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Flexi Neon Retractable Dog Leash (Cord) 16 ft, Medium, Black/Neon Yellow

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About this item Reflective 16 ft cord leash that helps increase safety for dogs and their owners – for dogs weighing up to 44 lbs Reflective stickers and neon-colored components for better visibility Convenient handling thanks to single-handed use of the brake button and permanent stop feature 16 ft neon-colored cord offers plenty of freedom of movement Lightweight, compact leash for dogs up to 44 lbs Made in Germany

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5.85 x 1.35 x 4.15 inches; 6.8 Ounces

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PN2.250.S NEO.12

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November 21, 2012

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#232 in Standard Dog Leashes

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7,317 ratings

10 reviews for Flexi Neon Retractable Dog Leash (Cord) 16 ft, Medium, Black/Neon Yellow

  1. J. Taillon

    This leash is fantastic! We use it for our 9-month old 55lb Goldendoodle. She pulls with all her might at times. This leash is being tested. It is holding up well though! We have used this leash for 6 weeks Here are some other things to note:1. The color is fantastic – and slightly reflective.2. This is light, small, and yet holds her well. It is easy for me to maneuver in one hand.3. This costs less than our previous 3 retractable leashes. Yet it is sturdier (and so light). Remember, light does not equal poorly built. This seems to be a correlation some reviewers make.4. The line itself is not flat. This is a rope. This is good for a few reasons: 1) It does not get tangled. 2) It is less likely to have difficulty retracting (which is how 2/3 of the more expensive leaches became less desirable). 3) The line being a rope, and therefore smaller, is also less likely to get urinated on if the leash gets between her legs or under her tail.All in all, I can recommend this leash. It holds a rambunctious 55lb dog perfectly. I imagine it would have no difficulty holding a much heavier dog. It is small enough – and the rope small enough – to hold a much smaller dog as well.If you’re like me and have been purchasing a lot of leashes to find the perfect one, then perhaps you have found it in this Flexi. It is exactly what I wanted: a strong and small retractable leash.

  2. Jim S

    I walk three small dogs. These round cords are much easier to handle. The ribbon style get knotted up and jam when retrieving.

  3. ArgoNavis

    Awesome leash. I love that my dog can have a little bit of freedom while walking. This handle is very comfortable to hold in the hand. We purchased the add-on attachment for the bags, and it fits seamlessly and is not noticeable. It is directly under the handle. We love it. The leash is a thin reflective cord, and the first foot of it is a little bit thicker leash. There is a loop inside this part that you don’t see, but if you need to hold the dog, it allows you to use both hands which is useful.I like the extra long leash because if I take him to a park, I can keep him on the leash and he has a lot more freedom to run around. If I want to shorten the leash, I can lock it easily with my thumb in one movement. I don’t need two hands to do this. There is a “stop” button, and if I slide my thumb just a little bit further, I can “lock” it in. I have used other retractable leashes in the past, and this is the best one I have ever had. There is also an add-on flashlight that you can buy to stick on the side. I don’t have this, but it’s flat and round and also fits very seamlessly on the Flexi leash. I like when I am walking I can customize the length depending on the situation. If my dog wants to stop to sniff something, I don’t have to stop walking, and he will get his sniff in, and then run to catch up to me if I am getting way ahead of him. If he really wants to sniff something for longer, I stop to let him do this, but it’s nice that I don’t have to stop ever time he does and I can keep my pace of walking going and often some of his sniffs don’t take that long. The he runs up ahead of me and finds something else to sniff. It works out really great. If he is walking next to me at a steady pace, I can make a loose leash, and just lock the cord into place. You do have to be responsible with this type of leash not letting too much cord out at the wrong times. But the flexibility of it is what makes this leash so great!

  4. Bonjour

    Fantastic leash – at last ! We originally mistakenly bought one that looked like this but was a cord leash — never again, ‘waaaay too dangerous for fingers, legs, children, and impossible to see even in daylight. We bought our first belt leash (actually it says “tape leash” on the package, as you can see in the photo) last fall and it lasted about 10 months on our 70-lb active young dog before it started to fray (the brake/release buttons continued to work well). This new one seems much sturdier even on the first few uses but the best part is, it’s a really bright neon reflective yellow: both the leash itself and the handle. We walk a lot in early morning and late evening and this leash really picks up and reflects the light — I’m (at last) really happy with the visibility. In contrast to another reviewer, the handle itself is just as reflective as the tape. I like the fact that the leash retracts all the way: the tape is thick enough that you can make a loop with your hand if you need to sit the dog close by. Flexi quality to its usual high standards: good solid feel, the tape retracts smoothly, the buttons feel strong and solid. I just put another one in my shopping cart! Highly recommended.

