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PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs 8 lb. and Up, Anti-Bark Training Device, Waterproof, Static Correction, Canine – Automatic Dog Training Collar to Decrease Barking, PBC-102

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About this item SAFELY STOPS BARKING: 6 levels of automatically adjusting static correction help teach your dog to stop excessive barking.BATTERY POWERED: Uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included) (averages 3-6 months)SIZING: Collar fits dogs 8 lb and up and the adjustable strap fits pets with a neck size up to 27 in WATERPROOF COLLAR: Train in any environment, indoors or out, with the waterproof collar up to 3 ft BATTERY POWERED: Uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included) (averages 3-6 months) SIZING: Collar fits dogs 8 lb and up and the adjustable strap fits pets with a neck size up to 27 in BARK SOLUTIONS YOU CAN TRUST: For 25 years, we have been the trusted brand in creating safe, high-quality, training products to help you and your pet live happy together NO BARK PROMISE: If this product is not meeting the needs for you and your pet, simply contact a PetSafe Customer Care Specialist at PetSafe and we will help you find a product that fits your needs

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6 x 2.75 x 8 inches; 0.96 Ounces

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Bark Collars

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3 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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August 1, 2004

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Radio Systems Corporation

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#25 in Bark Collars

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10 reviews for PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs 8 lb. and Up, Anti-Bark Training Device, Waterproof, Static Correction, Canine – Automatic Dog Training Collar to Decrease Barking, PBC-102

  1. Shane Thompson

    I bought 2 of these collars for my dogs and they worked pretty good. They were definitely waterproof as my female (Rottweiler/Pitbull mix) likes to wallow in her kiddie pool during the hotter months. Earlier this year they stopped working, I was able to take them apart a little and saw that there is a little disc that one of the wires is soldered to and it disconnected. I think I could fix it but might just buy new ones instead. I like the idea of the replaceable batteries rather than having to take it off and recharge it like a lot of other ones I’ve seen. I do wish these had a selectable level for the static correction, though after a while my dogs did learn not to bark when they heard the beeping.

  2. S. Miller

    We have two dachshunds that bark at EVERYTHING. Once one starts, the other joins in and they keep each other going. I work at home and have kids at home that constantly play with them, so it is not a lack of attention – they simply love to bark.We tried the citronella collars for a while. They helped, but my dogs like barking more than they hate the citronella, so it didn’t really stop them from barking. They learned that 20 or so sprays later the collar would be empty and they could bark all they wanted. They also learned they could jump up on people’s lap, turn their head, and bark to spray people in the face (I know, I deserve it for putting the collars on them :).So, I researched static collars a bit. So many choices – vibration detection, sound detection, vibration and sound, multiple levels of shock, user configurable programs, etc. In the end, I just decided to buy two of the cheapest ones I could find to see if they even worked on my dogs. I figured if they worked, I’d consider buying better ones.These collars work great. I have no plans to buy anything more expensive. I was worried that with just a vibration sensor that they might go off when they wrestle with each other or the kids play with them. This just doesn’t happen. I was worried that one might bark and the other would get shocked. This is also not a problem. The collars work flawlessly when they bark and never misfire when not barking.I really didn’t want to go route of shock collars. I know some people think they are so cruel and that all dogs can stop barking with a bit of love. I was in that camp for a while and is why I tried the citronella collars at first. However, after using these for a couple months, I’m not feeling so bad (I know, I’m not the one getting shocked). The collars emit a loud “beep” for the first few barks. If the dog stops barking, then there is no shock. If they continue to bark, then the collar starts with a mild shock and increases the strength as the barking continues. My dogs did get a few shocks when we first started using them. You do feel terrible when it happens. But, it was a quick lesson and now the dogs never get shocked. They have probably been shocked 5 times each in 2 months. They still bark occasionally and “test” the beep, but then they stop before the shock.The only negative I have is that the collars have to be centered on their neck for the vibration sensor to work. Sometimes my dogs can spin them off to the side and are free. But, I like that my dogs can outsmart the collars occasionally – they deserve that. I’m still running on the original batteries after a couple months, so not really sure how long they last.So, they work good for us. I do see a fair amount a negative reviews around here as well. I don’t wish to discredit any of them. I do think all dogs are going to react differently to these things. I bought the cheapest collars I could find thinking I would either stop using them if my dogs had a hard time with them or buy better ones if they seemed to be working. These collars are perfect for us, so I’ll be sticking with them.

