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Pawious GPS Dog Fence – 2nd Gen with GPS Signal Boost and AI Scene Recognition – Radius 98-3300ft, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Dog Fence for Medium and Large Dogs, Size 9-23in – The Newest Model

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【2nd GENERATION of GPS FENCES】⭐ Equipped with a more powerful new chip, this Upgraded F810+ GPS dog fence offers superior GPS signal boost capabilities and improved performance in low signal areas, ensuring a stable and precise positioning. Experience greater accuracy and reliability, making it the ideal choice for reliable boundary containment. 【AI SCENE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY】⭐ New F810+ GPS wireless dog fence sets itself apart from other brands with its Intelligent Scene Recognition technology. This unique feature detects the usage environment, whether indoors or outdoors, eliminating false triggers and providing more accurate boundary control. Say goodbye to false warnings and enjoy a seamless pet containing experience. 【SUITABLE USAGE ENVIRONMENT】⭐ Our F810+ dog fence collar is designed for outdoor areas and can cover a circular range with a radius of 33-1000 yards, allowing you to adjust the boundary size according to your needs. Please note that this perimeter fence for dogs is not suitable for small yards or indoor spaces. The system’s GPS accuracy may vary by 1-2 yards, but it may decrease in dense wooded areas. Battery lasts for 24h of continuous use. 【ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES】⭐ When your dog attempts to escape the designated boundary area, this wireless pet fence emits progressively increasing tones, vibration, and/or shock in 6 levels, followed by a 1-minute pause and repeat cycle. If your dog doesn’t return, the collar emits a continuous beep until your furry friend is safely back. These enhanced safety features offer maximum security and peace of mind. 【CAREFREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE】⭐ We are committed to your satisfaction. Our F810+ containment system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year warranty upon registering with us. If you have any questions, our dedicated after-sales service team is always available to provide assistance via phone or livechat. Count on us to deliver prompt and reliable support, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our product.

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3.94 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches; 13.4 Ounces

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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April 25, 2023

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#49 in Dog Wireless Fences

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86 ratings

10 reviews for Pawious GPS Dog Fence – 2nd Gen with GPS Signal Boost and AI Scene Recognition – Radius 98-3300ft, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Dog Fence for Medium and Large Dogs, Size 9-23in – The Newest Model

  1. CJ Brake

    This collar is exactly what I needed for my dog. The collar’s battery lasts all day and getting it set up each morning is very easy. Previously, I had another collar where the GPS position had to be reset every time you turned the collar on. This was time consuming and took about 10 minutes but sometimes the signal never showed up. This collar, however, saves the position and just takes the first few moments to search for the signal. All you have to do is turn on the collar and it is worry-free. Additionally, this has a few fail-safe measures that are useful. The collar will not shock if the GPS signal is lost, only when the GPS signal shows to be outside of the perimeter that you set. This means when my dog is under the porch, he doesn’t have to worry about getting shocked. (This was not the case with the last one). Also, the collar is not going to shock a dog if it is standing still. The collar only goes off when it senses the dog is moving. Also, the warnings are done in increments which starts with a beeping warning and then goes to shock levels. This works great for my dog as he was already trained on the previous collar which would shock and beep at the same time. The dog isn’t ever getting shocked because he doesn’t want to go anywhere near where it beeps. I’m not sure how it would have been to train with this collar but it is working well for my dog. Charging is very easy as well.

  2. Tana Smith

    I purchased this GPS dog collar to help reduce my anxiety about my dog, and so far so good though I have noticed some minor disadvantages too. Hopefully, this review helps others.Long story short, let’s compare the advantages to the disadvantages.Advantages,1. It’s easy to set up, like REALLY easy since the instructions are straightforward.2. When your dog crosses the boundary it doesn’t provide the shock immediately, it starts with the beep, which I personally think is much more humane.3. It has a nice design and isn’t too big like most.4. It works on properties with some trees, which not all do (believe me I would know.)5. AND it’s waterproof, (yes I’ve tested it)Disadvantages,1. The battery life is only approximately 24 hours.2. Sometimes when your dog heads outdoors, it can take about 10 to 20 seconds for the system to connect to satellites. This usually isn’t a big deal, but it’s something to keep in mind especially if you have a really small yard.Overall, well quality for a nice price. If I had a chance, I would put 4.5 stars according to the minor minuses.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’m not one to write Amazon reviews. As a matter of fact, this is my first time writing a review on Amazon. That being said, let’s dive in!To begin with, let me say I’m extremely impressed with these collars. We recently moved out into the country with two dogs and while they both mostly stuck around the house, they definitely had their fair share of “adventures.” Enough adventures that we decided to purchase these collars to keep them closer to home.Setup was a breeze. You literally remove the collars from the package, press the GPS button for 3 seconds, set your center point, walk out to the boundary with the collar in your hand, and you’re done.Now for the training part… We worried about that way more than we should. We put out the boundary markers and planned on walking the dogs to the boundary and rewarding them when they returned! That wasn’t necessary. I watched the dogs take off one time towards the boundary, at which point they got “beeped” and ran straight back to our back door. They have yet to leave our back yard again (approximately one acre) after their first “beep,” and we’re going on one week with the collars.Battery life: We keep the collars on the dogs all day long and hardly loose a bar of battery life. That’s with them staying inside for a majority of the day. They wear the collars all day long and we take them off in the evening to place on the chargers. I’ve read previous comments about the chargers not having a “strong enough magnet.” If you have enough common sense to plug in your iPhone in the evening, then you can easily plug in these collars.Overall, I’m extremely impressed with these collars. Our dogs have responded VERY well to them with absolutely ZERO training.