  5. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    I bought this leash in medium for my 18 lbs, 1 y.o. Corgi. The first 16″ is the tape lead with an opening that is wide enough to put your hand in. I use this for a shorter lead for training “heel”. After the first 16″ of tape it converts to a medium thickness string. It is a bright neon yellow and is reflective on the casing only. I attached a previously purchased doggie bag carrier on it in this photo. It bangs against the bottom …. which is annoying when you are running. But the handle is comfortable enough for myself (5’8″ female medium frame) to place my hand in the opening with my pinky underneath to prevent the banging. This lead is more comfortable than prior one I have used. The handle has a sort of soft touch plastic handle versus the hard plastic handles of prior version. This is my second Flexi lead. I still have the other one that is the same and is 7 years old. I have had no problems other than the string was getting thin after using it on a 65 lb German Shepard for 7 years.

  6. Steven Baker

    We have a Goldendoodle that likes to wander nearby but never go far away from us. She’s definitely not a runner sans for the occasional squirrel or deer. I felt that she might enjoy walks a bit more if we had one of those retractable jobs, but I’ve never owned one. I did my research (mostly on Amazon) and decided on this model for these reasons:+ The leash is of a flat webbing design and not rope. It’s much stronger and doesn’t get tangled onto itself.+ The bright color on the handle and tape is very noticeable by bike riders, cars, etc…+ It’s of very high quality. It’s not junk that is going to fall apart after a few uses.+ The generally high consumer reviews.The order arrived right on time (Thank you Prime!) and instantly I saw what reviewers were mentioning. The color is VERY bright, and the quality is high as well. Solid construction and the spring tension is smooth and solid. I took the dog out with the new leash and she was SO happy. It’s rare taht she takes out the full 16′. She’s usually just 4-8′ away from me and she is so relaxed. No pulling or tugging. She can wander around a safe area, sniff around do her thing etc. I noticed the difference right away that she was much less stressed after the walk.I am very happy with the purchase. Great job on a great product, Lexi!

  7. Marc Baldwin

    First, most of the bad reviews of this product stem from the shipping, not the product itself. I won’t disagree, because shipping was slow. But keep in mind that FREE shipping does not equal Prime shipping. I ordered the leash on 4 November and it arrived on 27 November. If you need it fast, pay the extra $5 somewhere else that has Prime shipping. However, the leash itself is fantastic. I tried a nylon ribbon retractable leash and it was okay for about a year, but eventually the ribbon folds over during retraction, or jams if your dog pulls it left or right. Eventually it just didn’t retract well at all, and it became irritating. I had a classic cord leash prior to that one for almost 10 years and never had a problem with it (gave it away when I had to put my dog down… it was too loaded with memories of him). If I did it all over again, when I rescued my current dog I wouldn’t have tried the ribbon leash and would go with this one straight away. These NEVER jam, and never have a problem retracting. It’s lightweight, has a super long cord, and the stopper button is easy to operate and completely stops the leash. Five stars because the leash itself is fantastic.

  8. Jennifer Williams

    We owned a Flexi leash for several years. It was still working but starting to catch. We bought a new one because the original was such a great leash. Highly recommend.

  9. Sally B.

    Easy and fun to use. Retracts well without kinking. Funny thing is my dog recognizes the unlocking and locking clicks and adjust his gait accordingly.

  10. Rascal

    I’ve tried other brand leashes and none of the ones I’ve tried come close to the build quality or durability of this Flexi New Classic. I found my original Flexi at Goodwill. I think I paid about $5 for it. It was the 16′ version and I found it to be a little short for allowing my 45lb retriever to fetch sticks in the river. I loaned it to a friend and never saw it again, so I ordered the 26′ one on amazon. I can now walk on the bike path while my pooch explores the grass and bushes on our five mile morning walks.The only negative experience I’ve had with it is he third time I took Sasha for a walk the thin cable separated as we began to walk after we had stopped to allow me to photograph some flowers on the side of the path. No pressure felt by either one of us. The line just separated. We both got a puzzled look on our faces. Sasha did that twisting of her head with the funny stare, as if to say “what the, something’s different”, and I must have done the same thing when I started walking because the cord didn’t move, it just lay there on the ground as I walked up to it. We were both so stunned that she didn’t move which allowed me to get a hold of her harness, me recovering quicker than she. Phew, that was close, because we were in an area where lots of deer reside and it takes forever to get her back when she’s off leash. Couldn’t figure out what caused the line to separate. There weren’t any visible signs of ware or break. The separation occurred about a foot behind the black strap that it’s attached to. I tied a square knot in the line and we continued our walk without another incident. That was many walks ago. Many months ago for that matter. So to this day I don’t know if it was a fluke miss by QC of a hidden break inside the woven outer layer of the cord, or if Sasha bit it and severed the interior line without it showing on the surface. Because of that, my next Flexi will be the strap type for a hundred pound dog. It’s really no fun waiting for her to return from chasing deer.

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