING: Rests across your dog’s chest instead of his throat to stop gagging and choking if he pulls EASY TO FIT: Quick-snap shoulder straps and a different color belly strap make it simple to put the harness on your dog U.S.-BASED CUSTOMER CARE: Our pet product experts are here to help you and your pet; they are available by phone, email or chat if you have any questions QUALITY PROMISE: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations since 1998 to help keep your pet healthy, safe & happy

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5.25 x 1.38 x 9.5 inches; 3.21 Ounces

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Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

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June 20, 2007

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Radio Systems Corporation

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10 reviews for PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness – The Ultimate Harness to Help Stop Pulling – Take Control & Teach Better Leash Manners – Helps Prevent Pets Pulling on Walks – Medium/Large, Royal Blue/Navy Blue

  1. DavidsGirlDavidsGirl

    My dog is a 24 lb pug mix. She is sweet and wonderful but nobody wanted to walk her! She pulls so badly and constantly. She slips out of any harness we buy her. It’s awful! Ugh! She’s getting chubby from lack of exercise and missing out on lots of good family fun. This harness was my last hope.I am blown away!Even after I read all the five star reviews, I was skeptical. I bought this harness and got same-day shipping. I walked her that evening and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The first time she pulled, the harness snugged up on her chest and gently turned her to face me; she stopped immediately. She turned and kept walking, but slower and more mindfully. I gave her some slack in the extendable leash and then locked it down–as soon as she pulled again she immediately stopped again. That’s it. Pulling is over. My 13 year old is now walking her every day and loving it! She doesn’t pull, she minds the “heel” commands. If she gets too excited and starts to pull, she stops as soon as the harness snugs around her. She’s starting to walk better with just her regular collar and no harness at all. This harness appears to be breaking her pulling habit entirely!!Here is what you need to know with fitting. My dog is a mixed breed and is barrel-chested for her size. I really worried that I would never get the right fit. I have a hard time buying any harness for her. If I get it large enough for her chest, it’s too large for her paws and neck and she can slip it easily. We’ve been through many. Not the case with this one!Fitting: Measure the largest part of your dog’s chest. Buy the size that most narrowly matches that chest measurement. My dog’s chest is 24 inches, which fits in the size range for the Medium which is for 20-28″ chest. I took her PetsMart and tried the medium on her and it was HUGE! I couldn’t make it tight enough to stay on her. So I ordered the Small/Medium which is for 19-25″ chest–a more narrow range for her chest measurement. I was worried it would borderline on too tight. It isn’t. I had to snug it up quite a bit to make it fit her.As for putting it on and taking it off: Don’t unbuckle everything!!!! It’s too confusing. You only need to work with the buckle for the chest strap, which buckles at the side of the chest so you can actually see it!! These harnesses are all 2-color. The strap that buckles around her chest is the second color–in my case silver. The main color, in my case black, is the whole rest of the harness. Only unbuckle the part that buckles around your dog’s chest. (See the attached photos) Stand in front of your dog. Hold the harness so the leash loop is facing you and dangling at the bottom (the leash loop is the metal circle on which you will clip the leash to the harness–it will be on your dog’s chest, not the top of the back as with other harnesses). Slip the harness over your dog’s head and then just buckle the colored strap under the chest and you’re all set. Take it off by unbuckling the chest strap and slipping it right over your dog’s head. It’s not a tight squeeze and is actually so much easier than trying to slip both paws into the leg holes while holding your dog down and buckling the strap with your third arm. This is the easiest time I’ve ever had getting her into a harness.You need to know that this harness will loosen itself after some time walking. Not it’s strongest feature, but I couldn’t even take off a star for this as it is such a miracle to be able to take our dog with us to parks, walks around the neighborhood, etc. There are 4 points on this harness that can be adjusted to fit your dog’s individual shape and size. This is very much a strong point for me because my dog is not perfectly proportional. When you first take it out of the box, put it on your dog and check to see which points need adjustment. I can adjust it while it’s on her, but it’s easier if I take it off, adjust, and put it back on. I don’t have to adjust it in the middle of walks. But you should check the adjustment every time you put it on your dog.Pros: My dog doesn’t pull anymore (life altering)!!! Great price (Amazon charged half what pet stores charge–I did not get a discount for this review!); easy to put on/take off; quality construction; 4 points of adjust-ability for a good custom fit.Cons: none so far (need for periodic fit adjustment is not a big deal to me)I would recommend this to a friend. I actually recommended it to a total stranger–an older lady in the pet store (without her dog) who said she has a Min-Pin she can’t walk or take anywhere because he pulls her so much. I was so enthusiastic she bought one right then and there. My dog was standing there being an angel, wearing her Easy Walk Harness.Please tell me if you found my review helpful. Please ask if you have questions. Thanks and good luck! I hope this solves your fur baby pulling problem. It certainly solved mine.

