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NHUJK Bark Collar- Smart Dog Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Bark Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity, Barking Collar with Beep Vibration Harmless Shock (Black)

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About this item 🐶Personalized No Shock and Shock Options – NHUJK no shock bark collar offers safe and comfortable choices: beep, vibration, beep+vibration. Stress-free training promotes relaxation and trust, while adjustable shock intensity (low/high) ensures effective barking control, meeting the training needs of different dogs. Get one for your dog, say goodbye to complaints, separation anxiety, and enjoy peaceful walks and sleep 😄2x Friendlier than Other Bark Collars – New color screen design for easy viewing. 2 buttons for easy use. NHUJK bark collar for large dog has a protective system that pauses for 1 minute after 5 triggers, easily resumed by pressing any button. User-friendly, and perfect for you and your pet ❤️2.5x Safer than Other Bark Collars – Say no to unnecessary punishment for your beloved dog. NHUJK dog bark collar uses dual recognition technology (vocal cord vibration + precise barking detection) and offers 8 Adjustable sensitivity levels for progressive training, providing positive reinforcement and effective results ⚡1.5-Hour Fast Charging – Enjoy up to 15 days of battery life without frequent recharging. NHUJK Bark Collar for medium dogs features battery level display and low battery reminders for convenient usage. With an IP67 waterproof, anti bark device for dogs can be used indoors and outdoors, suitable for all occasions 🦴Suitable for All Dogs Over 6 Months Old – NHUJK bark collar made of soft nylon, ensures safety and comfort. Adjustable collar length of 27 inches, fits dogs over 8-120lbs with neck sizes 6-27 inches. The metal prongs is detachable and equipped with silicone protective covers for all-around safety

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3.94 x 2.95 x 2.09 inches; 5.29 Ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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June 19, 2023

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Quanzhou Purplebox Electronics Co., Ltd.

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#19 in Bark Collars

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722 ratings

10 reviews for NHUJK Bark Collar- Smart Dog Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Bark Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity, Barking Collar with Beep Vibration Harmless Shock (Black)

  1. apeyjxo

    I LOVE this bark collar! It is a really nice collar for my 17 month old Golden Retriever. He’s about 70 lbs now. It is a really nice quality collar. It has a large, colorful display that is easy to read and operate. It is size adjustable and intensity adjustable. It works great, offering gentle correction for him without hurting him! Lots of customizable settings and it really works. I live in an apartment with quiet hours so when my dog started barking, it was not acceptable. I wanted a solution that would not hurt him and this one is wonderful for that! It is gentle and effective-just gets his attention and redirects his behavior. If you are considering a bark collar that works and is kind to your pup…this is it. Also, it was delivered super fast after placing the order and was packaged compactly and nicely! Buy with confidence. Recommended! Thank you!

  2. MiAK

    We got this collar for our reactive dog with high separation anxiety. She used to bark, bray like a donkey and go nuts at every noise and ride in the car, and nothing we did helped. We already had a training collar with beep and vibrate settings, but we could never reach the controller when needed. This collar beeps and vibrates (we don’t use the shock) on its own whenever she barks and she runs to her bed. It is simple to operate and battery life it great, with just a quick recharge every week or so. It’s sturdy, fastens and adjusts well, and has helped control our dog’s incessant barking.

  3. Joann KJoann K

    I received this item to review and I have to say that I am glad I had the opportunity. This collar is amazing – it stopped my dog from barking almost instantly. I used just the beep and that did the trick.The collar is relatively easy to use. I did need the instructions to figure out on/off versus testing versus changing the sensitivity. The mode button is self explanatory. I like that it has various options to work with.I found the nylon collar itself to be too large for my dog. It would be nice if there was an option to have a smaller diameter collar without the extra strap hanging off.Overall I would recommend this as a great solution for excessive barking.

  4. angela

    Ordered July 8, received July 10. Fast service, simple directions.I have a tiny terrier mix (>10 lbs), and was concerned both about hurting her and about the collar being too large for her. It is a bit bulky on her, but not so large that she cannot move around. She is obviously aware of having something unusual around her neck, but doesn’t seem to be in any active pain or discomfort because of it.I tested the shock on myself, at the lowest setting, and it was sharp/painful enough that I almost dropped the collar. Certainly enough to get anyone’s attention. I really like that the collar starts with a warning beep, then a vibrate, and uses the shock as a last resort. The warning beep and vibration seemed to be enough for my dog–I’ve never yet witnessed her barking enough to receive any shock, after receiving the warnings. I share the confidence of other reviewers, that the initial warnings are sufficient to keep my dog from barking enough to receive a shock–ever. So much the better.I haven’t used it enough to know about battery life yet. So far I haven’t had to recharge it, 2 weeks later. The initial charge took between 1-2 hours.I’m pleased with this product and would recommend it for other pet owners who are especially concerned about being overly harsh in their training. This product starts with being gentle but firm first, and only being painful if/when gentle firmness fails.

