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INVIROX Shock Collar for Large Dog [2024 Edition] 123 Levels Dog Shock Collar with Remote 1100yd Range Shock Collar for Medium Dogs 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with Remote

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About this item Professional Dog Shock Collar: Exclusive remote design featuring 123 training levels, beep (1-8) vibration (1-16) and shock mode (1-99). INVIROX Dog training collar allows you to adjust the stimulation to a level that is best suited to gently communicate with your furry friend. Safe training collar for dogs: Decrease accidental shock by sliding the security keypad lock to prevent mis operation. Award-winning dog training & behavior aids Up to 3350 ft: range performance e collar for dogs enables training your dog in any conditions; park, backyard, beach, woods & open field. 100% Waterproof : Lightweight shock collar for dogs, IP67 e collar for dogs training. Can serve as a manual bark collar. dog shock collar with remote for large dogs Suitable for 8 lbs~110 lbs size dogs 24/7 Customer Service & 1-Year Warranty: Rechargeable dog training collar with remote- lasts up to 45 days & the shock collar with up to 15 days operation per single charge

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Product Description

123 levels of control pro collar for dog123 levels of control pro collar for dog

sport dog  2022 edition dog caresport dog  2022 edition dog care

Start a New Age of Communication With Your Dog

As a military veterans in the dog’s commando unit – We have participated in countless operations with our dogs, including rescuing casualties in the 9/11 attack.

After careful examination in lab & field during our service, we are confident to introduce our high-end product in which already take its place as the most flexible & professional E collar in the market.

INVIROX strives to provide the ultimate dog training gear across the world.

100% safety100% safety

100% Safety

Award-winning Dog Training Collar & behavior aids with maximum Safety!

Train & Care -  With Up To 123 Training Levelsk collarTrain & Care -  With Up To 123 Training Levelsk collar

123 Training Levels

The INVIROX E collar provides the most innovative and flexible training gear in the market. With up to 123 training levels solutions, you can gently correct your baby’s unwanted behavior. Features shock mode (1-99), vibration mode (1-16), and beep (1-8)

dog training collar ip 67 waterproofdog training collar ip 67 waterproof

IP67 100% Waterproof

IP67 Fully waterproof dog shock collar provides you the flexibility to train your dog around all kind of water places; Lakes, ponds & beaches while wearing an INVIROX dog training collar

sportdog training collar - Rechargeable Batteries For Long Timesportdog training collar - Rechargeable Batteries For Long Time

Rechargeable Batteries For Long Time

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this E collar features a quick charge and lasts about 15 days operation while the remote lasts 45 days per charge. Provides you with efficiency while training your dog.

Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote 3 modesShock Collars for Dogs with Remote 3 modes

1100 Yards Range

Reach an amazing range of control in the palm of your hands with extensive 1100 yards operation

Train & Care -  With Up To 123 Training Levelsk collarTrain & Care -  With Up To 123 Training Levelsk collar

123 Training Level

dog training collar ip 67 waterproofdog training collar ip 67 waterproof

IP67 100% Waterproof

sportdog training collar - Rechargeable Batteries For Long Timesportdog training collar - Rechargeable Batteries For Long Time

Rechargeable Batteries For Long Time

Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote 3 modesShock Collars for Dogs with Remote 3 modes

1100 Yards Range



We at INVIROX are more than delighted to share our dream with you!

As a commando dogs unit veterans- we worked with hundreds of dogs on a daily routine.

Our dogs had to learn top complex commands to join us for any army mission that came along the way.

Educating those dogs was a challenging task. Even though we had the right tools at our disposal.

The ordinary person would not have those tools available.

Therefore, we have decided to develop a top-notch product which will remain professional & yet accessible to all dog owners.

With INVIROX dog training collar you will get the ultimate training gear to start a new age of communication with your furry friend.

Always remember, the very first step in educating our beloved ones has to begin with understanding their needs & natural behavior.

Only then can we give them the right treatment which fits those needs – and always with love

dog training collar dog shock collar for small dogs dog shock collar for large dog ecollardog training collar dog shock collar for small dogs dog shock collar for large dog ecollar

Legal Disclaimer

Please read and follow instructions from the User Manual. Proper fit of the collar is important. This collar is suitable for dogs from 8 to 110lbs. A collar worn for too long or made too tight on a pet’s neck may cause skin damage. Avoid leaving the collar on dogs for more than 6 hours per day.

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages and injuries, or any damages and injuries whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of this Product. Buyer assumes all risks and liability from the use of this product.

