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NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs,Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Blackish

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About this item Humane, Effective Anti Barking Helper: The NBJU dog bark collar offers 3 working modes that are customizable with 7 adjustable sensitivity levels, allowing you to select the mode (beep, vibration, or shock) and sensitivity level that best suits your dog’s temperament. With this bark collar, you can find the most effective way to curb your dog’s barking without causing them stress or pain, gently correcting their barking issues Automatic Stop Barking in 0.1 Sec: Use an upgraded smart sensor and premium chip for more accurate detection of your dog’s barking. It activates quickly when your dog barks, reminding them to follow the rules and control their barking. The collar will only be activated when worn by your dog, preventing false triggering from other sounds or dogs Scientific and Safe Training Collar: Dog training should be both scientific and safe. The NBJU bark collar is equipped with a protection system that temporarily stops working for 1 mins if it has been activated 5 times in a row. This helps to protect your dog from unnecessary punishment. And the collar is equipped with silicone sleeves that can protect your dog’s skin Quick Charge& Long Battery Life: NBJU Bark collar recharge with high capacity battery, it can be fully charged in 30 mins for up to 15 days of work time, this device has a long enough battery life so you don’t have to recharge the batteries frequently Comfortable for all sizes of Dogs:The bark collar is light, the collar strap is sturdy and adjustable for the length of the dog’s neck( fits for neck sizes 7.8″ – 25″ dogs around 8 to 120 lbs), this dog bark collar is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. IP67 waterproof ensure it can be able to work normally in rainy or humid environments without damage

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25 x 3.27 x 2.05 inches; 4.97 Ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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April 23, 2021

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Shenzhen XCHO Technology Limited

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10 reviews for NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs,Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Blackish

