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Max and Neo Triple Handle Traffic Dog Leash Reflective – We Donate a Leash to a Dog Rescue for Every Leash Sold (Pink)

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About this item YOUR PURCHASE HELPS A DOG RESCUE: For every leash sold, we donate an identical leash to a dog rescue. Dog rescues are in constant need of dog supplies. We donate 1 for 1 for every purchase. By purchasing one of our dog leashes, you receive a premium high quality leash and you donate one to a rescue. Together we can support dog rescues with a never ending supply of leashes. DOG RESCUES: Each month we donate to different rescues throughout the USA. At the end of every month, we tally up the number of leashes and collars sold. Based on the number, we determine how many rescues we can donate to for that month. We have a list now of over 400 rescues to donate to. We donate down our list of rescues until each one has received a donation and then we go back to the top of our list. In special cases, we will donate to rescues out of turn based on their immediate needs. WHY THE THIRD HANDLE?: Max and Neo’s Patent Pending Triple Handle Leash is perfect for dogs that pull. The middle handle is perfectly placed at 44″ to walk hard pulling dogs. Walk the dog using the middle handle. Loop the far handle around your other wrist for added security. Trust us. After using the middle handle you will not know how you walked your dog without one. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our triple handle dog leash has all the features of top of the line dog leashes. It is 1″ wide and made of 2mm thick but soft heavy duty nylon webbing designed to handle the largest dog breeds. They are made to endure the constant use that dog rescues put them through. We consulted with many dog rescues to find out what they wanted in a perfect dog leash. And they answered: Tough, Heavy Duty, Durable, Comfortable and Affordable. HIGH END FEATURES: Three padded soft neoprene handles. One located 18 inches from the clasp. Great for when you need to keep your dog closer to you in traffic, obedience class, or around others. The second handle at 44 inches. Great for use as a 4 foot leash and as a handle when you dog pulls. The last handle at the end for comfort against the wrist. D-ring near handle to clip poop bags or accessories. Quality heavy duty metal clasp. Reflective stitching to improve your visibility at night.

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Our Triple Handle Reflective Traffic Leash is designed specifically to be used as both a regular leash and as a short leash for when you and your dog are walking near busy roads or in crowded spaces. The triple handle leash was designed for you to easily walk your dog in all situations.

The leash has two fully-padded neoprene handles, which are much more comfortable than normal leash handles and will prevent redness, chafing, or blistering on your hands.

At 6 feet in length, the middle handle is perfectly placed at 44″ to walk hard pulling dogs. Walk the dog using the middle handle. Loop the far handle around your other wrist for added security. Trust us. After using the middle handle you will not know how you walked your dog without one.

The bolt snap collar clasp is made of high quality metal with a gunmetal finish and we have also added a gunmetal-finished D-ring to the leash so you can easily clip on attachments like poop bag holders.

The entire leash is stitched on both sides with reflective 2mm wide stitching to increase your visibility at night and for added safety for you and your dog.

Max and Neo Triple Handle LeashMax and Neo Triple Handle Leash


Max and Neo Dog Gear is named after my dog Neo and my brother’s dog Max. Both dogs lived happy lives in Arizona. When Neo passed away, I began fostering rescue dogs. It became apparent to me that running dog rescues required alot of resources in both time and money. Max and Neo Dog Gear was started to help dog rescues with their never ending need for dog supplies.

We are proud to be able to offer this program which will provide a constant supply of dog leashes to dog rescues. While a simple leash may not seem like much, each donated leash allows dog rescues to reserve its funds for other much needed services such as medical bills, spaying, neutering, and dog food.


The Max and Neo Dog Leash is made from very high quality nylon. This special nylon is thick, tough yet soft and comfortable for the handler. When you receive and feel the leash you will know that it was made with care. This leash can accommodate the largest breed dog and is made for pullers.


At Max and Neo, our sole mission is to help dog rescues. That is why we donate one for one for every product sold. We hope to alleviate some of the burden that dog rescues incur by providing them with everyday products that they need to run and maintain their rescues.