  3. Amber J Dougherty

    First, I hate bark collars. I hate when they’re used as a crutch by lazy owners who want to leave their dogs out all the time, but don’t want to have their neighbors complain when the dogs voice their boredom. I’ve always been against shock collars. Then I adopted a 10 yo, stubborn ox of a dog who would not stop barking. I really don’t think she realizes that she is barking half the time, she just gets in the zone and keeps going. It was awful, absolutely awful. And mind you, I do NOT keep my dogs in the yard for extended periods of time. I let them out to potty (and play if the weather’s nice), but they live indoors. She just needed to be outside for a minute or two before something caught her attention and the ridiculous barking started (and wouldn’t stop).I strongly suggest to anyone with a dog that barks to try some training to see if you can curb the barking. Dogs bark; they’re dogs. I have three dogs, and I had never considered a bark collar for either of the others, even though they would bark sometimes. If the barking got out of hand, a scolding from me would stop it. No big deal. The third dog defied all training attempts, and in the end I caved in and got a bark collar.First, I tried a citronella collar that would spray under her nose when she barked. That worked for less than a week before she decided she didn’t care – barking was much more fun. I didn’t like that the spray collar would not give a warning before spraying, either. With this Petsafe collar, when the dog barks, they are given a warning vibration. If they choose to continue to bark, the vibration turns to a low correction and escalates. Most dogs should respond after the first warning, or else the first correction. Mine usually does. Actually, she got to the point where she knew what having the collar on meant, and she just didn’t bark. It’s an absolute miracle.***PLEASE*** Not all dogs are meant to have these devices used on them. I still strongly believe that. One of my dogs is a very soft dog that easily has her feelings hurt (she is neither scared nor submissive, just soft). I would never, ever put this collar on her. I have no doubt it would cause fear issues, and I beg of anyone who is looking to buy this collar (or anything similar) to consider all options before subjecting your dog to physical corrections. Know your dog and what such things will do to it. The dog I use this collar on will come to me, tail wagging, to get the collar before she goes outside. She knows what it does and chooses not to act in a way that will get her corrections.NOTE: Less than a year after I purchased this collar, I had to send it back. The battery lasted almost a year, which is great. When the dog started barking again, I realized that she had discovered the collar no longer had any power over her. I purchased a pair of new batteries from the local pet store, but when I tried to remove the old battery, I could not. The area where you should be able to insert a coin and then turn the battery to the left just came apart and stripped off. I did not leave the dog out in bad weather or for extended periods of time, so I’m not sure what caused it to get locked in there so good. The upside of this is that as soon as I contacted customer service and proved that I had had the collar less than a year, they provided me with two exchange options. I ended up sending the collar to them, and they sent me a new one once the old one was received. It only cost me the shipping one way and didn’t take very long.My dog regressed to her bad habits for a couple weeks while I purchased batteries, contacted customer service, shipped it out and waited for its return. As soon as she had it on her (and she made sure it was working), she has been a dream outside in the yard again. She does not bark, and she does continue to come eagerly to get her collar on when it;s time to go outside (and a couple times while outside and we realized we forgot to put it on her). Not only does it keep my neighbors from hating her (and us), it makes us like her more, too!Despite my issue, I am giving this collar 5 Stars for ease of use, the varying degrees of correction (including the very important warning), and the wonderful customer service and warranty policies. From now on, I will be removing the battery periodically just to make sure it stays in good shape.

