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IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash with Car Seatbelt for Large, Medium Dogs, Adjustable, 4-6 FT Strong Bungee Leash

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About this item 🐕Multifunctional Dog Leash for Large Dogs: IOKHEIRA dog leash for large dogs is stitched with reflective threads which will help to protect your dog at night. Constructed with a car buckle, this dog leash can also be used as a dog seatbelt. D ring at the end of the handle could be used to hang accessories, like dog bowl and poo bag. 🐕Heavy-Duty Dog Leash: This dog leash is constructed with a lightweight (only 15g) and super durable carabiner. Carabiner of this dog leash is made from aviation aluminum alloy whose Max Force Tension is 350 kg. Ergonomic cured design of the carabiner make it more easily to lock the D ring. 🐕Elastic Bungee Dog Leash: IOKHEIRA dog leash uses innovative Zero Shock Technology to absorb shock coming from dog pull. That will help you to control your dog and make the walk with your dog more enjoyable. 🐕Adjustable Dog Leash: Length of this nylon dog leash can be adjusted from 4 feet to 6 feet which means it can be used for small, medium and large dogs. Made from super nylon, this dog leash can withstand pulling power of a 200 LB dog. Length of 4-6 feet is a perfect balance between freedom and control, giving enough freedom to your dog and keeping the dog under your control. 🐕2 Handles for Enjoyable Walk: Walk handle and traffic control handle make the walk more enjoyable. Walk handle of the dog leash helps you and your dog to have a happy walk, and traffic control will help you to control the dog when you are crossing road, or when you want to stop to talking with others.

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8.35 x 4.33 x 1.81 inches; 7.37 Ounces

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December 6, 2019

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#79 in Standard Dog Leashes

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3,983 ratings

10 reviews for IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash with Car Seatbelt for Large, Medium Dogs, Adjustable, 4-6 FT Strong Bungee Leash

  1. Jon

    I like that this has several features.1. Two decent handles2. A universal car seat belt plug in buckle…it’s the gray square metal part with the square hole in it…that plugs into any car seat belt receptacle!3. Elastic portion to soften any sudden pulls by the dog to himself and my arm.4. Reflective tracers.5. Adjustable length with the slide buckle.6. A carabiner type clip to attach to the dog or another leash7. An additional ring near the loop handle to attach another leash.Overall I like it and it is quality for the money. I walk my 3 dogs with it…I add an anti tangle two dog coupler to it for the two dogs which are sisters on the ring near the main handle and the third dog I put him on his own leash attached to the carabiner clip on the other end…I am able to hold the 9ne handle with the two dogs in my left hand and the other handle in my right hand which attaches to the other dog, they don’t get tangled and if I need to free up a hand they are all automatically still all on one leash. It is the best setup I have been able to use for multiple dogs…but one should know that the coupler for the two dogs and the extra leash for dog three were my own additions to this and not included. But for one dog this is an excellent universal and adjustable product that can be used many ways to find the setup that works best for your comfort and length.

  2. DG

    I don’t have my dog yet, but this is seriously the nicest least I have ever seen. It is basically a military/tactical grade leash, if there were such a thing. Not only is it like seatbelt-level strong, it is also packed with useful features. Honestly, it has more features then I thought were possible in a dog leash.First off, it is adjustable. It also has a strong grip emergency handle. A section of the leash is bungee material so it has a little stretch. The coolest thing though, is that it has a seatbelt latch to secure your pup in the car, just like you would a child. I am very, very happy with my purchase. I have a really hard time believing that it is even possible for this thing to rip so the negative reviews that I read before purchasing must be paid trolls or something. I seriously think that people are cutting it in half because like I said, this thing is STRONG! I have a pretty good feeling that I won’t need to buy another leash for at least a decade. Unless I get another dog.

  3. Cat

    Everything works well on this lead! Great length on seat belt connector! The traffic handle is perfect I also like how well made it is! Bought a different brand prior to this and had to return it because the seat belt connector was way too long for safety… this one was perfect!

