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FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), for Dogs Up to 110lbs, 26 ft, Large, Grey/Black

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About this item CONTROLLED FREEDOM: With our specially designed leashes, your best friend can feel like they have complete freedom while also allowing you control should a situation arise. MULTIPLE SIZES & COLORS: We cater to all size of dogs, which is why we don’t have one standard leash or size. Each type of dog deserves its’ catered care to suit its needs, creating confidence while out walking. CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Our flexi leashes are invented, designed and made in Germany since 1973 and come with ergonomic handles in either tape or cord which are sturdy and tough, allowing you to decide what would fit you and your pet best while out on road. QUALITY: Each leash model has a “tangle-free” & an ergonomic design which is assembled by hand and goes through various testing to ensure you and your dog are in the best hands while out for your morning walk, whenever or wherever you may be. SAFETY BRAKING: Our leashes are created with a comfortable one hand braking system, which reacts in the split of a second and allows control of how far or close you allow your friend to walk.

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312 x 1.56 x 0.1 inches; 1.19 Pounds

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April 27, 2016

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Flexi North America

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#7 in Dog Retractable Leashes

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10 reviews for FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), for Dogs Up to 110lbs, 26 ft, Large, Grey/Black

  1. KB AngieKB Angie

    As a proud dog owner, I have tried various leashes over the years, but the FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash has truly impressed me. It has become an essential tool during our walks, providing both convenience and safety for my furry companion.First and foremost, the build quality of this leash is exceptional. The materials used are sturdy and durable, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily walks and the tugging of an energetic pup. I particularly appreciate the ergonomic handle, which fits comfortably in my hand, reducing any strain or discomfort during extended walks.The retractable feature of this leash is a game-changer. It allows my dog to explore and roam within a safe distance, while still giving me control when needed. The smooth and reliable mechanism ensures that the leash extends and retracts effortlessly, providing flexibility in managing the leash length according to the situation. This versatility has made our walks much more enjoyable for both me and my dog.The safety features of the FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash are outstanding. The reliable braking system allows me to instantly stop or lock the leash at a desired length, giving me peace of mind in potentially hazardous situations. Additionally, the reflective components on the leash offer increased visibility during evening walks, ensuring the safety of my dog and myself.The comfort aspect of this leash is worth highlighting as well. The leash’s design prevents tangling and twisting, providing a hassle-free experience during walks. The smooth retraction and extension ensure that there are no sudden jolts, creating a comfortable and controlled walking experience for both me and my four-legged friend.Overall, the FLEXI New Comfort Retractable Dog Leash has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability, functionality, and safety. It has become an indispensable tool for our walks, providing convenience, control, and comfort. I highly recommend this leash to all dog owners who seek a reliable and user-friendly solution for their daily outings.Please note that the effectiveness of any leash depends on responsible handling and appropriate usage in accordance with your dog’s behavior and size.

  2. Wingman

    Trooper and I received his new leash about a month ago and have used it almost every day since. Our typical walk is four miles in just about an hour. Ever since transitioning to the new leash we keep wondering why we didn’t get one of these years ago! After having used a six foot leash all these years, the Flexi Giant is like being let out of jail. ( Not that I would know anything about that feeling.. ). Anyway, let me explain what’s so great about it;I guess the first point to cover is that someone who insists their dog march in lockstep next to them, not waivering in the least, mimicking a tin soldier, will likely never be interested in a leash like this. Why? Because this leash lets a dog act more like a dog than a robot. The Flexi Giant lets your dog explore, doddle a bit, or even run in short bursts without him and the owner constantly being jerked around by a ridiculously short tether.One of the features I appreciate the most is the fact that the mechanism keeps the exact right amount of tension on the leash so slack is taken up but the dog is not restrained unnecessarily. The leash NEVER drags on the ground. The engineers nailed this feature perfectly! As your dog moves closer, slack is taken in. If he moves away, the reel unwinds effortlessly.There is a button to lock the spindle. This can be held temporarily or locked in place indefinitely. With very little practice, you will find yourself using this feature to limit the amount of leash taken out so your dog doesn’t get in a position to wind around a tree or venture where you don’t want him to go.The mechanism is very ergonomic and is super comfortable to carry and use. Yes, it weighs something, but not enough to even lay any mind to. I find the lock controls easy to use. My only complaint is that the lock does not always engage the instant the button is depressed, depending on the reel position and if the spindle is in motion. This is not a major issue, just some to be conscious of…When we first got the Flexi, I was a little surprised how small the webbing ( leash ) material was. But having had to restrain Trooper numerous times, I now have full confidence that it is plenty strong. By the way, Trooper is a 55 pound Lab/Border Collie mix.I am super impressed with how well made this product is and how well it functions.Also, I thought 26 feet was going to be way too long. Boy, was I surprised. I think it’s a great length and I’m so glad I didn’t go with a 15 foot leash instead. By the way, this is not just a 4+ fold increase in freedom. It’s more like a twenty fold increase! That’s because your dog is roaming the area of a circle and is not restricted to a straight line!So in closing, let me just say that the Flexi Giant is a great value which will pay for itself many times over. My only regret is that I didn’t start using one of these a long time ago.

