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Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs Automatic Anti Barking Collar Dog Training with Beep Vibration Shock Stop Barking Control Devices IP67 Waterproof (Black)

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About this item 【Suitable for All Dogs】This lightweight bark collar is suitable for dogs of all sizes, the adjustable strap allows you to choose the size that fits your dog’s neck, you can cut off the excess part of the collar to make the dog more comfortable to wear. The design of a reflective nylon automatic bark collar is perfect for walking with your dog when it gets dark. 【2 Humane Training Modes】The no bark collars for dogs offer 4 sensitivity levels and 2 training modes to effectively detect the barking of dogs of all sizes. You can choose to set this anti barking device to no shock mode with only beep and vibration, or to shock mode, beep, vibration and shock. No shock mode is recommended for small dogs from 5-15lbs. 【Rechargeable & IP67 Waterproof】Don’t worry about replacing the batteries. This vibrating dog collar comes with a USB cable and lasts about 16 days on a full charge. Once your dog doesn’t react to this bark control for a short time, the anti-bark collar goes into standby sleep mode. Kiuluta dog bark collar designed with IP67 waterproof and resistant to rain, snow and mud splashes, you can walk with your pet in any weather. 【No False Triggers】With a strict false barking detection function, this dog barking control device is equipped with smart sensors and chips that will detect the dog’s bark at a specific frequency and decibel, the barking collar will be triggered by the vibration of the dog’s throat, no longer falsely triggered by other sounds or other dogs, activating faster and more accurately with no delay. 【6 step Automatic Cycle】Bark shock collar works in automatic mode without remote control, ideal for people who lack expertise or are too busy but want to correct their dog’s bad barking habits, 6-step progressive mode can remind the barking dog step by step, after activating the sixth step it will enter protection mode for 2 minutes to prevent your dog from being overly punished. Humanistic care and scientific training are combined to achieve the ideal training effect.

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4.17 x 3.23 x 2.32 inches; 6.74 Ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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October 10, 2022

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Dongguan Dogreat Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

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#6 in Bark Collars

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10 reviews for Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs Automatic Anti Barking Collar Dog Training with Beep Vibration Shock Stop Barking Control Devices IP67 Waterproof (Black)

  1. SRF

    Pros:- Training Triumph: I have a mix breed furry friend who used to bark at everything within a 1.5 block radius. The collar worked wonders in just a few tries, especially with the beep and vibration levels.- Battery Brilliance: No complaints about the battery life. It’s been a month, and I haven’t had to play hide and seek with the charger, which is a relief.- Automatic Ease: The collar’s automatic correction without needing a remote is a game-changer for outdoor activities. It’s like having a silent behavioral coach on my pet’s neck.- Tailored Training: With different power settings and modes, the collar offers a range of options. It’s like having a customized training program for my four-legged friend.Cons:- Smart Adaptation: My furry friend adapted by mumbling and grumbling instead of barking to outsmart the collar. It’s amusing, but it highlights the cleverness of our pets.- Shock Hesitation: Frankly, I haven’t dared to use the shock feature. The beep and vibration do the job well, and the shock just feels like uncharted territory.- Weighty Concerns: The collar feels a bit heavy, and the strap length is puzzling. Cutting it to size is fine, but the fraying end is a bit disappointing.- Water Woes: The charging port cover decided to part ways after the first use. Now, it’s not as water-resistant as promised, and that’s a bit of a letdown.

  2. K W

    This collar has been amazing at stopping our dog from barking. The strap is adjustable and the battery life is extremely long. We can go for over 2 weeks before we have to recharge it. We only use the vibration mode and it has been highly effective.

  3. Olivia Tayler

    Safety features are programed in and the instructions were very clear and detailed. It even comes with a test light to ensure that the collar is working properly.

  4. Sue

    This device has kept our dog from barking when on vibration. Works great.

  5. Katie Ingraham

    I love this bark collar! I have a pug mix that I love to death but drives me crazy with the barking. He will bark at anyone that passes and continue for 5 minutes after they are long gone. I have a training collar but would always forget the remote. The nice thing with this is I don’t have to remember anything and it automatically corrects him. I only put it on him when we are outside or on walks and it seems to work really well. He has learned that if he doesn’t bark and just whines or growls or barks in a soft low tone that it doesn’t get after him. Annoying to me but not loud enough to disturb my neighbors. So all and all its been a huge help for me and I am very happy with this product! I tried to post pictures and a video but they refuse to load unfortunately. Technology. It is very simple to use. Has 4 power settings with each setting increasing in beeping and vibration with the last adding in shock. I mostly just use the third setting. It uses mostly beeping and vibration and seems to work well on him. It also has a mode button that has two settings. The first is the beeping and vibration only and the second uses the shock. I use the first one but for a very stubborn dog the second might be needed or if your dog has long hair and doesnt notice the vibration as well.

  6. Eve Espinosa

    My grandparents have two beagles that are four years old. Ever since they’ve had them, they would shriek and howl when they’re outside in the yard. Due to the fact they’ve escaped multiple times and don’t come back home, they have to be penned in their dog park while outside, which they absolutely hate. My grandma was at the end of her rope and ready to take them to the shelter to be rid of them. We live out on a farm in the woods, but we do have neighbors and are afraid one of them will end up calling the police or animal control if we didn’t get the dogs to stop barking.To be clear, we’ve tried other training methods to get them to stop shrieking, but these are beagles! They were bred to light off, especially when they catch the scent of prey. The male especially will go off for hours without rest, and when his sister joins in, they can be heard MILES away! It’s enough to give me migraines… When we bought this collar, we initially intended to only use the vibration and tone function, but we quickly realized the male wasn’t understanding and we unfortunately had to use the shock function twice. After that, COMPLETE SILENCE! He immediately put two and two together and realized if he barked, unpleasantness was to follow. I know how terrible it sounds, but we’ve been dealing with their shrieking for years, and it needed to stop. This was our last effort before giving them away, which we really didn’t want to do.It’s only been a couple days, but he now stays quiet and we can finally have peace on our farm. We have since turned off the shock function and the vibration and tone function are enough to keep him from acting out of line. The female still shrieks, so we have ordered her own collar. She seems genuinely puzzled as to why her brother refuses to join in with her now. We can’t thank this company enough for finally giving us peace and quiet, and now both beagles can enjoy time outside in their dog park and we don’t have to keep them locked inside the house for fear of upsetting our neighbors.

  7. Cassidy

    So I have 2 dogs one is a jug and the other a none stop barker.i have tried all kinds of collars ,sprays,clickers, dog whistles, spray bottles I wasted so much money through the years. I came a cross this one it was my last hope if it didn’t work I would of had to remove my furr baby’s. I am so so very grateful this one worked right away. Thank you so much I have no clue what I would of done if I had to find a new home for them thank u.

  8. Emily P

    This Dog bark collar is not the first I’ve bought but is the best one and is very affordable. I recommend that you buy one if you have a dog that barks at anything.

  9. weihan

    Since I got this, my dog no longer barks wantonly, which has brought great convenience to my life.

  10. Bow-Kay E.

    This was just the collar we needed. Loved the easy setup and slick look. Would definitely recommend!

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