  1. RachelRachel

    Let me preface this by saying I’ve used a LOT of different bark collars…more than the three that are in the pictures for this review. This is a very good one, especially considering the price, but I recommend you read over my cons to make sure it will work for your situation. We have two dogs and one of them barks excessively when we are out taking walks, so this collar is helpful in reminding him to relax and not cause a scene that frankly scares children…like he acts like a nut job. I don’t mind the occasional barking, but he goes into fits…this collar has worked great. It beeps and vibrates to remind him to stop and if he doesn’t, it gives a small shock.PROS:- it doesn’t go off due to other loud noises, which is especially important since I live in a crowded apt complex in the city…I cant have a collar that goes off with car alarms or shouting- the sleek design is a huge plus…many bark collars look very obviously like electrical equipment and it makes me feel like I need to apologize to strangers for torturing my dog or something- the sequence of response is great– in response to barking, it beeps. If barking continues, it vibrates. If barking STILL continues, it will send a shock. The level of beeping, vibrating, and shocking is all adjustable from 0-7, so you can set it to never shock if your dog is sensitive to that. My dog has thick fur and an even thicker skull (that’s a joke) so while he doesn’t LIKE the zaps, they don’t bother him. Two of my moms dogs get very upset by shocks no matter how mild, so it’s good to have a collar where that’s adjustable…dogs senstive to it wont learn to not bark with zaps, they’ll just get emotionally upset so this is something to take seriously.- rechargeable and the charge lasts a while…many collars require special batteries that are quite expensive. Alternatively, I’ve had rechargeable collars that won’t hold a charge for a day…this one has held a charge for over a week. I normally charge it daily, but I brought it with us to my moms and it never once needed to be charged the whole time.- the response sequence (beep, vibrate, shock) can’t be triggered immedietly after its already run a few times in a row. That is, it won’t continuously shock a dog more than a few times. This matters because sometimes several shocks can start to make the dog panic and then now they’re yelling in panic and the collar WONT STOP ZAPPING them which makes them panic MORE. Trust me, it might annoy you that it waits an interval before it can be retriggered sometimes, but this is an important mecahnism. Collars that don’t have this…I just can’t keep using them. They dont help train the dog more, they just make the dog think theyre being attacked…like your dog is probably smart enough to get that “ok this things punishes me for yelling, I won’t do that,” but once your dogs in a panicked state, that reasoning goes out the window and they will interpret the collar response as an invisible attack and freak out more. This might not be a big deal for most dogs, but mine has like PTSD or something (he was given to me because his past owners couldn’t handle his issues). The regular collar response is a great reminder to not bark…honestly this might be weird but it comforts him most of the time. Its a reminder that hes safe and I’ll handle it if theres a problem. Theres no need for him to yell. But once he starts getting ‘nam flashbacks or whatever, now its just that this dangerous jogger also has the psychic ability to attack him at a distance and hes got to protect me at all costs. Seriously, collars that can infinitely be retriggered are a bad thing. The collar isn’t busted because it won’t go off after a few responses…its programmed to wait for a short interval before its capable of being triggered again and this is a GOOD thing. I’m really glad this collar does this.- this thing is super easy to use and changing the settings is really straightforward. Honestly, other collars may have had some of the same features as this one but they were so hard to program that I just never really learned how to change any of the settings.CONS:- this collar is triggered by the sound of barking and will go off if another dog RIGHT NEXT to your dog barks. If the dog is a few feet away, it recognizes that this sound is coming from another dog and doesn’t go off. This is how MOST collars work and this one is actually especially good at distinguishing between barking and other noises and barking thats coming from another dog so long as that dog is far enough away. There are collars that go if response to barking AND vibration from your dogs vocal cords so that they never go off when theyre not on your dog. These are rare and the one collar I had like this was super expensive and the battery replacements for it were also outrageously expensive…so it IS an option, but youre going to be dishing out more money. As far as sound-exclusive collars, this is one of the best I’ve encountered. It has gone off due to another dog barking, but this is actually rare…they basically have to be shoulder-to-shoulder for this to happen- it would be nice if the collar had a loop for a leash to clip onto- the prongs are a little longer than I’d like. Theyre not outrageous but, my dogs small (<20 lbs). There are prongs you can switch out with the original that are longer...I'd like if there were also alternative prongs shorter than the default for littler dogs, BUT still these prongs are less ridiculous and the device is far less bulky than some collarsNOTE: I replaced the strap with a strap from a different collar so that it would have the loop for a leash to clip on to. The hole for the strap to loop through on the actual device is really really tight so I dont recommend replacing the strap if you don't need to and its long and adjustable enough that you shouldnt have to...I would have just added a leash hook loop right to the original strap but I already removed the original strap so I had to squeeze a strap back through regardless once I did that. To do that, on the end of the strap, I put a piece of electrical tape and then looped that back to connect to the backside of the tape all the way back to the strap...so that the strap was now extended with this thin smooth tape "strap" that easily slipped through the strap hole on the device...then I had to tug the rest of the strap through behind it which took quite a bit of force.Picture 1: collar alongside the original strapPicture 2: collar alongside other bark collars...the one I'm reviewing is on the far left. Collar on the far right is the expensive one that also detects vocal cord vibrations...which while smaller still lowkey looks like a bomb strapped to my dogs neck.Picture 3: the collar on my dog to demonstrate how the device is low profile and doesnt look like I strapped a bomb to my dogs neck


    Let me start off by saying that I have tried a lot of different bark collars over the years, and this one is definitely up there with the best of them. It’s reasonably priced and has a lot of great features, but there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing.Pros:The collar has three different modes of response: a warning beep, a vibration, and a mild shock. The levels of each mode are adjustable, so you can tailor them to your dog’s specific needs. For example, if your dog is very sensitive, you can set the shock level to be very low or even turn it off altogether.The collar is rechargeable and has a long battery life. This is a huge plus, as I’ve had other collars that required expensive batteries that needed to be replaced frequently.The design of the collar is sleek and unobtrusive. It doesn’t look like a piece of electronic equipment strapped to your dog’s neck, which is a relief.The collar is responsive to your dog’s barking, but it doesn’t go off in response to other loud noises. This is important if you live in a noisy area or have a dog that startles easily.The collar has a safety feature that prevents it from continuously shocking your dog. After a certain number of shocks, it will stop and require a reset. This is important to prevent your dog from becoming too frightened or upset.Cons:The collar is triggered by the sound of your dog’s barking, which means it can go off if another dog nearby is barking loudly. This is a common issue with bark collars, and while this collar is better than most at distinguishing between your dog’s barking and other sounds, it’s not perfect.The collar doesn’t have a loop for attaching a leash. This is a minor issue, but it means you’ll need to remove the collar when walking your dog on a leash.The prongs on the collar are a bit longer than ideal. This could be an issue if you have a small dog, as the prongs may dig into their skin or be uncomfortable for them.Overall, I would definitely recommend this bark collar to anyone looking for an effective and reasonably priced option. Just be aware of the limitations and keep in mind that every dog is different, so what works for one dog may not work for another.