  2. N. Morris

    My doodle Lucy is a big loveable sweetheart and such a Good Dog, until we take walks. Put that leash on and shes a 60lb demon dragging me down the streets. I’ve spent thousands on doggy training, bribed her with pocketfuls of treats, endless stop/come/heel, training collars, no-pull harnesses. But the minute she gets excited it’s all downhill (literally, because we live on a hill). Honestly, it breaks my heart because I would love to enjoy long walks with her but it’s exhausting and stressful when we go out and I can never let the kids walk her for their own safety. I feel like the biggest dog momma fail to this poor sweet pup.This morning, I slipped the PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness over her and we headed out to walk my kidlet to the bus stop. I had no expectations. After all, we’ve been down this rodeo before.And then, Lucy started walking, NEXT TO ME. There was zero pulling. When she got a little ahead, the harness gently tugged at her and she slowed down. Woah. WHOSE DOG IS THIS???That whole walk was a miracle to me. I’m so excited now to try more walks. I’m so happy for my goofy Lucy because she LOVES her walks but I didn’t and now I have hope we can have plenty of walks. All the walks she desires. Thank you PetSafe Harness! This is truly life-changing for us.Also the raspberry color is lovely and bright, it was very easy to adjust and fit and snap on, and the straps and clips feel very sturdy. But more so, it works! No pulling. Pure Magic!!

  3. Sueb

    This apparatus snaps on easily and helps with pulling. The dog will eventually start to pull with this on, but about 50% less than with a standard harness. We use it everyday and it does help. It needs to be adjusted occasionally because it loosens over time.

  4. Dave

    *** UPDATE ***Here we are about 2 1/2 months since this original review, and I feel an update is called for. Basically, I stand by my original review for the circumstances under which it was written. It truly did work and saved me from further developing bursitis in my shoulders. However, as time went on my GSD grew to the point where the Easy Walk harness no longer could be made to fit her properly. I believe one other review here mentioned that the harness might not be suitable for deep-chested dogs like German shepherds.One of the problems that has developed is the growth of tumorous tissue behind each front elbow. When I saw these begin to crop up I closely observed how the harness was interacting with her elbow area and it appears that it was rubbing and aggravating that area. I could be wrong. She’s visiting the vet next week, and they will tell me if that was the case.(OK. Back from the vet. He said those lumps are cysts brought about by an irritation to her elbows. He accepted my theory that the irritation could have been caused by rubbing from the Easy Walk harness. So, take the manufacturer’s recommendation very seriously to make sure you get the proper size harness and that you adjust it correctly for your dog. Plus, apparently this harness just might not be for every dog.)In any event, I have retired the harness and bought the Gentle Leader nose collar from the same company. I am every bit as happy with it as I was with the Easy Walk, and it doesn’t interfere with her walking at all.I’m not changing my 5-star rating because I believe for a dog with the right conformation it is still the way to go and highly recommended for the pulling dog.*** END UPDATE ***I realize that there are more than 8,500 reviews of this harness, mostly favorable, but I am so happy with this that I just want to add my two cents.We have a 6-month-old German shepherd puppy. She’s been comfortable on the leash since she was 8 weeks old, so it came as an unpleasant surprise when somewhere along the line she decided she wanted to be a sled dog when she grows up. Her pulling was so bad I was developing bursitis in my shoulders.Because of our coyote problem we can only let her out to do her business on the leash; which is a separate issue, but an unwelcome painful chore because of her pulling. And going for walks was totally out of the question. We tried different harnesses, collars, and even Cesar Millan’s slip leash. If anything, these all made her determined to pull harder.Then I ordered this Easy Walk harness, and it is like a miracle happened. No pulling! I mean NO pulling! She is responsive to the slightest pressure from the leash. At no time does she pull, struggle, choke, gag, rear up on her hind legs, or do any of the things she used to do with various other harnesses, collars or leashes. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me.A couple of things:I should have ordered the Deluxe model. My brother-in-law’s dog just happened to outgrow their Easy Walk Deluxe so he gave it to us to try. There is a marked difference in build quality between the Deluxe and the regular. So, we are using the Deluxe and keeping the regular one we just purchased as a backup.Also, it took a bit of trial and error to get it sized just right. It is effective without getting it sized right, but it is the most comfortable for the dog if it is properly adjusted for their exact conformation. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing how to do it.Highly, highly, highly recommend this if you have a pulling dog.

