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PetSafe America’s Safest Pet Fence – The Original Wireless Containment System – Covers up to 1/2 Acre for dogs 8lbs+, Tone / Static – Parent Company INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

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About this item 1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter, and can be expanded further with purchase of an additional transmitter. MOST ACCURATE WIRELESS FENCE: Other wireless pet fences have unreliable boundaries that could correct your dog in his home. NO DIGGING OR WIRE TO BURY: Sets up in just a few hours; a wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires. STATIC-FREE REENTRY: Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary. TRUST THE BEST: Our proprietary circular boundary gently guides your dog back to his play area. PORTABLE: This portable system is terrific for camping, vacation homes, or anywhere you travel with access to an outlet. WATERPROOF COLLAR: The waterproof collar comfortably fits small, medium, and large pets 8 pounds and up and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches; compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitters.
LONG BATTERY LIFE: The collar battery lasts up to 2 months before the low battery indicator alerts you to replace the battery; uses the PetSafeRFA-67D-11 battery. For dogs 8 lb and up and who are at least 6 months old Show more

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11 x 12 x 9 inches; 12.8 Ounces

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Wireless Containment

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1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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December 20, 2002

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Radio Systems Corporation

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10 reviews for PetSafe America’s Safest Pet Fence – The Original Wireless Containment System – Covers up to 1/2 Acre for dogs 8lbs+, Tone / Static – Parent Company INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

  1. Dax

    I should have made this purchase ages ago…Summary: Works wonderfully, even with a very stubborn dog. Highly recommended. Training and patience is required but only for the first couple of weeks. Well worth the money and time spent training.There’s lots of good technical information in other reviews here (and elsewhere on the net) so I’m just going to write up my experience assuming you understand how it works.Crash is my year-old male Boxer + American bulldog mix. He is 85ish pounds. He’s clumsy but tough. He hits his head on things all the time and nothing seems to hurt him. Sometimes he hits his head so hard it makes me cringe, but he just happily wags his tail and walks away… so I was worried he would just run freely and ignore the collar. I worried it would hurt him too much or be cruel. He’s clumsy but very smart. As soon as he was old enough for puppy school, I took him to several months of obedience/socialization classes. He is a VERY well behaved dog except when he sees other people or animals that interest him. He nearly always gives chase. He is so friendly and happy but he’s big and doesn’t know he can be scary so when he runs to play with people. Sometimes when they see him running toward them, they are very afraid (I don’t blame them! They don’t know he’s harmless). Also, I have a road which people tend to speed on in front of my house and I don’t want him anywhere near that street. Even on a leash he was a REAL handful when he saw something interesting.Very skeptical, I finally purchased the Petsafe wireless containment system. I actually own a wired system (given to me as a gift) but the configuration of my home and property make it VERY difficult (expensive) to get a line around the containment area. Which reminds me of the only drawback to the wireless version I’ve found: I can’t utilize all the area I could with a wired system (circle in a square area basically). I can get 70 percent of it though. That is simply because of the shape of my property.I found a place to install the transmitter, plugged it in and walked the property, placing flags where the alarm sounded on the collar (after some signal strength adjustments). It ended up providing a pretty good area for the dog to enjoy and gave him additional freedoms that I couldn’t accomplish with a wired system. After the installation, I followed the training procedure with him. He was previously allowed in some areas of the yard which the new containment system didn’t cover, so I was worried about that as well. The first time he heard the collar alarm sound he did associate it with “no” and stopped in his tracks. He happily ran somewhere else and played. The same result after the second time the alarm sounded. The third time my neighbor walked out (my dog loves him) and Crash ran full speed toward him. He ignored the alarm and my audible “no!” correction- he was in “one track to the goal” mode. When he does this, I’ve never been able to get his attention despite training him patiently using proven methods. The collar corrected him just where I had hoped, a few feet before the edge of my property. When he received correction (level 2 of 6) he was already aware he was doing something wrong (alarm, me yelling “no”). I could have ever hoped or wished for a better response from him: he immediately came running back to the safe zone (and yes, he cried, which made me sad… but I think it mostly scared him) and laid down. After the correction, he completely ignored my neighbor. The kicker here is that he knew why it corrected him and what he needed to do. It worked like a charm. I consoled him and praised him for coming back into the containment area. Since that time, he’s been corrected only 3 times total (in around a month). He knows what the flags meant (which I have since taken down), he knows what the alarm on the collar means and he knows where he’s allowed to go. It’s the craziest thing, it’s like he’s on an invisible leash now… he runs to the edge of his zone and barks at squirrels, etc. Even if I walk outside the zone he sits patiently and waits for me to return.I was worried about him being corrected (I like that word so much better than “shocked”) but it has only happened 3 times and that was in the first 5 days. Since then, the alarm is plenty to send him back to the containment area. I no longer have to leash him up when he wants to go outside, I just go outside and sit and watch while he plays happily in the yard. It’s fantastic. He doesn’t fear the collar; in fact he gets excited and stands still so I can put it on because he knows that means it’s time to go outside. I should have made this purchase ages ago. I’ve never had to turn up the correction and he’s a big, tough, stubborn dog. He and I both love our new freedoms! Now I can work in the yard, etc. while he plays. I don’t have to concentrate completely on him. I highly recommend this product but PLEASE follow the training instructions and be patient. Letting your pup run free before he understands the boundaries isn’t fair to him/her. He should know why he is being corrected BEFORE he actually receives a correction or he wont know what to do to make it stop. This product is as effective as long as you are willing to be patient and follow instructions. Heck it’s more than effective, it’s fantastic.

