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Hi Kiss Dog/Puppy Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead/ Leash – 15ft 20ft 30ft 50ft 100ft – Great for Play, Camping, or Backyard – Black

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About this item Dimensions – This dog leash measures 3/4in wide by 15 feet long. Great for hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and swimming! Long Leash: This training leash is great for teaching your dog recalls. It has the length needed to allow them to wander and ensure your command to come! is obeyed. Nylon Training Lead – This durable, long, nylon dog training leash will outlast cotton leashes. All stitching is reinforced and the nickel plated clip swivels to resist twisting. Our long dog leash is great for medium and large dogs. You’ll love using it as a backyard dog leash, for off leash dog training, and more. Allows you to teach your dog recalls and other obedience skills. Swivel-style bolt snap resists twisting

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The brand concept of Hi Kiss

Paying for nothing but value.Hi Kiss strives to reduce the links that do not produce use value.

We really are just like you and your buddies: Obsessed with dogs. And like you, we spend as much time as possible walking the prairie, roaming the woods, or searching the sky from a waterfowl blind.

Hi Kiss


Hi Kiss dog training leash

This durable, long, nylon dog training leash will outlast cotton leashes. All stitching is reinforced and the nickel plated clip swivels to resist twisting. Our long dog leash is great for medium and large dogs. You’ll love using it as a backyard dog leash, for off leash dog training, and more.Hi Kiss nylon training leash provide extra strength for controlling large dogs. This extra long training lead is designed for distance training. Handle the dogs with this sturdy leads.

1. Favourable prices.In order to save customers every penny. Hi Kiss makes a series of efforts, including customizing products only from leading factories, selling products online, avoiding huge advertisement budget.

2.Making goods of high quality rather than poor quality.It chooses fine materials and demands 100% quality check for all products.



This nylon training leash heavy duty 100-percent nylon lead is strong enough to control even large dogs. Swivel-style bolt snap resists twisting. Measures 3/4in wide by 15ft 20ft 30ft 50ft 100ft length.

About the Hi Kiss Brand Orange Check Cord

A check cord is a great tool for exercising and training dogs. Lightweight and easy to coil and carry, this high-visibility, 30-foot orange check cord is soft on your hands, tangle-free to prevent knots that get hung up on brush, and will float if submerged. With a heavy-duty snap, you’re in confident control during training sessions.

  • Tangle-free design
  • Easy-coil construction
  • Heavy-duty snap
  • Highly visible Rainbow/orange/red/blue/pink/Purple
  • Floats



  1. 15 and 20 Feet: Great for exploratory walking, potty with shorter range.
  2. 30 Feet: Close ball play, using the potty with freedom.
  3. 50 and 100 Feet: Recall training, freedom to romp, off-leash simulation.





Train the puppies to follow your instructions: This rope is suitable for training the puppy to focus on you, also allowing it to run agilely without getting out of your sight or control. To train it and make it follow your instructions to stop and recall.

Form memories:This rope is suitable for training your puppy to act from their memories. It trains the puppy to get used to the farthest distance from you, so when you move, memories will help it keep up to a certain distance.

Further uses:Use as a pulling rope to ensure the pupppy’s safety when you take your puppy for a walk, games and walking along the beach, when you work, tie it in the backyard to guard the yard.

By designing our products in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind,Hi Kiss has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories.

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3.94 x 1.38 x 3.94 inches; 1.76 Ounces

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June 5, 2017

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Zhixuanke Network Technology Co Ltd

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10 reviews for Hi Kiss Dog/Puppy Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead/ Leash – 15ft 20ft 30ft 50ft 100ft – Great for Play, Camping, or Backyard – Black

  1. BeachTV

    Training your dog is an essential part of pet ownership, and the HIKISS Long Dog Leash Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead is here to assist you in achieving successful obedience and recall training. This versatile leash offers both freedom and control, allowing your dog to explore while maintaining a strong connection to you. Join me as we explore the design, functionality, durability, and training benefits of the HIKISS Long Dog Leash.The HIKISS Long Dog Leash is thoughtfully designed with both the dog and owner in mind. The length of the leash provides ample freedom for your dog to roam, sniff, and explore their surroundings while maintaining your ability to maintain control and ensure their safety. The sturdy nylon material offers durability, while the metal hardware ensures secure attachment to your dog’s collar or harness. The sleek design and neutral color options make it suitable for various training environments and dog breeds.The HIKISS Long Dog Leash excels in functionality, making it an invaluable tool for obedience, recall, and agility training. The length of the leash allows for increased range of motion, facilitating exercises such as recall training, long-distance stays, and agility drills. The sturdy metal clip ensures a secure attachment to your dog’s collar or harness, providing peace of mind during training sessions. The leash also features a comfortable padded handle, offering a firm and comfortable grip. With its versatility and functionality, the HIKISS Long Dog Leash becomes an indispensable aid in your training efforts.Durability is an important factor when it comes to dog leashes, and the HIKISS Long Dog Leash stands up to the challenge. Crafted from high-quality nylon material, it is built to withstand the rigors of training sessions and outdoor adventures. The metal hardware is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion. The leash’s construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing reliable control and safety during training activities. While it’s always important to properly care for and maintain any dog leash, the HIKISS Long Dog Leash is designed to withstand regular use and hold up well over time.The HIKISS Long Dog Leash offers numerous training benefits for obedience, recall, and agility training. The increased length allows for practicing commands and exercises at a distance, aiding in recall training and reinforcing positive behaviors. The freedom of movement provided by the leash promotes active engagement during agility training, enabling your dog to navigate obstacles with confidence. The strong connection between you and your dog helps build trust and reinforces their understanding of commands and boundaries. The HIKISS Long Dog Leash becomes an invaluable tool in shaping your dog’s behavior and improving their overall training experience.The HIKISS Long Dog Leash Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead combines freedom and control in a durable and functional design. With its versatile length, sturdy construction, and training benefits, this leash becomes an essential tool for obedience, recall, and agility training. Whether you’re working on reinforcing commands, practicing recall, or enhancing your dog’s agility skills, the HIKISS Long Dog Leash provides the flexibility and reliability you need. Invest in this training aid and embark on a rewarding journey of training and bonding with your furry friend.