  5. WC

    I had received the first collar and it failed 2 wks after purchase. It took a bit for customer service to reach out to me but they did. I must say, although it took a bit they most certainly made up for the wait. Ty customer service!Now allow me to get into the product. I literally love this collar. I’ve tried and own several other brands, a few that is Manuel for when I’m alert (awake) and home and for training, and a few for when I’m away or asleep. The reason for so many is because their battery life sucks, they’re far too weak or they don’t work as they claimed.The dogs I train must be obedient both when I’m away and when we’re out in public. I start off when they’re pups to make training easier as they age. This collar allows for several stages of the dog’s life, from pup, to ‘teenage’ (the stubborn stage) and adulthood. Just change the setting according to their weight, or bump it up if they’re more stubborn or have thick coats. Depending on your dog, if they respond to just the warning beep you can leave it there. You can have beep then vibrate or if stubborn, have all 3. The ‘ shock isn’t actually a shock, it’s more like a tens unit that we humans use to help ease pain but it sure gets the attention of your fur baby… and you choose what stage to set it at on. This collar made a world of a difference as one of my pups absolutely would not stop barking in my absence nor crying all night. Crate training is a must for the safety of my dogs and in my absence and the pup would not have it. This collar, nipped that negative behavior in the bud, quickly. I’d watch my cam when I was away to see if it continued to do its job and sure enough, she would start her whining, (I set it at 8) and before she could begin her constant barking again it stopped her in her track as she figured out, she gets the warning beep, and as soon as it vibrated, she knew what was next and stopped and chose to chew on her chew toys instead, lol. The dogs learn quickly the steps if they continue.I really like it because they get warnings before the ultimate tens starts and only took a few times before they understood their behavior was not appropriate.I raise and train German shepherds and anyone who’s raised them knows you can get a stubborn one or two in each litter and GSs are notorious for constant barking and growling if not trained properly. This is unacceptable behavior and this collar makes training them easy to stop it before it becomes a habit, especially with adolescents. I tested it with adult ones as well while I was away, took a day as the adults are more set in their ways, but sure enough, they got the message a well and stopped it. You never want to wait until a dog is full force barking before putting it on them. Their adrenaline is too high and not much will stop them at that point, especially in your absence. Just put it on them the beginning of the day or when you know what will trigger them and let the collar do the work for you. Make it a daily thing until they have it in their head automatically that the behavior will not be tolerated.I love the ease of the settings, the charging is quick and easy (a plus when raising and training several), and IMO, it’s the best anti bark collar out there yet!I believe my first one was a defective one and although it highly disappointed me as I thoroughly was impressed, customer service indeed made it right. I’ve got a replacement and I hope this one lasts as I have plan to purchase more for the others and as a backup, that’s how impressed with this that I am.So if you have a stubborn barker,growler or whiner, give it s try. What do you have to lose? Just familiarize yourself with it and set it according to their behavior and to what they respond to. It may take you a few days to get accustomed to it and to set it according to your dogs behavior and response, but don’t give up, it’s a training session for both you and your fur baby if you’re not used to using training or anti-bark collars. But when you do get it figured out to match your fur babies response mechanism, you won’t want to go without it!

  6. Kylie

    I love this product. You have the ability to only use beep and vibrate and the levels are nice. It’s easy to operate and figure out how to use. It works perfectly and it’s actually the second time I’ve ordered it. I lost the first one and I liked it so much I re-ordered.

  7. John Dixon

    My Havanese stopped barking on the first day. It works great, as advertised. I would buy it again. Also, my neighbor likes it as my dog doesn’t bark at him or in the middle of the night any more.

  8. D. TidwellD. Tidwell

    The media could not be loaded.  Don’t let the colorful display fool you, this is serious tool for bark correction.I have several doggos in my home, which is next to a road frequently traveled by bicyclists and equestrians – both of which my mini-pack *loves* to bark at. And don’t get me started about what happens each time the Amazon driver comes by :). As a result, I’ve tested many different collars over the years.While several of our doggos need only the beep or vibration, a few only respond to a shock. At that point, we have to be thoughtful about which of the collars we use since some of collars may provide a shock that is too weak (or too strong) for the dog it’s going on.Enter the NHUJK Bark Collar. This collar provides the familiar 2 button input to adjust the usual sensitivity level and correction combination (sound/vibrate/shock). However the NHUJK also provides 2 different levels of shock correction allowing you to tailor the level to the specific dog. This makes it easier to apply the minimum level of correction needed to get the behavior you need.The display is one of the most attractive I’ve seen on a collar. While I tend to favor a “less is more” approach with this type of device, I must admit that the large, bright and color coded display makes setting the collar so much easier with my aging eyes. I don’t need to get a bright light or readers out to see what I’m doing.A special charge cable is provided with the collar and the charger connects to the collar with a 2 pin magnetic contact adapter. I’ve used this type of cable before and have come to prefer it over the more common micro-USB adapter. It is very simple to align the charger pins to the contacts. Additionally, the contacts on the collar are sealed against moisture improving durability. In the photos, you may notice that the collar’s case and display have already seen some rough duty – proof that durability is an important factor with this type of tool.Note: I reviewed this collar after accepting the seller’s product trial invitation. Even if you don’t agree with the number of stars, it’s my hope the information contained in the review is useful.

  9. Daisy77

    I like that I have many training choices with this collar. The beep and vibration mode at a medium level worked the first day. I don’t intend on using the shock; but bought this one because of all of the level choices to stop barking humanely and safely. My Shorkie doesn’t even mind when I put it on him before going to work. He is 10 years old….so quiet now and I don’t have to keep it on him all the time anymore. ( I had moved to a new apartment, and he was barking. Every time the front door opened as he had never lived in an apartment before.) I would highly recommend this collar. Also, with the beep and vibration I have it on his neck with lots of room. I didn’t want the covered prongs to poke him. It would be nice if the “shock prongs” could unscrew from the collar for people that didn’t want to add thus setting. There are 3 training options that can be used alone, all together or in any combo.

  10. Ashley MaxwellAshley Maxwell

    My dog went from having a duty to inform me of everything he heard to being completely silent. All I have to do now is show him the collar and he immediately re-evaluates his life choices

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