But we don’t stop there. We make sure that our products are the highest quality because dog rescues deserve to get quality donations, not just dollar store junk. All of our products are designed in at our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and manufactured with high quality control using the best possible materials.

Max and Neo Triple Handle LeashMax and Neo Triple Handle Leash

Max and Neo Triple Handle LeashMax and Neo Triple Handle Leash

Max and Neo Triple Handle LeashMax and Neo Triple Handle Leash

Designed for You and Your Dog

• 6 ft long, 1″ wide x 2mm thick nylon

• Three Padded handles for comfort

• D-ring for easy clip on accessories

• Reflective stitching on both sides for nighttime visibility

• Gunmetal finished quality metal

Reflective Stitching

When walking your dog at night, visibility is key to the safety of you and your dog. Our Triple Handle Reflective Traffic Leash is stitched on both sides with reflective thread along the entire length of the leash. This stitching is very visible to car headlights and helps keep you visible when crossing in crosswalks or walking along a street.

Fully-Padded Neoprene Handles

If you have a dog that pulls on walks, you know that normal leashes can leave your hands sore, chaffed, or covered in blisters. We have designed all three of the handles on our leash to be fully-padded with neoprene padding so that you can walk even the largest dog in total comfort.

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72 x 1 x 0.07 inches; 7.2 Ounces

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December 27, 2016

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Max and Neo

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#92 in Standard Dog Leashes

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1,319 ratings

10 reviews for Max and Neo Triple Handle Traffic Dog Leash Reflective – We Donate a Leash to a Dog Rescue for Every Leash Sold (Pink)

  1. J. Jesse

    We adopted a second dog, and he’s kind of a handful. He came from a bad situation, so he is scared of almost everything. (The other day, he was sleeping in my office and then suddenly started growling and barking at a piece of paper that was blowing in the breeze from the ceiling fan. And he barks at his reflection in glass. He’s just super jumpy right now.) This makes walks super fun :- We use a flexi-leash with our other dog because he’s more calm and easy to reel in when needed, but needed something different for this second dog.Whenever people ride by on bikes, or there are kids running by, or there’s a shadow, he wants to run up and bark. So I knew I needed something to help me easily pull him closer. The handle on his harness was nice, but when you’re 4-6 feet away [length of the leash] and he’s a squirrelly little 9-lb ball of energy, it’s hard to grab him, especially if you have short t-rex arms like I do. I figured I’d have the same problem with leashes that have only a second handle down near the dog. And, I noticed that the short handle is often very short, because those leashes are often sized for big dogs that are much taller than a 9-lb spastic little dog.I searched and searched and searched. And I found this, with THREE handles! Freaking magnificent. I ordered it, because basically there were no other satisfactory options 🙂 I was worried I’d hate it, b/c I worry about things and b/c I had no other options I liked. But I am definitely happy with it!The handles are all kind of padded. Not so padded as to be too thick and hard to grab, but not rope-feeling. They just feel nice. I have small hands and short fingers, but I have no problem keeping a good grip on this (even while holding my other dog’s flexi-leash handle). The leash itself feels sturdily built, but is not heavy in terms of actual weight like many leashes are. And it’s nice and flexible, not super stiff. Our previous ‘normal’ leash that we were using was only 4′ and felt much heavier and stiffer, but no more secure than this one. I was worried that with the extra length and handles, it would be heavy and stiff and uncomfortable, but I’m really pleased with the feel of this leash. And it’s wide, which at first I felt meh about, but it seems like it’s easier for my dog to untangle himself whenever he accidentally steps across the leash. He doesn’t seem to mind this leash at all.The longest 6′ handle is a nice length to let him sniff around and explore a bit and find a suitable bathroom spot. The medium length is fairly easy to grab even with my short arms and clumsy nature — I just pull back on the longest handle and reach forward with my other hand, and I can grab it. It’s nice for when there are cars nearby and I need to make extra sure he doesn’t get excited stray off the path. Sometimes I walk holding both handles (one in each hand…while holding my other dog’s leash in one hand too) for extra control and training. And the shortest handle is easy to grab once you have the medium handle in your hand. And it’s not too short! I can hold him by the shortest handle, and he can still have all his feet on the ground without straining. It keeps him right at my side (good for calming him or getting full control, or for when I need to pick him up and shield his face from a situation). Also, the extra handles don’t flop around or add awkward weight in weird places or get in the way when you’re not using them.There’s also a D-ring (you can see it in the main pics), which is nice. I got the “Urban Pets Hands Free Dog Poop Bag Holder” [https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01BA4496A/] to clip on, so I wouldn’t have to carry 2 leashes and 2 bags of poop. (You could also clip an accessory bag onto it, or keys, or whatever, but we have a great accessory bag on the flexi-leash already.)I might get a second leash for our other dog, especially for use in the winter when I wear gloves. It seems like it’d be easier to hold onto two of these leashes (esp since you can loop them onto your arm) than holding onto the flexi-leash plus this. But that’s just b/c I worry too much :)TLDR: Excellent leash, get it! Seriously just get it. Design, quality, and price are all excellent.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is fabulous leash that enables me to have full control of my dog. The three handle loops are perfectly located and nicely padded. The leash is a very good buy in my opinion.