  3. NiBiJo

    The thought of using a shock collar was concerning, but IF used correctly AND training purposes only, these collars are useful. The technology on this collar is amazing. No remote control is required because the collar has a sensor that triggers the beep, vibration, and shock when your dog barks.Our Jack Russell is a barker, and I mean loud, high-pitched, ear piercing, non-stop barking to strangers, unfamiliar people entering the house, and other dogs. Walking him was a nightmare – and embarrassing -because he barks at everyone walking by or at others walking their calm, non-barking dog(s)!! It got to the point neighbors would see us approach and cross the street because our little monster went nuts trying to protect us (or maybe it’s fear, I don’t know, but we love him to death and have tried treats, whistles, distraction, and he still feels the need to guard us). We hired a trainer and they suggested a shock collar. I found this one and liked that it’s sensor based, no remote is required. I was skeptical that it would not work and did NOT like the idea of shocking him, but thankfully, he’s never went beyond the first beep stage, and at the lowest level 1-2. The next stage is vibration, which I set at 1, and the last stage is shock, which I set at level 1 (pain level range is 1-6 or 7). He hears the beep, which is loud even at the lower level, looks around like “where’s that noise coming from” and will stop barking! Quite incredible. The BEEP at the lowest level is good enough, no vibration or shock needed!! We only place the collar on him when new people come to the house or on walks. After the beep and he stops barking, we praise him with a “quiet, good boy” and give a high value treat. We remove the collar after a few minutes of a guest’s arrival because our little meatball monster is now feeling secure and calm despite having new people in his home.It is advised to test the shock level on your hand to determine the level you wish to set it at. Consideration should also be on the size of your dog of course. Our little guy is little, no more than 15lbs, short hair, so lowest level is appropriate for him. These collars are meant to be used for training only, for short periods of time, not to be kept on all the time. If a dog has to wear it all the time, you are not training correctly.When the collar is sitting 4ft away from our guy, it will pick up on his barking and beeps. So the sensor works at a distance as well. I set the sensor level at 6 (default setting).Overall, very pleased with this collar. It is snug around his small neck but not restricting at all.

  4. anthony

    I tested many training items for my 2 year old Great Pyrenees and nothing would work. Until I bought this, after hearing great reviews! It was a little difficult to figure out at first but once you are done setting up you won’t be disappointed. I just recently moved and my dog was an outdoor dog but now she’s indoor due to personal circumstances. She constantly barked at night, waking us up. When would check but no one would be outside. I believe any noise she just heard, would make her false bark. So this helped die down that issue and we can finally sleep well at night. The information paper states not to leave it on over 12 hrs which I don’t need to anyways. But that’s something to consider. Also my dog has A LOT of fur so if you are worried about it working, don’t be. It works as well! I tested it out on my hand and it does shock you but doesn’t hurt. I use the shock level at 5. Get this item and you won’t be disappointed! The only flaw I would say is that my dog started peeing in the house due to the shock, so idk if anyone else experienced that. I make sure to take her extra potty breaks due to this and so far it’s working. Hope this helps!

  5. Sillycat11Sillycat11

    Our Coon Hound/Cattle dog barks constantly at Squirrels all day. We live in town and it was difficult to let him play in the yard without him barking. I never would’ve thought of trying a bark collar unless it was my last resort. I put it at the lowest settings and gave it a try. I was amazed at my dogs immediate response! He barked twice all morning!! Just twice!! normally he would bark for an hour straight at the squirrels.. When he did bark those 2 times he sat down, stopped barking, and then just enjoyed watching the squirrels without bothering all the neighbors. I rewarded him with his favorite dog chew. I definitely recommend this product.