  3. MeghanMeghan

    This new Flexi (white/black) is AMAZING!!! I’ve used the Flexi Retractable-L (Red leash) for 15 years, which should speak for itself. It’s been solid and dependable; however, after 15 yrs of use and a new pup chewing on it, I felt I needed something newer, safer and better. My German Shep-Lab mix pup is just turning 2yrs old. She is very strong and still gets excited, pulls, etc. The new Flexi leash provides the stability and security that I have needed. I now feel I am in control and she is no longer walking or dragging me.Initially, I was surprised by the size of leash, which was the Large size, but decided to try it out and honestly, am beyond satisfied/happy with this purchase! The handle has supportive grip, so not to slide and is adjustable for a secure fit for any hand size. The versatile 26ft leash length (I chose for our needs) is smooth, sturdy and overall great, giving her the ability to run freely or walk close to me, etc. The buttons are easy to use, and much more efficient and more comfortable than the old model.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this leash and the FLEXI brand! This is a QUALITY, durable item in material and use, and you will feel that the moment you test it out. As far as the Flexi brand, if my first one can survive 15 yrs and is now a back up leash, then I know the new leash will prove to be just as dependable, already superior in every way and worth the price.

  4. L. SmithL. Smith

    My 20 year old Flexi Long, bit the dust last week. I’m really impressed with this new design. I have big hands so I love the grip and handle adjust. Its built like a tank, the lock switch, strap and shackle are robust. The action is smooth and offers just enough resistance to remind someone they are indeed on lead. My Shiba girl is 43 lbs of solid muscle and while more obedient that most of her breed, gets ideas from time to time (deer and rabbits are her weakness) . This leash is not overkill for her, as was its predecessor. This will be used for hiking mostly but we took it for a test walk in the hood this morning. Very happy.

  5. S

    Bought this for a small dog flight risk dog who likes to run to the end of the leash leash and I was paranoid that his small, old one would break. Works amazing and I use it for my large dogs without worrying.Pros: this is sturdy, easy to see, has a long radiusCons: it is really heavy, if you have any wrist or hand strength issues I would not reccomend. the locking mechanism is clunky as well

  6. nutritionRN

    The unit is heavy and very sturdy. I feel that there are a few things overlooked though. 1.) The first thing is the unit retention/ retracting spring. My Unit is 26ft long and for a dog up to 110lbs in size. This equates to a thicker and longer lanyard to attach the animal to. I personally feel that the retention and recoil spring is not strong enough for the weight of the lanyard and the size of the internal reel/spool that winds the lanyard up. When my dog runs back toward me, the reel cannot keep up with his speed. It does not retract fast enough. He is a pitbull, not a greyhound. It should wind quicker. 2.) The ergonomics of the handle, for a German-made device could be a little better. When I think of German ergonomics I think BMW, Mercedes, Porche. So again, based on the sheer weight of this product, the ergonomics should be more thought out.

  7. r

    I bought this item because Germany has a good reputation for quality. That was over two years ago. As a puppy she tried to chew through the webbing just behind the snap. Before she got too far I tied a knot to cover the worn spot. After my leash was about a year old I ordered another like it as I didn’t expect it to last much longer. Now, almost two and a half years later (from the first purchase) I have two leashes. I keep the spare in the truck. I love that it is self retracting. The brake and lock work very well.

  8. W. Moy

    Price paid not only in dollars but in weight. This thing is pretty hefty. Works as it should and appreciate that the lead is exposed to allow for drying when wet. Experience with enclosed devices allowed for foul smelling mold and bacteria to grow.

  9. Lori

    We love this leash so much that we ordered another one when the tape on the first one we had finally wore out after four years of daily use. The tape itself is bright and highly visible. It DOES retract really fast, so do take care when retracting when not attached to your pet.

  10. anonymous consumer

    The band tends to twist a bit but other than that after 4 weeks of use there are no complaints.

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