Additional information

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

6.69 x 5.67 x 1.77 inches; 11.64 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎

2024 Dog Training Collar

Batteries ‏ : ‎

2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

September 28, 2021

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#12 in Electronic Training Collars

Customer Reviews:

5,819 ratings

9 reviews for INVIROX Shock Collar for Large Dog [2024 Edition] 123 Levels Dog Shock Collar with Remote 1100yd Range Shock Collar for Medium Dogs 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with Remote

  1. Kristopher

    The INVIROX Shock Collar is an advanced training tool that provides effective and reliable training for your furry companion. With its impressive features, including 123 training levels, a long-range remote, waterproof design, and rechargeable capabilities, this collar is a standout choice for dog owners seeking efficient training solutions.The extensive range of 123 training levels allows you to find the perfect intensity for your dog’s specific needs. From mild to more intense stimulations, you can customize the training experience to suit your dog’s temperament and response. This level of control ensures effective training without causing harm or distress to your pet.The remote control offers a remarkable range of up to 1100 yards, allowing you to train your dog from a distance. This is particularly useful for off-leash training or when you need to correct behaviors from afar. The remote’s ergonomic design and user-friendly interface make it easy to use and navigate through the training options.Designed with durability in mind, the INVIROX Shock Collar is 100% waterproof, allowing your dog to comfortably wear it during outdoor activities, even in wet conditions. This ensures reliable performance in various weather conditions, and you can confidently train your dog without worrying about water damage.The collar and remote are both rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. With a full charge, the collar provides long-lasting usage, ensuring you can train your dog consistently without interruptions. The convenience of rechargeability also makes this collar an environmentally friendly choice.INVIROX also offers a hassle-free return or replacement policy, eligible through June 30, 2023. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of their product.Overall, the INVIROX Shock Collar is a reliable and effective training tool for dog owners. Its customizable training levels, long-range remote, waterproof design, and rechargeable capabilities make it a top choice for training medium to large dogs. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this training collar and enjoy a well-behaved and happy dog.

  2. Corie J. Cerullo

    The price does not match the quality of this amazing collar! I bought a different collar at the same price and it only worked for a month and wasn’t very strong. Trying to use it to train my dog was hit or miss. This collar has been a lifesaver. It’s very easy to use and learn all the features. It’s also very strong. Now I only have to use the “tone” feature and my dog responds immediately. I love the remote with the hang strap. Such a convenient feature. My favorite feature is the lock option. It’s so nice not worrying about accidentally correcting my dog with the wrong signal. I could go on and on about how great this is. I also love the tool that made it simple to change the prongs and getting two different sizes of prongs based on the type of dog you have. It’s worth it!

  3. Brandon Roberts

    I have a three year old long haired German Shepherd, Blu, and he’s 110 pounds. The collar fit him perfectly with room to spare. There is PLENTY of adjustability and customizable parts in this kit. It’s like going to an Italian restaurant with 100 menu items. I was a bit overwhelmed when unboxing. I felt special when I saw a plastic VIP card with my own VIP number for the company to identify each kit. So tasteful. It’s clear that this kit is designed by dog trainers and not some crap you find at PetSmart outsourced from China. They thought of everything when implementing what you receive. They make sure you have the best experience and ease of use when buying their product. Wonderful.1. Two different collar types.- A bungee, which I found difficult to take on and off, but I see why some people would prefer it. It was a hassle trying to use the screws in my opinion as I had to get some plyers to hold one side and tighten with a flathead screwdriver on the other side.- Normal plastic clip/fabric with tasteful reflective stitching (which I preferred). No tools required to use this attachment method.2. Lanyard for transmitter- Wrist strap. I found it was not the most practical solution for having easy access to your transmitter. I do not personally want to hold the transmitter in my hand and have it dangle from my wrist when not in use. Again, personal preference.- Neck lanyard (my favorite) I feel like a professional dog trainer wearing the transmitter this way. It creates convenient access when I need it. Not having to keep it somewhere in my pocket, having full access to both my hands when not in use, and slinging it behind my back when I need to bend down and give Blu pets is a win for me.3. Prong length adjustment.- The longer prong is I would say about 3/4 of an inch, I did not have to shave Blu down. Even with his long hair I did not need to get past a level 10/99 on the shock for him to respond immediately, then 8/16 on the vibration.- They include this adorable tool with a wrench cutout unscrew the short prongs installed out of the box and switch to the longer prongs. It has two wires attached to an LED so you can test that the prongs are working properly. Again, so tasteful.4. Charging- Okay… a micro usb to USB-A connection… for a 2023 model of a product. Disappointing given the fact I plan on using this daily. My crappy Chinese headlamp uses has USB-C, and that does not nearly match the quality or pride INVIROX takes in their product. Again.. a bit disappointing. I would gladly buy the 2024 model if they came out with USB-C charging capability for the transmitter and collar.- The rubber cover for charging port on the collar is held on by… a metal Phillips screw? I don’t see that lasting given the fact that it’s holding down rubber. Over time I see the rubber tearing from this design mistake, especially since you cannot turn it completely out of the way for charging. Instead it rests at a stressful 90 degree angle along the charging wire, putting more stress on the joint where the metal screw and the rubber meet. Having the rubber go into a plastic ball joint socket to allow the cover to swivel completely out of the way would be such a better design decision. Again, my $15 headlamp even does that.This is my first time buying or using an e-collar to incorporate into my training. I don’t write reviews often but I was absolutely blown away by this company’s pride and product support. Not to mention how great of a deal it is for the quality and amount of support with instructional videos offered to get you through each step of ownership. I highly recommend you check out the INVIROX YouTube channel before purchasing to make sure you’re buying this collar for the right reasons. This is only for responsible dog owners with respect for their dog and their training tools.This was not to punish my dog, but to effectively communicate. I thought the prong choke training collar was a game changer when I could finally walk with him without being pulled down the street. Now I’ve taken my training to a new level with this tool. I use the beep like a clicker to communicate a good behavior, and the vibrate for correcting a behavior or action. Use the electric shock only if you want your dog to be terrified of whatever you are shocking them for. You want to make sure the message is abundantly clear for why you use each of the three functions because you can cause some serious confusion between you and your dog if used incorrectly. It really hurt Blu’s feelings when I did the shock, but it did not HURT HIM! It is simply a matter of using stimulation to communicate a message. I put the prongs on my forearm at level 10/99 and you sure can feel it, but I didn’t go throwing the transmitter across the room like I got shot with a taser. For the love of God, please do not go turning this thing up to 99 on the first training session. Bump it up gradually until your dog responds if you so choose to use the shock function. The vibration communicated to Blu enough to the point I will only use the shock in the event of an emergency.Enjoy training your pet! I know I have extensively and this is a wonderful tool to have under my belt as I continue my journey with Blu.