  4. Missy B

    No matter how much I trained, bribed or begged my dog Uno, she wouldn’t listen to me and would run off once she would see a squirrel. I wanted to try something else to help keep my dog in control and not run off. That’s how I ended up with this collar. It comes in a box with everything you need. I only needed to charge it for a little bit, less than 30 minutes and it was ready to go.The collar is long so it can fit most dogs. You just can cut off the extra collar that you don’t need. This is not ideal for a house, condo or apartment. It’s great if you have a big yard or live on lots of land. It will not work inside or in small spaces.It comes with orange spikes that you can use to train your dog on where to “stop”. This collar actually worked on my dog fairly fast because she doesn’t like beeping sounds.I’m not a technical person so the setup was a bit hard for me, but then again, I have problems setting up my blue tooth in my car. I’m sure most people can figure it out.The collar isn’t meant to be worn everyday or all day. It’s great if you are doing yard work, working on the farm, etc and you want to let your dog run free but be safe. It’s a good buy with lots of technology added.

  5. Dorine SilerioDorine Silerio

    Years ago, we installed a wired underground fence for our gang of 3 dogs: a golden retriever, a husky, and a German Shepherd. Over time, the system started encountering issues, leading to costly service calls. Dogs quickly learned the dead spots of the old wired system, allowing them to leave the perimeter on their own from time to time. Annual service calls expenses became more than what our neighbor paid for a new wireless fence. After reading numerous reviews for different wireless fences, we decided to give this new GPS model a try. I set new boundaries close to where the wire was buried in the old perimeter. Our doggo gang, led by the very stubborn retriever Jessy, tested the boundary within an hour. Though I couldn’t see their reaction, I heard the beep, and they eventually returned home. Later in the day, they made another escape attempt, but after being warned, they quickly came back again. It’s unclear if any of them received a shock or just a beep and vibration warning, but either way, they all learned to respect the boundaries again. It’s worth mentioning that all three dogs were previously trained not to cross the boundary limits marked with flags. We have been using these GPS collars for a few weeks now, and I can confidently say that all three collars work reliably and consistently. Following the instructions, we reset the center point approximately once a week for GPS recalibration. The GPS fence proves to be as reliable as wired systems, but it is more convenient and saves us from the frustrations we experienced with the older systems.

  6. AG

    Well worth not having to buy a fence and our worst dog is now so polite lol. Works “shockingly” well!! Didn’t train, they just learn the beep.Edit: We bought three of these on 02OCT23 and today is 23OCT23. So less than a month after using, they work great with the exception one of the collars distance buttons is now hung inside the device and it continuously adjust the distance rendering the entire collar useless. They do have a 30 day return policy so I am returning one collar but the other two are functional. Just remember to re sync the collars to the same point in your yard every few days so the accuracy keeps better. If the others do this I will update this review and just call it junk because in less than a month that’s not a good start.

  7. Marissa KrehbielMarissa Krehbiel

    We have an 80lb dog and this fence does a great job of keeping him in. He was jumping the traditional fence we had for the background.

  8. Andrii

    I love the design, and I appreciate the customer service. I wasn’t sure if this device would be suitable for my area and my needs. This brand offers different models. That’s why I was so confused, and I couldn’t understand which one would be perfect for me and my pup, Mark.Thanks to Olha, one of the customer assistants, I’ve bought this model. I didn’t regret it! It’s just what I want! FINALLY! My Mark can run and play freely in my yard and I don’t need to worry anymore.I adore this model. I appreciate customer service. Thank you!!By the way, I’ve used shock only once. Mark had a good lesson, and now, as a good boy, he knows his limits, reacts to the beep and vibration and saves my nerves.

  9. Dice WilsonDice Wilson

    It does what it’s supposed to beautifully. I’m not going to lie though it is a whole task setting everything up and getting it working. The magnetic charge is nice, the only way I’d say to improve on that would’ve been a usbc cable charge instead but that’s really minor. I’ll update my review if it winds up not holding up well over time.

  10. james rulison

    Set up was easy. Rusty seems to be getting the workings of the collar

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