  6. Leah

    Our dog uses an e collar for training, he is a smart and vocal boy and with instruction from our trainer when he’s excessively noisy (think high pitch whistle whining) without reason we would use his collar but that meant keeping it on him at a night too which lead to very little downtime for the collar to be charged aka it would die when we really needed it during the day for training. At night He sleeps in the basement and will whine or bark at sirens or whatever he sees out the window at night. This meant we had to keep the remote on our nightstand and stim him in the middle of the night disrupting our sleep. I considered getting a second ecollar to rotate but even on Black Friday they were still $220. This bark collar had good reviews but not many reviews discussed whining but I gave it a chance. I’m happy to say after a week of using it I’m thrilled with the results and the price. It beeps, then vibrates, then stims. He was not familiar with a beep but it did not scare him (he is not skiddish or anxiety prone) it’s just enough at the precise time that he knows exactly why it went off and gets reinforced with the followed up vibe&stim. It has reduced his unnecessary whining completely. After a couple days he definitely knows the difference between the two collars when we change them and I truly think it clicked for him and he knows not to whine unless it’s important now. I would discontinue if I felt this was a scare tactic. He is not nervous or in distress when he sees it/wears it/it goes off and I am confident and have seen that he is not scared to bark or whine when he really needs something. We know our dog and meet all his needs and having this on him during the day has provided him a perfectly timed reminder to quit the unnecessary nails on a chalk board whistling and at night has helped us all rest better! If this thing quit in a month I’d happily buy again at under $20 price point but I’m hopeful with myo boy this will be a training tool that will solve the problem permanently and won’t need to be used consistently. Thank you!!!

  7. Katie

    We have a 13 year old pekingese dog and she is a constant barker, we tried everything to get her to stop until we finally decided to give this collar a go. We were so worried that she’d get burns or have a horrible reaction that I’ve seen in reviews on other brand collars but we’ve used this one for 6 months now with no issues. The battery doesn’t seem to last as long now but that’s to be expected from a constant used. Would recommend!

  8. Smart Shopper Smart Shopper

    First off, I can’t stress enough about how amazing this collar is and has been for our family and neighbors! Simply amazing!Back story:When we were looking for a dog for our family of 7 we were looking for a small to medium size dog who wasn’t a yapper!We looked into many dogs and we found that most smaller dogs were yappers. (bark at everything) we came across the Shiba Inu after almost giving up on our search. This dog was claimed to not bark but was vocal when it wanted something, like to go outside, food, or attention.We finally, after months of searching, found our dog, or so we thought!From day one this Shiba Inu was unlike all the other Shibas we had come across, he barked at everything, any sound, any movement. We tried to correct this behavior, but had no luck. We purchased 3 separate beep/vibration collars and not one of them worked. They seemed to actually make him bark more, we didn’t want to shock our dog so we kept trying these types of collars and finally gave up on them.Months went by and every time we’d let him outside he’d bark uncontrollably at our back fence with seemingly nothing there, no matter what time of the day. Finally our neighbors started to complain to us to try and get him to stop. Like I stated previously we didn’t want to shock our dog and definitely didn’t want him to lose his personality.Then the day came when law enforcement showed up and wrote us a citation for noise ordinance. We gladly paid the ticket but decided it was time to try the shock collar and see how it went!We put the collar on him late one night and once he was let outside he immediately ran to the back fence and started to bark. The collar beeped, vibrated, and finally the shock came. He immediately stopped barking and came by my side and sat down. This has never once happened since we have had him, so this in itself was a blessing. (no more trying to bribe him with treats to come to me)We switched the collar to beep/vibration only now and once it beeps he immediately stops any barking.After 2+ years of constant barking, day and night, this collar has singlehandedly changed our household for the better. Our neighbors have asked how we got him to stop and are also happy that the barking has stopped.Anyone possibly considering buying this but feels it’s inhumane (like myself) may want to reconsider because this has been nothing short of a small miracle for our family. It literally took one shock and we now have a new dog, piece of mind, and happy neighbors!Long review made short!If you’re reading this then we both know why you’re here. Do yourself a favor and just buy it! Amazing collar, with great battery life, that has changed our lives!

  9. James Brenn

    Holds a charge for a long time and I like that it has varying levels of intensity. I use the lowest intensity to train. He now won’t bark when I put it on his neck (even if the battery is discharged).

  10. Rick RossRick Ross

    I bought three of these collars one of them was used like new. It only lasted maybe three months. The bottom piece covering the charge socket was completely torn off when I got it. It did stay on though. My philosophy is if it was returned. It probably had an issue. From now on, I buy new only.

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