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Long Leash Waterproof Training Longline Outdoor Dog Leash Great for Training, Beach, Yard, Play, Camping

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About this item DURABLE Training Leash: 100% Environmentally friendly Flex poly coated nylon strap material made the Waterproof Dog Leash, strong tensile resistance can carry 600 – 750 lbs pull force. LONG LEASH: Easy to hold handle, made with metal strong rivets. 360 degree swivel clasp made with strong rivets. It’s great for teaching your dog recalls.Great for hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and swimming! Let our dogs more freedom! Waterproof Lead: It can drag through the water and sand without getting wet. Fast dry sand doesn’t really stick to it, which is a great feature! Good all weather leash! Lightweight SIZE: Perfect Width 1/2 inch (13mm). Various lengths of your choice: 5 feet / 10 feet / 16 feet / 30 feet / 50 feet . Give your dogs more comfortable and fresh! Various Colors: Bright yellow, Apricot brandy red, Purple, Candy Red, Lavender, Emerald Green, Black, Blue, Pink and Orange at your choice. Tips: It is a lead leash, not a chew item, so keep your dog from biting it.

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Product Description

Easy to Clean Waterproof Dog Leash

Dog training leashDog training leash


Nimble is the brand focusing on waterproof pet collars, leashes and vest.

Our pet collar, leash and harness characteristic: Waterproof, Durable and Tough, Easy to clean, No More Smelly, comfortable for your dogs.

Specs: Width 1/2 inch in length 5 ft / 10 ft / 13 ft / 16 ft / 30 ft / 50 ft.

Weight : Around 0.24 lbs/ 0.35 lbs/ 0.44 lbs/ 0.55 lbs/ 0.95 lbs/ 1.43 lbs

Color: High-visibility Bright yellow, pink, blue and orange.

Easy to clean: Dirt and odor resistant straps built for wet and dry conditions.

Long dog leashLong dog leash

Nimble dog leashNimble dog leash

Waterproof long leashWaterproof long leash

washable dog leashwashable dog leash

Durable straps : Flex poly coated nylon strap, durable and tough, strong tensile resistance can carry 600 – 750 lbs pull force.

Soft straps: It is pretty disinclined to knot, even when swirling around other dogs feet.

Waterproof design: It can drag through the water and sand without getting wet and sand doesn’t really stick to it, which is a great feature!

Easy to Clean: Dirt and odor resistant leash built for wet and dry conditions,

Dog training long leashDog training long leash

Why to choose it?

A durable, water-proof leash that allows you to choose different lengths. It’s dirt and odor resistant, easy-to-clean, and made with flex-poly straps and sturdy hardware. Perfect for beach, training, hunting, yard, play, camping, hiking, swimming and everyday adventures.

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360 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches; 14.11 Ounces

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BO – 985

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November 27, 2019

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#9 in Dog Training Leashes

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10 reviews for Long Leash Waterproof Training Longline Outdoor Dog Leash Great for Training, Beach, Yard, Play, Camping

  1. Daniel

    Only use this with adult dogs. My 5-month-old German Shepherd chewed through the out layer in a few seconds while I was trying to hook up my other dog. She was able to cause much more and more severe damage to this leash than a standard nylon flat leash. (TIP: My round nylon leash seems to take no damage from her chewing it briefly while heading out the door.) The inner band is still intact and works great, but it’s not waterproof anymore, and it catches on your hands as the leash slides through. Before my puppy chewed on this, it would slide through your hand very well, whereas standard nylon leashes will burn your hand quickly; this won’t at all. It is built well and feels sturdy. I like the bright yellow color, and the nice-looking, easy-to-use clasp at the end is great! I’ll probably buy a new one once my puppy is more trustworthy. Until then, I’ll keep using this as is. I like the 10-foot length. It’s a good one for walking around the neighborhood or the walking trail on the edge of the community if I want the dogs to have some freedom and get some good smells in while I keep walking.

  2. Erin Baker

    The media could not be loaded.  So I have the 100 foot and ten foot leads, as well as the 50 foot one on the way. These leads are just so great for the price. I’d expect any biothane lead longer than the standard 6 feet to be super expensive. These leads have held up to rigorous use by my 90 lb rescue shepherd. He has hit the end of this thing at full speed on his training harness (we’ve since learned the ropes) and it has held up great. With no cracks and no damage to the clip. I cannot say how this would hold up to chewers although it seems like it wouldn’t be any weaker than a standard lead. The 100 foot lead is what is in the video I attached and it is no joke. I don’t even think I have a video of the full length in one frame. We use it specifically for chuck it fetch in a large field or free roaming afterwards. I wouldn’t recommend this length if your dog isn’t used to being on a long line because it is easy to tangle (I still haven’t found the best storage method) and it is a lot heavier than cheap nylon leads of this length. My dog wasn’t sure he could go further at first when he felt the weight. I also wouldn’t recommend the 100 foot to be attached to anything other than a harness for this same reason. This works great for fetch because the line stays generally parallel to itself but would easily tangle during play or exploration in shrubbery just like any other long line. I love biothane and these leads have good texture. They do hold grip better than some biothane leads when wet, but it still can become difficult to reel in if the grass is damp and your dog is pulling. The ten foot is the perfect length to do training drills in the neigborhoods but still maintain control. This one is light as a feather and not cumbersome at all. I am excited to get the 50 foot lead for dog play dates in open fields (I am still working on his recall so he needs to stay leashed). I’d probably have all other lengths if I wasn’t already I’m using a 25 foot retractable lead for sniff walks.

  3. J. Prentice

    The media could not be loaded.  Ordered a 50ft flat line to use with my puppy in the water at the beach here in Florida. Quality was great for the price, nice rivets on the handle and the swivel clip works great. Pretty easy to wind up and flows through the water really well. Easier to wind up and loop than I anticipated, very easy to clean.Overall very happy and looking forward to using this a lot more.

  4. lablady

    durable and easy to untangle if it gets tangled

  5. Linda C.

    This leash is great in wet grass, etc. I have a young cattle dog that I cant trust off leash. I hook this 16ft leash on her and off we go. It gives me a fighting chance of catching her if she takes off after a critter. Just wish it was 20ft vs. 16ft–which is what we had prior. The prior leash was a cotton blend and would be so heavy after it got wet and very dirty. This new leash wipes down in sceconds and is clean in dry.My only fault with this company is that they sent a 60Ft leash the first time–had to return to get the correct length.

  6. muddymud

    Works great on the beach. Did not collect sand and stays dry.

  7. c.williams

    This thing works great. Used it while camping as the main lead for my dog to be staked out with. He’s 56lbs and defiantly a puller. No breakage. It is thick but small at the same time so if you got a constant chewer would not recommend to keep them on it for long periods by themselves.

  8. kaylea hartkaylea hart

    This is my dog Charlie, he is not off leash trained. I took him from my brother and sil where he had a fenced in back yard to condos with no yard. I felt it wasn’t fair to keep him in the house all day long with no freedom to run. Luckily we have a field next to our place and it’s perfect for him.He loves it, I love it. It’s good to have him have his freedom to run around and play fetch. But it gives me relief to be able to have control over the situation and surroundings if something were to happen. If he gets to far, i can easily grab and bring him back towards me.I highly recommend getting this, Charlie is a little reactive when it comes to other dogs and people. So this gives us the best of both worlds.

  9. Kallie

    Love it except it gets tangled easily

  10. Hyacinth

    A long leash is an essential dog training to for teaching recall or working up to offleash commands. This wide flat leash works perfectly, doesn’t tangle, and rolls up compactly. Highly recommended.

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