  5. Kevin Harding

    Recommended by a dog trainer for a 2yr old Mini Aussie, who’s more like a Medium Aussie and more than a bit impulsive in his teenage years. This largely stops the pulling, has been a big help with training. Only negative I can find is most of my family can’t figure out how to put it on properly, constantly have to remind them to clip/unclip just the off color strap that goes around the dogs belly.All 3 of my dogs now have them, and I recommend to others as well.

  6. Laura Harrington

    I spent a fortune on 2 weeks of on site, overnight dog training for my young rescued lab. Helped some, then effects faded, hes an awful puller. He’s 80lbs and strong with intense pulling instincts….I tried 2 different harbesses . both didn’t work even if clipped to chest as her just run and pull sideways. Tried a martingale, meh. Used a spiked collar for a while but he simply pulled harder and I was afraid he’d truly get hurt. My arm would hurt on walks, my blood would boil in frustration, my in the house perfect pooch was a nightmare on a leash. Until I tried this very simple harness. It doesn’t tighten on its own over time like stone harnesses which need constant adjusting. Its reaaaaaally easy to put on and take off. My 7 year old does it alone no problems. And magically it WORKS. The first walk he coughed when he pulled and it tightened on his shoulders/ chest area….. After a few pretty loud coughs he realized pulling was futile. He truly doesn’t pull anymore. He still walks fast and ahead of me etc… But I’m not angry walking him, and we’re all happier. Best $20 I’ve spent ever.