  2. E Benedict

    The media could not be loaded.  I have a rescue who isn’t much of a flight risk but can sometimes be reactive with other dogs and we are still working at recall. I took him off leash at a large park and he was running up to other dogs and not coming back to me when called, so I decided to get one of these to practice recall and so he can go pretty much “off leash” but i still have control of him. Also, he is a big sniffer and I do get sick of having to follow him everywhere so he can sniff things, so this is an awesome solution. Overall, I love this product!A couple small things:-It’s on the flimsy side. It’s basically just thin flat nylon with a loop handle (not a separate handle) and the clip is small compared to regular leash clips. My dog is only 9 lbs, but if you have a 100 lb heavy puller, I might be a little nervous about wear and tear on it. My dog is also not a chewer but I think an aggressive chewer might make a dent easily in this material. It definitely is not a long version of a regular high-quality leash – it’s for a specific purpose.-That said, it also is super light and portable (I just toss it in my backpack if there’s a chance we’ll go somewhere) which is a bonus.-30 feet is LONG. I didn’t realize how long it was until I got it. It’s great, but initially I was worried it was a little too long.-It does get tangled, inevitably. However, it’s fairly easy to untangle due to the nylon, and it’s easy to quickly gather up if you need to shorten it quickly. I just basically bunch it all up in my hand and then slowly let it out.-I got bright green because I read that you should get a bright color so it sticks out. I did not consider the fact that green is also the color of grass. I am still happy with the color, but if you’re looking for a color that sticks out from grass…don’t get green lol.

  3. Karen D.

    I love this leash. I bought the purple, and in the light of a bulb is shines. Of course, that’s not the reasonI purchased it, but it’s pretty to look at. I use this for a slightly different purpose. I put my dog on thisleash while we’re on the deck, and let her go to the yard to go potty. When she’s done, I can guide herfrom her wandering back to the stairs where she will come back up to me. This is useful for olderpeople who may have mobility concerns climbing stairs. It has a suitable width (1 inch) for my 80 pound dog, and a very sturdy clip. I would definitely buy again.

  4. Hansen girl

    We love this long lead because it gives us the freedom to play and hang out with our dog in the unfenced front yard, without worrying about her spotting a distraction and running off. We also take it to play in the local neighborhood park (which is not a fenced dog park). Enables us to comply with local leash laws while still being able to let her run and play fetch.The Hi Kiss long leash is extremely lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh the dog down. She runs and plays as if it weren’t even there. Yet it’s plenty strong enough to contain our 60 lb. dog. If she alerts to a distraction, we simply step on the lead, and she’s contained.Great product at a great price!

  5. Kris Lokker

    I use this as a tie out when I am outside with my dogs, as I am still working on recall. They work great and are very durable when faced with a determined teething puppy. I had two of them (one for each dog) outside during the winter and they held up fine. They do “freeze” when outside in the winter but take 0% damage from the outside weather. I would highly recommend. I also tried to use for recall training, but my dogs knew they were on a leash so were abnormally well behaved when I asked them to come back to me. Great product though!

  6. Michael

    We have a 50 lbs puppy who will probably grow to be 80 lbs. We started out with an outdoor dog cable to let him hang out in the front yard when the wife and I are outside doing yardwork. He did not like that, because of the cable’s weight. We switched him to this nylon lead, and he loves it so much more! Wish we would have started with this. It’s light enough where he feels like he can follow us around the even run around in the yard. It’s sturdy enough that it will hold him back if there’s a squirrel he wants to chase into the road.

  7. Zachary D.Zachary D.

    went to visit my mom and she had one of these long leashes for her dog. Which allowed her to roam the yard without being worried about your dog getting out of the fence. I absolutely love this leash and the freedom it will now give my little dog and peace of mind to me, knowing that he will not get out.

  8. Eddie B.

    I got a little rescue Border Collie and she was at the stage of “catch me if you can”. Even in a fenced in yard it was a challenge to get her to come or control her.I got the 30 foot lead and let her run free. I was concerned it might catch and clothesline her, but it is smooth enough to let her run full speed with no issues. If she needed to be reined in, no problem as 30 feet was perfect for my sized yard. Using this got her to come when called (with the control of the lead) and she eventually got the command down.

  9. Myles Davis

    This is great because it gives my dog plenty of leash for her to explore and we can safely practice recall. I got the orange to be more visible at night and it’s a worthwhile investment. My dog is about 12 pounds and it’s sturdy for her.

  10. onstage grandma

    I needed a leash so I could tether my dog to something so he could stay with me while I work in the garden. I had a long metal one but it was heavy and uncomfortable for him. I found this long leash which has given him the freedom he wants but the security that I need in knowing he can’t run off. Now we can share sunny days outside without worrying. In addition, it was delivered on time as promised.

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