  4. Luke

    Good battery life. Lots of sound, vibrate and shock settings. 2 channels for 2 dogs. Works from a good distance within line of sight. Only tried from 2-300 ft.

  5. Rkymtnbelle

    This training collar is great. I find it very easy to use. The different attention getting modes and various settings for each mode is easy to use and set. I love that it supports veterans and is made in America. This is a high quality collar and I highly recommend.

  6. Shelby

    This is a really great product. I have always hated the idea of a shock collar, but this totally changed my mind and my dogs behavior! I ultimately resorted to a shock collar after many attempts of trying to get my dog to not jump on people or tear things up or just not listen to me, and I also heard many people tell me shock collars work. Before using the shock, my fiance and I both decided to shock ourselves before we used it on our dog and found that it really doesn’t hurt, but definitely uncomfortable. All of that being said, I rarely shock my dog, I usually use the sounds and work my way up if he isn’t listening. My dog almost always stops and listens when I use the sound, and when he doesn’t he gets so confused by the vibration! We have only had this for a week and he has already stopped jumping on people (for the most part) and runs up to them and sits down. Every time he runs and grabs something he is not supposed to have, he has started listening to me when I tell him to drop it. I never review things, but this one I felt like I had to, completely recommend!!!

  7. Shontae Ayala

    We have been using this to train our german shepherd mix that was outta control. He is not running off anymore and has helped with the verbal command training. Only shocked him once on low setting when he took off running and he hasn’t done it since. Love the vibration and sound options. The charge lasts for a long time and love the control lock option so buttons aren’t accidentally pushed while active. Would recommend this to help with training your dog. It has worked wonders for us.

  8. Ethan Nathanial Buford

    This product turned my dumb puppy into a smart dog. Ideal for obedience and off leash training. Capturing your dog’s attention span while outside is key, and this product offers three levels of escalation for your dog to tune in and respond to your command or signal. My dog just follows me now and I rarely have to push any of the buttons, but when I do, it’s normally just the ring button two times in a row and she comes running (similar to a bird’s whistle). The Vibration works well to make her avoid certain boundaries or items, and also helped teach her ‘drop it’ when she brings the ball back and refuses to let me have it. Now I just say ‘drop it’ no more vibration button needed there. I’ve only had to zap her a few times and it’s usually when her attention span is fixated on something like a cat or poop. She’s been using this for at least two months now, and sometimes I take her outside with it off, and she listens just the same. This product will save your butt and relationship with your puppy/dog by establishing a solid and reliable communication system. Good Luck, it really helped me and my cute little Rottweiler Pup. We use this every time we ‘go outside’, and live on a farm, so luckily no more leashes for us.

  9. sbennett09

    Love these collars! A friend I dog sat for used these on her silver lab and I loved it! I have 2 water dogs so I was skeptical about a collar that was truly waterproof, but after seeing their lab with it on getting in and out of the pond I was confident with going ahead and purchasing.I’ve had my first collar since Nov. 2022 and I’ve had zero issues with it – it stays charged for days! I recently purchased a second collar, as I got a second dog. I’ve had a couple connectivity issues with the collar / remote. I reached out to the Invirox and they resolved my issue immediately. It’s nice dealing with a company with great customer service and products. I will suggest these collars to anyone!

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