  4. K. Roeder

    Our three-year-old German Shepherd, Ollie (short for ‘Olivia’), ordinarily doesn’t bark too much. But, while she loves to go for rides in the car, once in the car, she barked frantically and uncontrollably for the duration of the trip. The noise was deafening and she threw spit all over the place; not too nice for the other passengers. A year earlier, we installed an Invisible Fence around our yard, which works with a “correction” collar, and Ollie took to that extremely well. She knows her boundaries and loves to run and play within them. When a dog trainer suggested that a no-bark collar would be the best way to solve the barking-in-the-car issue, I researched several collars. Some were more expensive than this one, but this brand was strongly recommended by several sources. Even PetSafe has some different types of collars, but I tried this one. I was amazed at how quickly Ollie learned the Invisible Fence process, so I should not have been surprised when she got this collar. But I was. I’m so grateful that it works. The first time she wore it, she barked once in the car and then, blessed silence. Since then, a month later, she occasionally “tests” the collar, but then remembers that it’s not the right thing to bark in the car. One bark and that’s enough. I only use the collar in the car. Ollie learned quickly when it’s OK to bark and when it’s not. Once out of the car, she doesn’t go bonkers with barking, but she knows that, if needed, she can bark again. I love this dog!A few notes:Before I got any correction collars, I was concerned about the effects on Ollie. Several sources that I trust told me that correction collars are proven ways to train dogs and that the dogs will not be hurt. Ollie has proven them right. With each collar that I got, Invisible Fence and No-bark, I tested the “corrections”. Even at full strength, it’s not as bad as some static electricity shocks I’ve gotten. When Ollie is corrected, she looks annoyed, but not hurt. She hasn’t gotten a correction from the Invisible Fence in a long time, but the no-bark collar correction seems to be just a reminder to her that she takes in stride and adjusts her attitude. After the reminder, she’s still a happy passenger in the car, watching the world outside go by.With all the millions of dogs out there, I don’t assume that this will be the solution for every one. It works great for Ollie, but some dogs may not learn how to deal with it. I was very skeptical before we got the Invisible Fence how it would work for Ollie; less concerned before we got the no-bark collar. I’m thrilled that she accepted both. And, as she may no longer need the Invisible Fence collar to stay in the yard, I assume that, eventually, she may not need the no-bark collar to stay quiet in the car. I don’t consider either collar a burden to the dog and she doesn’t seem to mind them either.Other reviewers of this product said that the batteries don’t last long. Of course, if the dog wears it all the time and barks a lot, the battery will be used up more quickly. A month after getting this collar, and using it only for once-a-day car rides, we’re still on the first battery. I have two more ready to go and I’ll check the low-battery light daily. I’ll make a judgement later as to whether the battery lasts long enough. The replacements should be a little cheaper; do a little shopping on the internet before you buy extra batteries.Summary, while it may not be everyone’s solution, it’s saved my ears and kept the spit out of my car. I’m very happy with this collar.

  5. Therese ReynoldsTherese Reynolds

    This collar has been a life saver for me. We adopted a beautiful Irish Setter/Brittany Spaniel mix Sept 2014 as a puppy to join our family including our loving and gentle Golden Retriever. I love this dog so much, but he is a bird dog and my backyard is like a haven for birds. His barking was uncontrollable, and he would lunge at our birdhouses, run through the yard chasing other birds, barking, irritating our neighbors as early as 6 a.m. I tried a Barkwise Collar, which worked for about 2-3 weeks, but then he realized it was just going to jostle and make noise, and it lost its effectiveness and he resumed his barking. I tried a PetSafe birdhouse that emitted a high-pitch sound but it did zilcho in stopping his barking. I tried a bottle of spray water, which stopped him at that moment, but once the birds were out, he couldn’t help himself. In July, desperate and going out of town knowing that my dog would be in our backyard for 10-12 hours a day while I was gone, I feared a neighbor would have enough and would call animal control on me because of his barking. I purchased a muzzle, but it just made him sad and he just sat and wouldn’t move at all, plus he couldn’t eat and drink as easily – made me feel terrible and it looked cruel to me. I threw that away. I broke down and purchased this collar as a last result; I felt guilty because it was a “shock” collar. But if I could post a video of my dog right now to show him running and zipping through our backyard with one of his toys, chasing butterflies and birds, literally jumping around in and out of our pond, and no barking at all!!! It worked immediately, and it doesn’t hurt him, doesn’t shame him, he still gets to chase his birds, butterflies and run, nothing has slowed him down, and not a peep of barking out of him. I’ve had the collar for almost two months now, and he happily comes to me when it’s time to go outside and sits patiently while I put the collar on him, and out he goes, zooming straight for the back fence to run with the dogs on the other side of the fence and then start chasing his beloved birds. I attached pictures of him, the first picture has the collar on him. I hope this review helps others. Thank you thank you thank you PetSafe for this amazing collar!!