  2. Paula Richards

    This product works so well. It was easy to set up, and our dog learned her boundaries amazingly fast. It offers us so much peace of mind knowing our little dog will not wander too far and get lost. While the collar can shock the dog wearing it, the beeping sounds made prior to a shock are enough for our dog. Thank you PetSafe, for keeping our pet safe.

  3. Aimee J

    We have 6 month old golden retriever and a fenced back yard. Our golden began digging under the modular that we live in and no matter what we tried to do to block her she still dug around it, through it, in a new spot etc. The fence was doing it’s job already so our alternatives were to build a concrete kennel/run for her, stake her out, or put the invisible fence to work. When I ran accross this wireless invisible fence system, I saw this as a great alternative to the previuos mentioned fixes. We got it in two days and were ready to try it out. We followed all the instructions to get the perimeter set-up (which is an adjustable sized circle)and got down to training. The manufacturer has a month or more training schedule – our golden caught on quickly in just two days (we spent about 6 hours training in total.) We followed the instructions to a tee just at a more rapid pace since she began catching on after just one shock at a level 2. We left the flag markers in place for about 8-10 days and began removing them as directed over three days. By this time the dog (Holly) was used to hearing the beep and knew what would come next if she continued in that direction. It has been wonderful , as this also keeps her from wandering off to the neighbors, out to the road, or disappearing out of shouting range. The adjustable radius is great for containing Holly in a smaller area, such as at a BBQ, away from the pool, kids, etc. This is not a system for a small dog as the collar is bulky – I would say the dog should be at least 25 lbs to support the collar. The system is expandable if you buy additional collars (which is still a lot cheaper then building a fence or concrete run). I can’t wait to take it camping with us so Holly can roam freely in her area and not need to be staked down or shut up in the car or trailer. The only down side to this system is that the central unit is not weather proof – so you are advised to place it indoors. This was not an issue for us as we have shop and a pump house, but I can see for some if you only wanted to contain the dog in the back of the house it might pose a problem since the circle size might need to be reduced. The only improvement I can suggest would be to make the unit smaller (it is about the size of a gallon jug) and weather proof, so you could place it in a tree or on a table to get the containment area exactly where you want it (guess you could use the old wire system to do this as well). Overall though it is a great invention works well for Holly and we don’t have any more digging under the house.FYI – for those that think the shock is cruel – I held the collar in my hand and it is not painful, but I can feel it (it is much like the sensation of placing your tongue on a 9 volt battery – not painful)- I think since it is a different sensation dogs react to it. We have kept the level at a 2 for Holly (it goes up to 6, which I would imagine feels like a zap, bnut just like humans some dogs are more or less sensative then others)- but I have only seen her get shocked 4 times, 2 of which I made happen in order to train her to go back inside the circle instead of outside it and 2 of her own mistakes. Holly responds to the sound now and eventually she won’t even need the collar on to stay within her boundary.One year later – still works. Holly (the dog) definately knows where she can roam when the collar is on. We have replaced the battery 5 times, so about every 2 months. There is a low battery indicator on the collar itself and the batteries are pretty cheap here on amazon. We leave the unit on 24-7 becasue it is just easier than worring about openeing a door and having Holly escape without her collar and we have not had any issues. Holly actually wants the collar on, after a bath she goes straight to where the collar is and can’t wait for us to put it back on. After the inital training Holly only has gotten zapped one other time and she was chasing a duck – this was about 7 months after being with the collar – she did escape her boundaries although she returned back inside the boundary as well – she is almost full grown so we figured the level 2 was just not as effective as it had been when she was a pup. That same afternoon we upped the level and let Holly test it again, now that she thought she could get outside the boundary area. It worked, she cried out, so we knew she felt it, she immeadiatly returned to the front porch and still to this day if she hears the warning beep she returns straight to the front porch to ensure she does not get zapped again. The Collar is still in good shape and we hope the unit last another couple years.