  4. J. Levy

    I am SO glad this came up as a suggestion after spending hours looking at different leashes. I have tried short ones, long ones, retractable ones, and even tried the bungee extensions you can put on the end. And still, my Border Collie would pull like hell and I struggled with loose-leash training. I’m so glad I got this for these reasons:1. Length. 4’ to 6’ adjustable length doesn’t seem like much. But it’s been brilliant for loose-leash training. I started at pretty much the 4’. And it helped me really retain control easily, so I could get her to stop pulling as soon as she tried walking ahead. Over the course of just a couple weeks, we’re at 6’2. Handle. I NEVER expected this handle to be particularly comfortable. But even on a bad leash-pulling day, I could walk her for hours without my hand hurting.3. Bungee. I was skeptical of this because every bungee extension I ever tried didn’t feel like it had much stretch, if any at all. But this one you can actually feel. Makes it easier on your arm with a pulling dog. And the short gradual resistance helps with the training because she starts to feel the resistance and it builds up quickly, rather than going from loose to choking her. Basically, it helped her learn the distance control.4. Seat belt. I’m one of those over-protective dog owners. And I have tried other solutions to help keep a dog safe in the back. But they were always too tedious to use. With this, I just buckle her in with her harness as easy as it sounds. And the best part is it’s always with you. No contraptions you need to keep in the car. And she can hop in any car and go.5. The hook. It attaches well and does feel sturdy, not cheap. My only tiny gripe is that it’s at an odd angle, so getting the leash off requires an odd motion, compared to traditional ones. However, this odd kind of looping motion is small, and you get the hang of it quickly.Finally, the ring for doggie bags is the perfect touch. Ultimately, I was originally planning on using my top 3 leashes depending on the situation. But this is the only one I use. And I’m planning on buying one as a gift for a couple people.

  5. Melissa JonesMelissa Jones

    I have had similar leashes over the years, each with two handles and claiming to be extra sturdy, but this is the best one I have tried so far. My dog is fairly calm on walks 90% of the time, but the other 10% she decides that today is the day she finally catches a squirrel. With other leashes, if I wasn’t paying close enough attention and bracing for it, her lunging would hurt my shoulder or hand (depending on where I was holding the leash) because she’s a very strong and determined 70lbs. With this leash, the bungee section really does absorb a lot of the tension, and I am able to be more in control. She has even looked back at me confused a couple of times because she’s not able to get as much traction as usual! Additionally, the handles are much more comfortable in comparison to similar leashes. I love the rounded main handle, as I have smaller and softer hands so it gives me a good area to grip and not feel sharp edges digging into my hand. The rubber front handle allows me to steer her safely out of squirrel alley with an even more secure grip. Aesthetically, the light blue color is also very pretty in my opinion. I would definitely recommend for any fellow unwitting squirrel hunters out there.

  6. Jessica

    This 3 in 1 leash is wonderful. I can easily grip the handle closest to my pup when I need to. The seat belt buckle makes it easier to click her in and out of the car without having to struggle to remove her old seat belt from her harness. And the length of the leash makes it much simpler to keep control of her. It’s not too long but it’s not too short either so, she can still explore without going too far or making me have too much leash in my hand, especially while on walks with my 2 year old. 10/10 would buy again.

  7. Micheal Gonzales

    I really loved this leash, I got it to match my sdits summer mesh vest. The seatbelt feature was really handy to have. The color was so vibrant. And apparently my 2yr old Belgian Malinios and German shepherd mix (my SDIT) thought it was mighty tasty since she decided to eat the handle. I’ll definitely be ordering a replacement soon though.

  8. Aaron


  9. Erika

    I enjoy having this dog leash. It’s chew friendly and it has two spots to hold for training and letting them loose. It also has the car seat buckle which is a plus.

  10. Rafael Gonzalez

    Excelente producto, buena calidad y mi perro se siente a gusto usandolo.

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