  6. Lyn

    Last fall, I adopted a 25 pound beagle mix from the local pound. She’s a great dog when I’m around, but she suffers from unbelievable separation anxiety. Shaking, drooling, whimpering, she’d destroy anything left within her reach. She would occasionally have stress-induced bouts of diarrhea. It was insane! But she was such a great dog when I was around that I didn’t want to give her up! So I worked with a dog trainer to get her crate trained, started her on an anti-anxiety medication, and began taking her to doggy daycare as often as I could afford. As her anxiety decreased, though, a new problem cropped up: when she was crated, she would howl.Once she started howling, she’d sometimes keep it up all day. It was a huge problem, because I live in a duplex! My poor neighbors told me what was going on, and I stepped up the dog training and exercise, but to no avail. They were actually contemplating moving out when someone mentioned anti-bark collars to me.After a little bit of research, I decided to go with the shock collar over the citronella spray collar or the ultrasonic noise device. I actually owned an ultrasonic pet trainer, and my dog hadn’t responded to it at all. And her howling problem was so persistent that I was afraid the citronella spray wouldn’t be enough. I liked that the PetSafe collar offered several levels of correction, and also that it had an automatic shutoff feature.The first time I tried the collar on my dog, I opened a window in the room where her crate is, put the collar on her, put her in the crate, and left. Then I waited outside by the window to listen to what happened. After a few minutes, I heard the dog start to whimper, but as she built up to a full-on howl, she suddenly stopped! She was quiet for awhile, then started to vocalize again. And again, she stopped! I stayed outside for a little while longer, maybe 45 minutes total, before going back inside and releasing her from puppy prison.The next time I had to leave the dog at home by herself, I crated her and put the collar on her again, then set up my computer to record what she did while I was gone (audio recording only, I unfortunately don’t have a video camera.) What I heard on the playback was about what I expected. She started whimpering about fifteen minutes after I left, but then stopped and was quiet for about two hours, at which point she started making noise again. But again she stopped, and she was quiet from that point until I arrived home two and a half hours later!After a couple of weeks of putting the dog in the anti-bark collar when I went out, I stopped recording, because the dog had stopped making noise. And after a few more weeks, I noticed that the dog had stopped drooling and shredding her bedding when I left her alone! By the time I got the collar she was only drooling a small fraction of what she’d been doing before, but she would still have a damp spot down her chest when I’d let her out of her crate. And the shredding and destruction had improved somewhat, but she was still doing it. So I don’t know if it’s because of the anti-bark collar or if it was a coincidence, but as the howling disappeared so did some of her other anxiety-related behaviors.I’m so glad my story has a happy ending. My neighbors say the dog is now quiet, and they’ve decided not to move. My dog seems calmer, and she’s definitely behaving better. I’m not having to continually replace her bedding, and I haven’t had to clean up dog drool in a month.

