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Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash for Large Dogs – Soft Padded Handle – Extra D-Ring for Waste Bags – Strong Climbers Clip – 6 Ft Leash Leather – Leather Dog Leashes for Large Dogs – Leather Lead – Brown

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About this item Durable, 100% Premium Leather: Our 6-foot dog leash is made from 100% premium leather and includes a super-strong carabiner clip that will last, even with the most playful pups! Our leash comes in a natural brown color and is embossed with the Mighty Paw logo. Soft, Comfortable Handle: The Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash has a soft, padded handle to keep you comfortable while walking your doggy (even if they’re a puller). The leather is made with 100% genuine leather and is flexible instead of stiff like other leashes. For Dogs of All Sizes: The Mighty Paw Leash is the perfect dog leash for small, medium, or large dogs. The 6 foot long leash is ¾ inch wide and made with a rock climber’s carabiner clip. The hardware is light in weight but super strong and built to withstand your active dog. D-Ring for Dog Waste Bags: We’ve included a bonus D-ring on the handle to attach your doggie waste bags. This makes picking up your puppy’s poo as easy as possible. Simply clip your doggie waste bag holder onto the D-ring and go. Born in the Usa: Mighty Paw is a Family Owned business operating out of Rochester, New York. We’re proud dog owners who love dogs as much as you do!

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72 x 0.75 x 0.2 inches; 8.47 Ounces

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Leather Leash

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June 25, 2019

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Mighty Paw

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#229 in Standard Dog Leashes

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725 ratings

10 reviews for Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash for Large Dogs – Soft Padded Handle – Extra D-Ring for Waste Bags – Strong Climbers Clip – 6 Ft Leash Leather – Leather Dog Leashes for Large Dogs – Leather Lead – Brown

  1. Mac

    Excellent leash for large strong dog. Clip is sturdy and well designed.

  2. AsifAsif

    Edit: Original 2 Stars. So turns out it was a defective leash. The company was very responsive and immediately sent me a new one. Used it for the past week and no problems so far. I was impressed with the cust service and bought another item from them. Will see how that it and will update the leash if anything comes up.Picture this you’re walking through a festival with your new puppy. (Even with all the new puppy bulls**t, you still love him to death. That’s why you’re buying an expensive leash). People are all around you and your puppy is still super curious and stupid. All of a sudden he/she gets loose off the leash, runs, and disappears into the crowds. Your heart jumps out of your chest. You shove, and push, and stiff arm all the people in your way. Finally after a bunch of panic, you find your puppy, pick them up, and don’t let them go for the rest of the evening. Scary right? That’s what happened to me and Cooper, and it sucked.When I got the leash I was like holy crap. This leash is awesome. The leather in durable, right length, and super soft. Great job Might Paw. But the carabiner sucks!! Look at the pictures. The design is terrible, it’s suppose to lock properly like in picture 1. But in picture 2-4, the lock isn’t secure. It stays pushed to the right unless I push it in myself. At first it was automatic, but now I have to make sure it’s locked every single time. But sometimes you’re distracted and want a leash that’s quick & easy to put on and to not worry if your leash is locked correctly or not.For all the people who love their pets. Avoid this specific leash, I like their products really do. But until they fix the carabiner design. Stay away if you love your little ones.

  3. HappilyLivingLife

    So I got this for our newly adopted 1 year old dog. I have a few 5 foot leashes and wanted just a little bit longer. This leash feels great when you are holding it – not too bulky, you can get a good grip if they pull and the clip is very well made. I’ve been using it a few weeks now and yesterday my daughter was down with her 1 year old Vizsa who is very sweet but full of energy and likes to go. I was watching her for the day and we went outside for a little exercise and potty break. She pulled on her leash several times and then all of a sudden her leash just fell off. She was facing away from me so I got down on my knee and called her, she looked at me and then when she started to move she realized she was free… then she ran. Long story short my son was able to catch up to her because a few houses down there are a couple of outside dogs she stopped to visit. I thought I must not have clipped the leash on all the way but when I looked at it I realized the clip was bent out. When I showed my husband (who used to work in a hardware store) he said that happens a lot with those kind of clips (just the basic dog leash clip). Well since my daughter’s dog is such a puller and our dog is not so much I decided she might need this leash a lot more than we do. The clip on this leash is very secure and she will not be able to bend it out. So even if you don’t pick this leash you may want to make sure you get a leash that has a secure clip that can not be bent – especially if you have a dog that pulls.

  4. Diana

    It works well with my lab. Its long enough and sturdy for our walks.

  5. Amanda M Reyes

    I really like this leash. We have a giant GSD Great Pyr mix. He’s a good walker because we use a prong collar with him, you need to realize the pro’s and con’s to leash materials.PRO – the leather is soft, good quality. This leash looks great now and is only going to look better as it ages – we had used cheap throw-away leashes before but it was time to get something nice for our pooch!CON – the main con to leather is going to be the strength. There’s a little give to this, its normal. If you have a dog that gets aggressive around other dogs or people, or pulls with all his/her might – leather is NOT what you want. If your dog is good on the leash or responds to correction, then leather is no issue. My dog gets excited/playful so has certainly gave this good pulls and I don’t see it breaking – but if your walk is spent battling a big puller I’d sat get something stronger even if its not as nice looking.I didn’t notice any chemical smell some reviews pointed out, just leather smell. Feels nice in my hand! Its long, my dog is tall with long legs and sometimes I let him browse around or play with other dogs so its perfect for me – if you don’t have a really big dog I don’t think you need the length.

  6. Shirley A. Hanner

    This is a very well-made leather leash. The handle is sewn and the clip is sturdy. I don’t worry about any part of it breaking when walking my 85 pound puppy. Excellent price for the quality!

  7. V. W

    This leash looks like it might break, but it doesn’t. I used it on a male German Shepherd. Interestingly, They put a carabiner clip at the end of it making it extremely easy to clip and unclip your dog in a hurry And also Less likely To accidentally hurt dog or human with a heavy weight clip. The leash is lighter than it looks, though still just as sturdy as heavier leashes. It will hold up for, say, a hard-pulling 70 pound Labrador. I found the leash too long, but there is an easy fix. At the bottom of the padded handle is a ring. I clipped the carabiner To this rign, then clipped another carabiner of my own onto the handle. I now have a leash half the length , making it easier to use in an urban environment , where keeping a dog close is important. Personally, I like thinner leashes. ( this leash is About 13/16) this is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. The leash comes with a little booklet explaining how to use it Most effectively, which is a nice touch. So if you want a long wide leash For a large dog, this is it.

  8. S

    Nice sturdy leash with the perfect length for training.

  9. AGlod536AGlod536

    I love leather products and this one is no exception . The leather is soooooo soft and comfortable! I love that there is a D ring by the handle for poop bags (seriously, why don’t all leashes have this?!), the handle is padded (but not too think that its clunky – like some are), and the 6 ft length is great. The lightweight caribiner clip looks and functions easy. The only minor thing I’d say is when I use on my 65 lb dog and she tries to pull, I can feel the leather “give” a little (as in slight stretch). Of course this is normal, its leather, but the first time it did this it scared me a bit. But the leather seems very strong – so I’m not worried. Also as someone who actually did many years of leather craft in 4-H, I’m always amazed when they don’t “finish” the edges with an edge smoother – just to make it look more “polished”. But I’m being picky. Overall this is a GREAT leash that feels wonderful in the hand and smells nice too!

  10. Brian Wysko Sr


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