  3. Karen

    I love how comfortable and secure this leash is. My new dog is full of energy and strong but I feel in control. The clasp is sturdy. The loops are at just the right lengths apart. Love it!

  4. KnottaTechie

    This leash is perfect for my almost 3-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. For the most part, he is really good on the leash until a bicycle or skateboard goes by. He’s so strong that I really need to be able to hold his leash tight to keep him from lunging. (We’re working on this!) This 3-handle leash allows me to keep a firm hold on the leash when I need him close to me, when he can wander a bit, and when he is on a break and free to roam up to 6 feet away. I originally bought the 2-handle leash which I really liked but that middle handle gives him some room to move about while giving me full control. Max and Neo makes high quality products for a terrific price. I love supporting a vendor that donates a leash to a dog rescue group for every leash sold. I highly recommend their leashes and collars.

  5. Skyler

    Was looking for a leash with three handles as appropriate to use for different occasions. Most leashes only have up to two handles so I was happy when I found this one. It works perfectly and is comfortable to hold. Great for my 70 lbs German Shepherd

  6. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this leash along with the Kurgo Double Dog Leash Extender and the two items look like they were made for each other. It has altered walking with my two 15 pound Cairn Terriers from being frustrating to very enjoyable. I thought the size and weight of this leash would be too much for small dogs but for two strong pullers it is perfect. Immediately the pulling stopped with these two products combined and the extender attached to their halters. The length of the leash allows comfortable walking with the dogs well ahead of me, but if I want them closer or at my side I can use one of the other two handles. Additionally the three handles allow the dog walker much greater flexibility and control of the dog or dogs. The padded handles are very comfortable to hold and easy to keep on my wrist. This product is heavy duty and very well made. The hardware on this leash is extremely strong and well made. The ring below the handle is a nice bonus for clipping on a doggie bag holder or other essentials. This is obviously a well engineered product made by people who understand dogs. The combination of these two products has made walking my dogs together a dream come true.

  7. Larry A.

    This leash is strong and well designed. The three hand holds make it easy to adjust how much slack my dog has. The three hand holds make it very easy to keep positive control of him. I can easily and securely short leash my dog around other people and animals. When no one else is around, I can securely let my dog have more freedom to move.

  8. sam

    I love that I have three handles with padding. Seems like great quality and it has comfortable padded handles.

  9. Andele

    I love having three handles. I clip the top one to my fanny pack and hold the middle one when we are close to people on walks. I use the handle closest to collar for crossing streets or when he gets aggressive. The quality of the leash is amazing too. My little guy has chewed through a few leashes but not this one. Granted it’s a bit thick for my 14 pound poodle mix, but its great. Padded handles a plus! Matching collars and harnesses +++

  10. Misanthropic

    This is THE perfect leash for my reactive, hard pulling rescue dog. Gives me much more control over him. The first one I bought frayed on the edge in one section but is still usable. Not sure if my dog might have chewed on it. Bought my second one just for the color!

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