  7. Rhian

    I have a very excitable 70 lb boxer/catahoula mix dog that absolutely loves people. Add that to living in an upstairs apartment and you’ve got trouble. My boy can, and will, pull me along behind him whether I like it or not should he see anyone downstairs that he wants to go greet, and couldn’t care less that he’s pulling me down a flight of stairs in the process. Normally, that scenario led to one or more of the following happening: a) he got choked on a normal collar and leash, b) he managed to put all his weight behind a normal harness and get downstairs through brute strength, or c) I get pulled along behind him, suffering bumps, bruises, and sprains.This got to be very problematic for me as I always had to “screen” the conditions outside before taking a pup that badly needed to go. If there was someone outside, I couldn’t trust my dog to remember his manners well enough to not try bolting downstairs with me being dragged behind, and there was always the possibility of it being clear when I stepped out, but someone coming out seconds later, and it was bye-bye Brindle.This harness, however, put a stop to all that. He can still pull, but the way this is designed creates the ability for you, the owner, to pull back far easier without risk of choking or hurting your dog. Now, when I take my dog out, if he sees a person he just has to say hello to, I can hit the button on his retractable leash (a definite recommend as the perfect partner to this harness,) and he gets stopped, forced into turning towards me so he remembers I’m there, and I can control him from then on. He might still be excitable, but the leash prevents him, so long as you’re quick on the uptake and paying attention to your dog and what HE’S paying attention to, it prevents him from being able to bolt very far before being turned around and stopped on the spot before he gets too far and trouble ensues.Now, as I said before, a strong dog can, and a determined dog will, still pull to get to his or her destination, but this harness is well designed, strong, and I have very little trouble keeping my dog under control until the crisis is adverted, (i.e. cat leaves the vicinity or a person stops petting and goes inside.) I have also been able, with 100% success, to pull my pup away from people that just won’t get out of the way on the steps (sitting there indefinitely) or who are so amused by my dog that they won’t leave and keep egging on his behavior. This harness does help with that as well because, as stated above, it does still pull the dog to the side, forcing their attention back to you, and within a few seconds you can have your dog back to the task at hand rather than on the distractions. As a further plus in the harness’ favor, whenever we run across a young child who wants to pet the ‘big puppy,’ this harness has kept my dog in control so well I never doubted the child would get knocked over by a jumping boxer mix. (And if any of you have ever had a boxer, you know they love jumping on every person they meet, even if jumping isn’t required to get within face-licking range.) I’ve even been able to keep Brindle under control so well that I could give brief dog lessons to the kids, teaching them general demeanor cues to the ones scared my pup wanted to hurt them so they know how a dog looks when he’s angry and when he’s happy, and let the younger ones that run up and immediately try petting know that’s a bad idea unless the owner says it’s okay.So, to recap the pluses for why you should get this harness if you’ve got a big dog that forgets all decorum when people are around:1) Keeps him/her from pulling you down a dangerous flight of stairs. Even been able to go down safely in rain, snow, and ice conditions.2) Keeps dog under control and out of trouble (i.e. dog fights, running into street, ect.)3) Protects other people and animals from your pet’s exuberance4) Well made, tough, hasn’t ripped or had any damage at all in over a year’s worth of walkings5) Most importantly, you can correct your pet and pull him back to you without choking or hurting him with this harness.The bad, because you need to know:1) The dog CAN still pull in this, and like all harnesses, they can put a lot more of their weight and strength behind a harness, though this one does cut down a bit due to it’s design that causes their legs to cross and turn them. I have been able to hold him back when he was pulling as hard as he could, from a sitting position without being moved an inch.2) If you have a retractable leash and something catches your pup’s attention, when they bolt, even if you hit the button, you’re still going to get jerked a couple steps, and if you don’t have a good grip on the leash, there goes your dog.3) In a situation like above, should they get going fast enough to jerk you, when you hit the button or pull back on the leash, rather than a gentle turn around, the dog will get jerked around, fly in the air a bit, and kind of do an involuntary back-flip. My pup’s never been hurt by this, (at least nothing worse than his ego,) but it might be frightening for people not used to seeing this. I still highly recommend checking your dog out, however, when this happens just to be safe, especially if he vaulted on something other than soft grass, like gravel or pavement.4) The front of the harness needs to be checked regularly. As I said, they can pull in this if they really want what they were going after, and it causes the front to loosen periodically, making it easy for the dog to step out of the harness without meaning to. For their safety, as well as all animals’ and people’s in the vicinity, you need to check and re-adjust every so often, so there’s no accidental slip-outs and escapes.I really do recommend this harness for anyone with an excitable dog if they are prone to bolting, even just to greet people, no matter how great their manners might be otherwise. It will save you a lot of heartache and just aches in general to both of you.Oh, and for anyone who needs a bit of help figuring this thing out, snap the clasp that isn’t the grey on the black version, or dark red on the red version. Slip that over the dog’s head with the ring for attaching the leash facing you, and the different colored part facing down. Then just snap the remaining clasp across the dog’s chest, behind their front legs. when you take it off, just undo the different colored part and slip the harness off, leaving the other clasp fastened. Makes it much easier, and the whole put-on/take-off only takes a couple seconds, which for a squirming dog can mean the difference between accident or no accident.Hope this helped.