  7. mock

    We have a rescue cockapoo who barked like crazy (and had other behavior problems). My husband and I are pretty good at training dogs, so we were getting very frustrated that we were getting nowhere with our new little addition. After sending our pup for board-and-train, we got a call near the end of the two weeks asking us to leave him for another. But even after that third week, the training center had hardly been able to do anything with our little guy.The trainer told me that he had never seen a healthy dog with the level of anxiety that ours had and recommended anxiety medication for him. We use holistic medicine for our family and pets, so this was a tough call for us but something had to be done. After three weeks on the medication he started to calm down. Not completely, but enough to where my husband and I were finally able to work with him. What a relief. But even though we managed to get him mostly well-behaved, he still had (has) two problem behaviors, one of which is the inappropriate barking.It took a lot of reading and research to get us to actually purchase this collar. It’s tough to trust that this is humane, but we were finally convinced. As soon as we got it, we installed the battery and put it on our guy. We waited, and then thought maybe it was working! And then maybe it wasn’t…and then maybe it was… Finally, we decided we were wishing improvement, but seeing none. So I got on the phone with the company to see what might be the problem. While on hold, I realized that they would ask me standard troubleshooting questions, so I’d better be sure I had done everything correctly.First things first — install the battery. Since the collar is waterproof, the battery is built-in to the waterproof cover. All you have to do is insert it and turn. Check. Done. Wait….hmmm…that doesn’t look like it’s turned all the way, but it’s tight. Got a coin and really turned. Click. Oh — THAT’S what locked in place is.So I hang up the phone and put the collar back on the dog. As luck would have it someone walked by the house. Bark! Beep! He didn’t even wince, but whipped around to see what had just happened. Bark! Beep! “Wow, what was that??” It was almost funny. He clearly wasn’t in pain, just flabbergasted. It was amazing. The barking stopped immediately after that.I loved that I could hear a beep when the collar went off. It helped me to know what was happening and made it easy to evaluate his response. There’s no wince or whimpering, and that made me feel confident in the collar. The concept is that the shock is super-light, but gets stronger if they bark again within three seconds (I think that’s what I remember). That way it works at the dog’s tolerance level — it only gets stronger if he isn’t impacted by the lighter stimulus.The electronics on the collar look huge, but it’s not bad at all. Be sure to get a good fit high up on the neck to keep it from drooping down. Our dog is a 24# cockapoo and he’s not at all bothered by wearing the collar. The downside for us is that the collar is not training him to not bark. It has only been a bark deterrent because it only works when he’s wearing it. But I have to say, when you have a guy that just doesn’t “get it”, and that professional trainers find difficult to work with, you’re grateful for anything that gives you you sanity, and keeps the neighbors from hating you.

  8. Ben Moore

    Let me start by saying that I love our pugg/beagle mix and I would never want to do anything that would put him at risk. That being said he has just enough “hound dog” in him that he loves to go out and chat with any dog in the neighborhood that may be sounding off. If a group of kids, or our neighbors are anywhere near the fence he would go crazy and bark like a madman. If it was annoying for us, I’m sure it was frustrating for our neighbors.We were on the fence between this and the sonic birdhouse bark deterrent systems (also on amazon). The cost benefits of this collar (roughly $40) vs the expense of having to put 4 or more sonic birdhouses around my yard ($40 each) sealed the deal so we made the order and crossed our fingers. the other issue I was concerned about with the sonic birdhouses is that other dogs barking can apparently trigger it which results in your dog being corrected for not doing anything wrong!The collar is pretty nondescript. It’s a red nylon type color with a little black box attached with several prongs (2 metal, 1 plastic) that stick through. Based on this design, there is NO easy way to switch this on to another collar. I would say it’s not even possible, but if you get McGyver on it it may be possible… I just know its outside my skill set. The collar itself is quite long and adjustable, the directions suggest you fit it to your dog and then cut the excess off and melt the frayed edge.It did take several attempts to get this adjusted properly. If the collar is too loose, the nodes will not make contact with the skin and the static shock won’t be felt. (Also, if the dog has a thick coat, you may have a problem there as well) If the collar is too tight, you obviously choke the dog. After a few failed attempts, I finally found a sweet spot where the collar is loose enough that I don’t worry about choking our beloved K9, but it’s tight enough that he DEFINITELY receives a correction when he starts barking. In less than a day, we’ve noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior. Previously, when other neighborhood dogs would stark barking he would join in and it would escalate quickly. Now, when other dogs start barking, he comes looking for us and doesn’t go bonkers. My goal is to get to a point that I can take the battery out of the unit and have the collar itself (deactivated) provide the deterrent.As an experiment, we let him out after 2 days without the collar. He did pretty well for a little while, but when the chorus started he started with a few low woofs that quickly became full fledged barks. He knew he didn’t have the collar on and once no static was administered he was right back to where he was before the collar.Overall, we’re very pleased with this. Does not appear to have any negative side effects, it is easy to put on/take off as needed and when applied properly it made a startling improvement in behavior within minutes. I would highly recommend and would buy again. I’m sure that it’s performance varies from dog to dog based on size, fur thickness, etc. but for our dog it is the ideal solution.

