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PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar for Large Dogs, Shock Collar with Remote and Auto Modes, Dog Shock Collar for 3 Dogs, Bark and Training Collar Combo – Remote 3600 Ft

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About this item [ Auto and Remote Modes ] When the shock collar is in automatic mode, it can be used as a barking collar without remote. When you use the remote control, it can be used as a dog training collar. [ Set the Auto mode ] You can turn on or off the auto bark collar at any time by remote control. After the shock collar’s pairing is complete, press and hold the remote control’s power button until you hear the receiver beep once (turn on) or twice (turn off). [ To Control 3 Dogs ] Using this dog shock collar with remote, you can control 3 dogs Separately or Simultaneously through different pairing settings. Bark shock collar will adapt to your different training needs. [ Training level 1-100 ] Our Bark and Training Collar Combo has adjustable intensity shock (level 1-100), vibration (level 1-100), also beep and flashlight total 4 modes. You can choose the most suitable mode and level for your dogs. [ Waterproof and Battery ] The bark shock collar has an IPX7 waterproof and long-life battery. The work time after a full charge is 90 days for remote control and 30 days for receivers.

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February 21, 2023

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10 reviews for PetJoy Automatic Bark Collar for Large Dogs, Shock Collar with Remote and Auto Modes, Dog Shock Collar for 3 Dogs, Bark and Training Collar Combo – Remote 3600 Ft

  1. Leon M.

    I love that I can control three collars with one remote it is super helpful! These collars hold a good charge and don’t take forever to charge either. The remote is easy to understand with different levels of vibrating, beeping, and shocking. It is easy to switch between the 3 different collars. My favorite part is that these work as bark collars as well!

  2. Christina B.

    Easy to set up, easy to learn, easy to understand, works great I just had to go to my post office to report it stolen to get it back. Then it got delivered to my house.

  3. Sabra Barbaria

    I had a collar stop working after 2 months and they replaced the whole unit.

  4. customercustomer

    I chose the colored collars to match them up to the correct dog. A couple $$ more, but more convenient for me. Two of three dogs are puppies so I’ve only used the sound and vibration functions. It works. They stop and think, at least long enough to hear verbal commands. The “anti-bark” automatic sound function also works to tone down barking. What is great about these collars is the ability to turn them on/off at the receiver itself – no need to put the collar against the remote. The remote is super easy to use, and each collar receiver can have different correction levels. I thought it would be confusing but it’s really simple. Just press the CH (channel) button on the bottom left corner to select the collar. The only issue I’ve had is on the picture: tiny bite marks in the plastic. Granted the wearer is a 5 month old giant schnauzer and the teeth marks belong to a 5 month Belgian Malinois, and both like to “face wrestle”. If you don’t have crazy insane puppies your receivers should hold up better. All and all these collars were worth the money spent!

  5. Candy Shuff

    Amazing, this product works very well, the battery its very good, and then i love with design cause is very simple. Makes a big difference in my dogs’ behavior. Responds well just having the collar now that he’s used to it usually only use the beeper have only used the buzzer twice. have never used the shock. now just having the collar on behaves and comes just by having the collar on, So far i love this!

  6. IrishGal

    We have six golden retrievers and have to keep up with them so they don’t run into the woods where it’s dangerous. Using the slight beeper sound remind them that they need to stay closer to the house.I can quickly change from channel 12 and three pretty easily to go from one to three dogs which is very helpful. The battery holds a pretty good charge to refill the battery charge whenever needed. Just keep a close check on them.I did change the band out to something that was waterproof and reflective with no issues.

  7. Diana Livingston

    Disliked putting it together. They seem to last longer than the ones we had before. I also like the different colors of the collars.

  8. Patti

    Every dog is different, but this is the only thing I found to be effective when training my high energy and very mouthy year-old dog to stop certain behaviors (mostly jumping and nipping.) Easy to set up and use too. You can change the strength of the vibration and the audible signal. You can use the vibration and the signal separately or together. You need to use it only on one behavior at a time. Once the dog stops the bad behavior, you can stop using it on that and then start to use it to correct another bad behavior. If oyu use it to correct multiple bad behaviors at the same time, you’ll just confuse the heck out of the dog.

  9. Bill munoz

    We love this product and seller! Our dog has a lot of anxiety and will bark all day long. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and can’t have that with our neighbors.This collars autobark functions perfect and then also being able to use the remote physically to correct bad behavior elswhere is exactly what we needed.The sellers are great! When we had some issues, they were super responsive and helpful!

  10. Deb Carpenter

    They work great, especially the automatic barking beep. Stops my dogs but they know what happens when it’s on & off of their necks. Just want to make sure the channel is on for the right collar-I accidently used it on the wrong dog & couldn’t figure out why that one went hiding & the one barking was still barking. lol

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