  8. Sean M. Cooper

    I have two young golden retrievers Luna (1yo/55lbs) and Lily (3yo/75lbs). They both have incredibly high prey drives and are generally super curious/excited about EVERYTHING! Before using this harness, taking them for walks was a major upper-body exercise. Holding back 130lbs of straining dogs, which can pull over 500lbs, usually left me sweating by the end of a two-mile walk. Typically, I use a dual-headed leash that has two handles so I can manage them and the girls have Martingale collars. They’ll still pull until they’re hoarse.Until yesterday.I took the girls out for a walk and they walked so gently that I was able to hold the leash with one hand and relax the entire time! The dogs enjoyed their walk and so did I! It was amazing!This absolutely worked as advertised!!!

  9. Krazy Kindle Reviewer

    I have been training dogs, mostly my own, for several decades. Most of my past dogs knew at least a dozen commands, often many more, and I’ve always been complimented on their behavior and training – including advanced, off-leash work. Several months ago, a neighbor asked me to help them with training their dog. He is a very high-energy ADHD sort of dog and was about 9 months old at the time. I’d describe him as slightly ditzy, for lack of a better term. Their final straw to ask for help was that his pulling had gotten so extreme, they could no longer enjoy walking him.So, I started off with the basics, and we gradually built up. While he was making progress, and obviously understood a number of commands, we just weren’t making the progress we should have been, especially with consistency in his responses. We were all getting extremely frustrated. The biggest issue, by far, was that he would do well with not pulling and would stay focussed on his handler much of the time, but if something exciting or distracting occurred, there was a 50/50 chance that he would just seem to forget everything he knew and be mentally “gone”. Once he reached that state, almost nothing would bring him back. And it was very up and down. Some days it seemed we were making great strides and then the next day, it was as if we were almost back at square one.My stubborn, old brain just kept insisting to me that if we stuck with it long enough and did things “right”, it would eventually work. My training style had created a lot of happy, well-behaved dogs, so why should I change? I always have tweaked things to fit the individual dog, but the basics have always been the same. I suppose we might have eventually gotten there, but I do wish that I had thought outside the box a little earlier. Every dog is different.That was a very long-winded way of saying, that for some dogs, this harness works. After reading the reviews and comparing front-clip harnesses, this is the one I went with. The first walk was night and day. He’s never once pulled hard enough to even turn himself around. All of the knowledge from our past training now gets to shine. We took our third walk with him today in his harness and passed numerous distractions. He stayed in a heel past a small dog that was barking like a maniac and spinning on the end of its leash, past other barking dogs, past humans. It only took a light tug, once, to remind him where to remain. When released from the heel, he seldom ever touched the end of the leash, and if he did, he immediately self-corrected, returned to an area closer to his human and made eye contact. I cannot explain why this harness has made such a difference for him, but the difference is immence. This works for this dog and flat collars and slip leads do not.We’ve been watching carefully for any rubbing in the armpits, and so far this has not been an issue. I would guess that it depends on how the harness fits the individual dog, and I’m thankful that it seems to work well for him. He excitedly stuck his head in it for me today, so it’s obviously not causing discomfort. This isn’t going to train your dog for you, although it may well significantly reduce pulling for many of them. However, along with the training that he has already had and will continue to receive, this has made a world of difference for this dog and his people. Next time, I’ll reach for the harness quite a bit faster if a dog isn’t progressing as I would expect them to.Updated: Several weeks in and I can confirm that it wasn’t just an initial response to the change in equipment. This pup continues to impress us. Everyone is back to looking forward to walks, and we’re getting to focus on the “fun things” in training!

  10. Burly

    This harness is a game changer. We had a harness that you clipped the leash on the back. Our dog, 65 pounds, pulled me everywhere. If she saw a bunny or a squirrel she would yank me right off my feet to the point where I have had several pulled muscles. Put this harness on and right out of the gate there was a bunny. She tried to lunge at it and got absolutely nowhere. For the first time ever she turned and looked at me and sat. This morning it was a bunny party and she thought about going after them but could not. She walks next to me now instead of our front. This harness is a life saver and I wish I would have known about it a year ago. If you have a big strong dog you absolutely need this harness.

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