  4. Sarah

    Best investment ever made. Should have done it two years ago!Our dog has become affectionately known as the “Runner”, on several occasions taking off for hours… basic training has not helped the running. We live on 2 flat acres, our front yard is grassy and open, backyard is wooded. I looked into an electric wired fence system… on Long Island, NY they are going for about $1800 for just a small portion of my property… $1000 if I had the guy do it as a side job without his company knowing. So, I decided to wait until spring and think it over.Saw this advertised on TV and bought it immediately, set up took less than an hour for me to do alone on my 2 acres (used all 180’ diameter) and after two days, my boy totally gets it.Day one, sessions 1 & 2 we trained using the lead, flags and tone only, along with treats and “party time” when he came back home. We used “safe home!” as the command word. Third session on day one the correction was bumped up to level three & he received one correction… yes, he whimpered and cried for a brief moment & yes, I felt really, really bad, the whimper along with the “wth was that?!” look from him and I think he got the message perfectly… and immediately he ran back to the “safe home” play area.Day two, sessions 1 & 2, correction is now on level two, on lead we train again with flags, treats and party time. He has zero desire to go anywhere that he sees a flag… the only down side is that the beep is very quiet, and while on the lead he jumped back to safe zone super-fast, so although I didn’t hear the beep, that didn’t mean it didn’t happen… having said that, I think one or two times he may have been corrected again, but because he was only set to level two he didn’t whimper… just moved like lightening to the safe zone. Or, maybe he heard the beep, wasn’t taking any chances and reacted to it.Day two, sessions 3 & 4, he is off lead, he definitely knows the boundaries and hesitant to go anywhere near the perimeter… appears he might be a little hesitant in general, he knows something is up and he is on alert. I went to the mailbox leaving him half way up on the driveway, he didn’t budge.We have the base station set up on a shelf in the garage, about 3 or 4 feet from my extra (running) fridge and about 20 feet from my 2 metal garage doors… so far, no interference whatsoever with metal garage doors, fridge or 2 cars parked in driveway.I will update this review if there are any changes, so far (2 days) it seems to be an awesome product that has saved me literally at least $1000.00, not to mention the hundreds potentially spent on repairs to a wire that landscapers cut by accident. At this $220.00 price it’s a ridiculous steal, I intend to share this info with every friend I know!Update 1/16/16- Still no issues with collar, haven’t needed to replace it for excessive wear and tear, as we put it on and take it off each time he goes out. No issues with Transmitter, works perfectly, even with added computer and wifi near by. I am now looking to purchase a second collar to train a new pup, may consider using the collar I have now, as my older pup now knows his boundaries perfectly. Although, I am fearful to chance it.In reading the reviews I must express how important it is to follow the directions of this product to the tee, and be sure to place it in an area that has little activity or technology. Mine is in a attached garage on a shelf about 6 feet above the ground, works great. I do greatly appreciate a comment I read earlier, that the boundary can change upon the weather due to frequency changes… I have noticed this once or twice while watching the dog and couldn’t figure out why… never occurred to me that the weather could affect the frequency and boundary… but of course it can. My house is set back very far from the road so if the boundary expands or shrinks a little it wont matter, but if your property if close to a road, etc, you may want to be super aware of this fact. I’ve never had a problem with either collar or transmitter, I believe it is due directly to the fact that I take care of the product, I never touch or move the transmitter, collar is always hanging on hook when dog isn’t outside wearing it (I do not take out the battery however), neither unit has ever gotten wet, chewed or dropped, battery is replaced every couple of months and I periodically check the boundaries of the collar myself. I’m sure there are units that malfunction, all the more reason to check the receiver every now and then, but overall I think if it is taken care of relatively gently it should last a long time.