  9. K. Dubose

    A little over a year ago, we adopted a cute poodle mix. He seemed great all around except for one thing…he barked incessantly at the door bell, anyone who had entered the home and decided they actually wanted to speak to us, the wheel on the show the Price is Right and several other unrelated and equally annoying scenarios. We tried to live with it for a year…asking guests not to talk at all when they came to visit (teaching a loud black family not to talk when coming for a visit is almost as impossible as getting this dog to stop barking). Finally after trying to host a meeting at my house with 5 ladies from my daughter’s school and listening to my dog bark for an hour an a half, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I purchased the PetSafe No-Bark Collar THE SAME DAY and had that sucker overnight shipped to my home.When the collar arrived, it felt a little like Christmas for me. I was cautiously optimistic that this thing would actually work. The hardest thing to do was get the collar out of the bullet-proof packaging, but the thought of not having to hear my dog bark like a wild banshee helped me overlook the annoying plastic case momentarily. Okay the collar itself is not very large. The transmitter is average size (about 1 1/2 inches). We use a transmitter collar for our invisible fence and they are roughly the same size (not worn simultaneously of course!) My dog is about 32 pounds and I only adjusted the length of the collar slightly to fit him.OKAY MOMENT OF TRUTH…my husband snuck out of the house and rang the door bell. and I got one Woo–didn’t even get the -F out of the woof and he was done. COULD IT BE TRUE?!?!!? This was a dog who for over an year would go on a series of at least a 32-bark salute every time the doorbell rang and then would continue to bark once you brought him to the door, introduced him to the guest, the guest entered the home and sat down, then got up and left. BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK! SO ANNOYING!!!! Well NO MORE! I thought it was a fluke so I left it on him and picked up my children from school and they entered the house–another trigger for him and again NO Barking! My children were thrilled! I said “hum, could this be the miracle I was hoping for?” We took the collar off once we were all settled in the house and lo and behold someone rang the door bell out of the blue and even though he barked, it was MUCH less than he had ever barked before the collar. Now this is only day one and you better believe I plan on using this collar until I feel it is not necessary anymore but after one day, you can call me a VERY SATISFIED AND HAPPY CUSTOMER. THE BEST PRODUCT I THINK I HAVE PURCHASED THIS YEAR! I can get up, open my door and go to the mailbox, without a tirade of barking as I do it. My children can run around the house and not worry about triggering a bark attack. Five Stars for sure!!!

  10. Clare A Howatt

    My dogs weren’t TOO bad with the barking until my next door neighbor got himself a dog. Then they went nuts every time he took his dog out. Because they knew there was a dog next door, they start to bark at every noise. Anytime they heard a door slam or a car start, they went nuts. It got so bad that my neighbors in the front of the house (I live in a “mother-in-law suite”) started complaining to my landlady. I was afraid of her telling me I had to get rid of my dogs.I ordered this no bark collar in hopes that I would have a good experience with it. I read the negative reviews and was very wary of how well it would work. The first time I put it on them, Matilda got one shock and that was it. She was done barking. Rory (who’s a little bit on the dumb side) got a couple shocks before he learned. He also forgets that he will get shocked for barking when wearing the collar for the first time each day, but he only needs to hear the collar beep for him to remember. Matilda, doesn’t even try to bark with the collar on.The big test was about a week after I got the collars. I was getting a new stove and 2 men were delivering and installing it. Normally, my dogs would go absolutely crazy with 2 strangers in the house…let alone men (Matilda is not so good with guys). However, with the collars on, the didn’t make a sound and instead of being aggressive and fearful, they were inquisitive. They kept going over to the guys and smelling them. I actually had to put them in the living room and close the door because they were underfoot. And that’s another positive change. When I would put them in a room with a closed door before, they would jump nonstop and scratch up the door. Now they just wait quietly for me to let them out.There are only a couple things I don’t like about the collar:1) It doesn’t have an on/off switch so you have to completely remove the battery when you take the collar off to conserve battery life.2) The battery is a pain to put in/take out. You need a quarter to twist it with.3) The battery/battery holder that one of the collars initially came with broke only a couple days after I got it. There is not saving the battery if the holder breaks. However, I called customer service and they sent me 2 batteries free of charge that arrived a few days later. I still put the collar on Matilda without the battery in and she didn’t bark.Overall, I am incredibly happy with this product. It’s so nice not to have to constantly be yelling at my dogs to shut up or to be chasing them around my apartment trying to get then to stop freaking out about the neighbor’s dog. My life is a lot less stressful now.

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