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Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 16 ft, Large, Black

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✅CONTROLLED FREEDOM: With our specially designed leashes, your best friend can feel like they have complete freedom while also allowing you control should a situation arise.

✅MULTIPLE SIZES & COLORS: We cater to all size of dogs, which is why we don’t have one standard leash or size. Each type of dog deserves its’ catered care to suit its needs, creating confidence while out walking.

✅CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Our flexi leashes are invented, designed and made in Germany since 1973 and come with ergonomic handles in either tape or cord which are sturdy and tough, allowing you to decide what would fit you and your pet best while out on road.

✅QUALITY: Each leash model has a “tangle-free” & an ergonomic design which is assembled by hand and goes through various testing to ensure you and your dog are in the best hands while out for your morning walk, whenever or wherever you may be.

✅SAFETY BRAKING: Our leashes are created with a comfortable one hand braking system, which reacts in the split of a second and allows control of how far or close you allow your friend to walk.

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7.4 x 1.54 x 5.08 inches; 12.16 Ounces

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July 26, 2017

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#4 in Dog Retractable Leashes

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10 reviews for Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 16 ft, Large, Black

  1. K.L.K.L.

    I bought this for my 25 lb terrier puppy. This retractable leash is amazing. You can tell it is made with high quality parts and it is going to last long. I also purchased the poo bag attachment which I would recommend for everyone who plans purchase this leash. It’ll make your life so much easier.

  2. Bulldog

    This is my second one. I have probably used the last one for 5 years and finally I dropped it and it stopped retracting. It is very durable being dropped on pavement often. Love the strap style width of the lead as opposed to the cord style. Never tangles. Handle is really comfortable. I walk a dog with no eyes and through the years the click stop and gentle tug of the retraction has been key to me guiding him and alerting him of upcoming curbs and obstacles.

  3. Dr. deez

    I love this thing ! It perfect for my large Doberman ! It’s made in Germany and seems tough. I would buy again.

  4. thehawk

    The leash seems durable. It has a very smooth feed and retractable nylon belt. It is light weight. The brake button is easy to control, and the locking button is properly placed so it doesn’t get accidentally engaged. I have big hands, which just barely fit inside the handle, which can become uncomfortable at times. All in all, it is a good value for the money.

  5. AmyPG

    The quality is excellent – was recommended by my dog trainer and she knows her stuff. I didn’t want to waste my time with cheap products – this will serve both me and my dog for life! Extremely useful for working the dog from a distanct. Be sure to practice to get the hang of the retrieval and braking mechanisms.i have very small hands but we can make it work.

  6. shirley cook

    This is an excellent product. Easy to use, especially the collar snap at the end. Worth the price.

  7. Mary

    When I adopted Dexter three years ago, I bought a Flexi lead. During those three years, it has been dragged on pavement and over sand, and dropped in salt water and on hard surfaces (multiple times). Only now it’s starting to show one sign of wear at the point where the lead attaches to the clip. And after all that, somehow miraculously the lead retraction and locking mechanisms still work flawlessly. It has never once “tangled” or jammed. Not once! With the lead beginning to look at little worn at the tip, I’m not taking chances with Dexter’s safety, so I ordered two new ones.The new one has a bigger handle that is very comfortable for me. (This is saying a lot because I have carpal tunnel syndrome and my hand will go numb I hold onto anything too long.) The Flexi feels quite sturdy in the hand and the type of plastic is comfortably grippy even when wet. Lead retraction is very smooth and the locking mechanism is reliable and easy to operate.Why I will never go back to a traditional leash:- Dexter loves the opportunities I can give him to run a little bit ahead and take his time sniffing something while I carry on walking.- I love that I can furl him in and walk him at my heel when there is traffic, people, or other dogs nearby.- I like that because there is always tension on the lead, it never gets stuck under the dog’s belly.I have no experience with other lower-priced brands of retractable leads, nor do I need to. I trust Dexter’s safety to my Flexi.

  8. Rudy Purins

    This Flexi model is our favorite so far. Our first retractable was a store brand which worked fine but was only 16′, a good cheap test to see how I liked them. Since I have 2 dogs I went back for a second retractable and spend money on the higher priced Flexi because they offered the 26′ option. It has a slightly different locking button style and adjustable handle for people with smaller hands. Then wanting a second 26′ leash without the silly adjustable handle I found this one and other family members like this locking button style better. Aside from 2 dogs twisting the leashes around each other, the leash stays out of their feet since it remains pulled taught. If I lock the leash at a long length they can get tangled pretty bad so I only lock them at very short length. Which is nice because this 26′ leash can be any length you want.

  9. S. C. Greene

    I purchased this for walking my cat. Some leashes make a loud hissing noise when they retract quickly, which alarms my cat. This one does not, and is pretty quiet, so he seems not to notice he’s on a retractable leash instead of a standard one. I like the tape because it doesn’t get caught up on tall grass, etc. as easily as a cord does. The red color shows up well if I set it down or need to dig it out of a bag or from under his stroller seat. It’s extremely compact, but is comfortable in my hands (average size, female). I think I’ve finally found my go-to leash, and will buy it again if I need an extra or if I misplace this one.

  10. baileegirl

    This is my third Flexi dog leash over the past 20 years. I still have them all! They are all in excellent working order but my one I’ve had over 14 years is finally showing its age on the ribbon leash. Regardless, the new one is an incredible upgrade. It is lighter and more comfortable to hold and the light add on is a vast improvement over the original design. Of course the baggie/treat attachment has always been the best attachment. I can’t say enough good about this leash and its accessories.

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