  5. Trent

    It works excellent but I don’t like the fact that the shock continues for 30 seconds when they’re outside the boundaries. I wish I could change the setting to shock once when they leave and that’s it. My dog ran out and was trying to get back in but it just kept shocking him on the way in. It was upsetting to watch.

  6. DBDB

    The media could not be loaded.  I know it is somewhat cringeworthy to think about training your fur baby with a device that delivers a jolt to her neck if she goes out of bounds, but the result is a very obedient and compliant dog. We need a good balance and this product delivers.This device really works.Most of the time.Nothing like a strong-willed pup to test the limits (of the device, of her endurance of the jolts, and of my patience). No device can work 100% of the time to overcome a strong-willed animal.Our Annie is part English bulldog and part Jack Russell terrier. She is very aloof and strong-willed, having lived her first 7 years before we adopted her this year from a rescue, mostly bouncing between municipal shelters, foster homes and rescues.We had to do something because she is an escape artist and the rescue cautioned us about that as we were adopting her. Boy oh boy they were so right.Our little fur baby loves to think she can catch the neighborhood bunnies. She is so wrong but that hasn’t stopped her from going on a few unsupervised and unauthorized neighborhood adventures, including down the hill into the wooded area by the creek where bobcats and coyotes have their habitat.Now when I put on this collar and take her out front off the leash she stays in bounds nearly all the time and immediately turns back if she crosses the invisible radio barrier and the collar starts to beep. Ok, so if she is chasing the bunny I’ve seen her ignore the jolt even though she reacts to it and dances around like she is on a hot bed of coals.One time when I didn’t realize the battery in the collar was dead (don’t forget to run the test procedure every couple weeks) and she ran around (and so did we, trying to catch her). She has done quite well even to the point that if she does break the barrier and get a big jolt but keeps going it usually slows her down enough that I can catch her before she runs off.I did have to set it to the highest setting for it to contain her, having worked up from the lowest during the training period.If you need to keep your fir baby contained but give them some freedom, this device is a good choice and is of excellent quality design and construction.

  7. The Swan

    For ease of setup, I gave the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System a 4 stars, but for actual use, it is definitely worth 5 stars for performance.We adopted a 3 year old mixed breed (30lbs, looks like a hound-mix) who has escaped our 6-foot tall privacy fence by digging under the concrete footer, by chewing a hole and yanking a board loose, and by dashing out the gate. He is an inside dog and we have a pet door, which allows him (and our other dogs) access in and out as they wish. It is almost as if he becomes overcome when he gets a whiff of something and just goes nuts trying to hunt it down.The third and last time he escaped he was found nearly a mile away across a busy road, which made us finally face that we needed a more drastic approach before our little guy gets himself killed (or one of the other dogs, who like to go with him). So with deep reservations and regret, we overnight ordered one of these systems. Neither of us liked the idea of a shock-collar, but were at a loss as to what else we could do to keep the little guy safe from his own instincts.It took two of us about 2 hours to set it up. The difficult part, ironically, was the shape of our lot (narrow and deep) and house (three stories) compared to the spherical size of the electronic boundary. In order to allow our dog access to as much of the backyard as possible but not more than the fence, we had to not only change the strength of the field but move the transmitter until he also had access to the front part of the house. He still cannot quite get all the way to the front of the house upstairs but it was the best we could do. The transmitter (which is HUGE) has to sit on a table in our central hallway on the second floor in order to give him the access we wish.Something I wish we had known before we bought it was that you are not intended to leave the collar on the dog 24/7, but rather to put it on him just when he is being let out. We have conditioned ours to wear it during the day, then we take it off at night when we close the dog-door. Hopefully he will not get raw where the electrodes touch him (that seems to be the concern with leaving it on too long). So if like us, you normally give your dog free run of both house and yard and want to use this to limit escaping it might not be the best option (though if like us you are at your wits-end as to keeping your dog safe, it might be one of your only options shy of an in-ground system).The electronic part of the collar is large and not suited to small dogs. It looks large on our 30lb dog and he has a very stout 14″ neck. I can’t imagine putting it on a 10lb dog.Setting the charge on it: So once we were happy with the field we went to test it. My son-in-law happily volunteered to be the guinea pig. We set it on 4 as that seemed to be the strength recommended for medium sized short-haired dogs (shock settings are 2-6). My son-in-law got quite the shock (he had it across his palm). So we turned it down to 2 (the lowest setting that shocks) before putting it on the dog. When he crossed the line and it shocked him he yelped, reared up and nearly flipped over. It was painful to watch. Fortunately after that he was quite cowed by just the beeping. I’ve only seen him get shocked one other time and that was sadly in the house.Unfortunately it made him loathe to go outside at all at first, so that created issues with house-training. But better to have to re-crate train him than to have him escape and get run over. This has improved recently as he has gotten used to his new restrictions and I’m confident he will be fine. At least now he does not have to be leashed indoors in order to keep him from sneaking off to do his business where he should not. The last week I have let him have free-reign while on collar with no issues. But it is an unexpected consequence that other pet-parents should be aware of when considering this system.Overall, I am so glad it has stopped him escaping, but still wish this had not been necessary.

  8. dwallx

    I gave the four stars because the product itself is wonderful. I put it in my house and the boundary line went all the way around the yard. I could extend it if I wanted to I could make it smaller. It really is a nice product and I think it would’ve worked great with a dog however, my purposes was for a cat I would not recommend this particular product for a cat. The collar is too thick and the device is too heavy. The cat did not like it at all. They don’t advertise the product for cats. I just needed something to keep my cat in the yard and I thought I would give this a try, so I just want to let everybody out there know that it’s great for dogs, but not for cats and I would highly recommend it if you’re trying to keep your dogs in your yard

  9. Adrieanna Comardelle

    My dog use to run off to the neighbors house. Not anymore thanks to this! Expensive but worth the money if your dog is giving you similar issues!

  10. S. Glass

    We recently moved to a new home on 2 acres that did not have a fenced in yard. Purchasing a home can be expensive enough, let alone installing a new fence in the neighborhood of $2000-$6000 depending on how much you want to fence in.I have 2 Boxers that are pretty high energy and love to run and if you’re not an assertive pack leader with them, will crowd you out and barge out the front door. Moving to a new home with a larger yard outside of town, I wanted the dogs to be able to run a bit more freely than they could with their small fenced in yard in town, but didn’t want the risk of them accidentally getting outside the boundary and not coming back in without getting a static correction as can happen with the wired, underground units, hence the wireless radio fence. It will deliver static corrections to the dog for up to 30 seconds or until it returns to the “safe zone.”I set the perimeter flags and took them out on the first day as instructed in the training steps to acclimate them to the perimeter and tones the collar gives off when approaching the boundary. On day 2, I set the static charge to #2 and attempted. Neither dog responded to #2 at all, so I put to #3. Both dogs responded well to this setting…mind you, these are Boxers. They are both very strong and full of playfulness and energy, and #3 seems to work well enough for them. After a couple initial corrections on-leash, I let the leash just drag and let them try it on their own. They did it once more and then I took the leash off them completely. They will not go anywhere near the boundary. This is on only the 2nd day!! The training manual outlines about 20 days of working with your dog, 10-15 mins per day. Our dogs figured it out immediately after I turned static correction on. Now they make laps around the yard and around the house without a physical fence and they enjoy the running room. At this time I don’t see a need to up the setting as #3 seems to be working well for them both. But there is plenty of room to raise the setting if required.On Day 3, we had a couple visitors in the yard (neighbor’s Yellow Labs) and my Boxers took off after them. Once they got halfway down the driveway, they got an automatic static correction and turned around back for the house, leaving the neighbor dogs to their own devices. Sorry boys, no new friends today.I think this is a great product and I don’t know why I didn’t purchase one sooner when I lived in town. This would have prevented many trips to pick up my dogs 3 and 4 blocks over if they sneaked out the front door when someone wasn’t paying attention.My dogs picked it up after the 2nd day. Your results may vary, but I would venture that if your dogs are halfway intelligent, they will also pick it up very quickly. They key is to praise them when they stay within the boundary and show them that if they stay by the house, they will be safe.Because I have 2 dogs and 2 acres of yard, I went ahead and purchased 2 complete units. That way I have both dogs with their own collar and I can also either expand the system down the road once they get used to this, or I can take one transmitter with me if we go to grandma’s or camping or something.

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