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Dog Shock Collar with Flashing Light for Night Walks,Dog Training Collar with Adjustable Pitch Beep,Vibration,Shock and Keypad Lock,Dog Training Collar with Remote 4000FT,Shock Collar Dog

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About this item 【Dog Training Collar with Flash Light】Two light modes of solid white light & flashing lights on receiver collar,which is super awesome for camping or night walks to keep track of the dog , just remotely turn the light on makes it easy to spot your dog,it is decently bright which makes it easy to spot your dog from a far distance even in the woods.if you dog like to take off into the woods at night,or love to hide at pee time before bed,this collar will super helpful for you. 【Beep and Vibration Function Can Correct Most of Your Dog’s Bad Habits】We try to avoid using the electric shock function to achieve effective dog training, so we are equipped with a unique sound pitch adjustable function(1-8 levels),the change of sound frequency can better attract the dog’s attention to recognizes different warning tones,high-intensity vibration function (1-16 levels) can also give the dog a more powerful warning,(1-99 level) shock function for more stubborn dogs 【Dogs Training Collar with Remote 4000FT】Twice the control range of normal products,the two-way communication function between the remote control and receiver makes the command more accurate and effective, even if it is separated by two walls, it will not affect the control effect,no longer worry about the dog running away, you can recall your dog with one click 【Long Battery Life Rechargeable Bark Collar Waterproof】 Dog shock collar can be recharged within 2 hours by phone adapter and USB outlet of the PC/power bank/car, the dog collar can last up to 35 days of standby time and the remote 45 days,the screen can display both power levels of the remote control and receiver.IP67 waterproof collar is convenient for dogs playing around a pool or in the rain freely,the remote transmitter is not waterproof 【Keypad Lock to Prevent False Triggering】This dog shockers has independent and clear function buttons, easy to use helping you to teach a dog basic obedience commands and solve an uncontrollable dog’s behavior like being a bark collar for your dog,the keypad lock can significantly prevents any accidental push while carrying the remote control

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8.46 x 4.72 x 2.16 inches; 14.24 Ounces

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2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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October 14, 2022

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Shenzhen Smartpet Technology Co., Ltd.

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#17 in Electronic Training Collars

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10 reviews for Dog Shock Collar with Flashing Light for Night Walks,Dog Training Collar with Adjustable Pitch Beep,Vibration,Shock and Keypad Lock,Dog Training Collar with Remote 4000FT,Shock Collar Dog

  1. michele

    Great product, affordable, and easy to use. I have a 82lb German Shepherd who needs a reminder for perimeter training and this collar works perfect. Much better collar compared to others I had in the past.

  2. Teresa

    I purchased this collar to help in training my golden retriever. While I would never use the shock feature, I am using the sound and vibration. The sound feature has several different levels. I use the loudest level so that I can hear exactly where my dog is located. The range is excellent. I’ve only had to use the vibration feature twice. I have it on a low setting so that it doesn’t hurt my dog, but startles him. When I use the sound, he comes running and I give him a treat, so now he associates the sound with treats. What I really appreciate are the flashing lights. I live in a wooded area and now that it gets dark so early, I can easily locate my dog via the lights. Also, it’s nice to be able to see the battery level of the collar on the remote.

  3. MinMin

    This collar is adjustable to fit any dog. I would say it may be a bit bulky for a small dog. My dog is 45lbs. It has three options (high pitch beeping, vibration, and shock). I like that the high pitch beeping works on my dog so that I won’t have to use the shock option often. I love the remote!! It tells you the battery life on both the remote and the collar. You can adjust the power/amplitude of all three options (volume of the beeping sound, amount of vibration and strength of the shock). You won’t regret the purchase!!!

  4. Andrew J.Andrew J.

    I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The mini light feature on the collar is incredibly useful, especially when I need to spot my pet from a distance during nighttime walks. Additionally, the ringing noise produced by the remote has proven to be highly effective in getting my pet’s attention. The vibrate functions have also been successful in training my pet without the need to resort to the shock feature. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this collar and would highly recommend it to any pet owner looking for a reliable training tool.

  5. TylerTyler

    Guys I can’t recommend this setup enough! I got SO much more than I expected from this training collar! Incredible range, and equally impressive battery life. This is easily the best purchase I’ve ever made for my pitbull and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’ve shared the screen shot of this exact product to several friends and locals on Facebook now but I’ve tried so many junk collars and living in the country, to finally find one that works so well plus offers a 4000ft range, this thing has been such a blessing! Unfixed male pit that’s never been chained down or tied up or enclosed, in the middle of mating season / rifle season for whitetail, and I don’t even have to think twice about letting him out with his collar on now. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT AT SUCH AN AFFORDABLE PRICEPOINT!!! I’d give you a 6th star if I could! Guys, if you’re considering which collar to buy, do yourselves a favor and get this one. It’s absolutely worth it!

  6. Amazon Customer

    I have a 7 year old shepherd/pitbull mix who I have used a training collar on since a pup – over the years I’ve purchased on the cheaper side, and got a cheap product that I’ve replaced numerous times. After doing some research I landed on this collar – so far it has been amazing! The beeper is very loud, so I know when my dog is far away that it’s working. And it’s loud enough to get his attention when he’s barking. It holds a charge exceptionally well…I’ve charged it once since I’ve purchased and use it daily. I highly recommend to those who are looking for a dependable training collar.

  7. MHenry

    Very nice looking collar. The remote fits perfectly in your hand. Directions were clear and easy to navigate them. Going on 2 weeks of training and it is amazing of how well this collar has worked. The light for night is a plus, very bright. I most definitely recommend this collar for anyone wanting to train their dog.

  8. Oscar H. Peterson Oscar H. Peterson

    The media could not be loaded.  TWO MONTHS OF USE… UPDATED REVIEW: This collar has been fantastic, I have the dog I wanted – she gets to run free be a dog. She has encountered DEER, RABBITS, DOGS w/Humans walking deer trails. She will sit down and wait for me to tell her what to do – before she would go into predator mode. I think she’s had MAYBE 12 shocks, all in the first few days and 2 were mistakes on my part. She used to be a runner, she would take off if loose. On the leash she used to pull hard the entire walk no matter what collar/harness I used – until we got this collar. She LOVES the collar and runs to be when I pick up the collar.She gets to be loose with the German Shepherds now, because is listens to commands and knows what she can/can’t do.I RECOMMEND THIS COLLAR TO EVERY DOG WALKER I KNOW!!! There was an issue that I contacted the manufacturer about and they were very responsive and helpful! Stop looking at collars and reviews, BUY THIS COLLAR you will not regret it. See the pics and video in this review. SHE GETS TO RUN LOOSE and have fun, she can sit in the yard with the big dogs loose. BREAKING MY WRIST because she pulled me down was the reason I bought this collar and the change in this dog since I got her the collar has been AMAZING. She is a totally different dog, VERY HAPPY and she gets to do things she never could before!I own two German shepherds, and one pitbull cattle dog mix. The pitbull cattle dog mix is a wonderful dog inside the house, and does everything as she should. However, in the last year she started to become very leash aggressive. I’ve tried three trainers, a prong collar, which she was wearing when she pulled me down on Saturday as shown in the photo. We have tried choke chains, Martindale, gentle leader, harnesses, and everything else I could think of. After breaking my wrist from her pulling me to the ground I decided it was time. I needed to do something else or get rid of her.I ordered this collar for her and it arrived one week ago. I tested the collar and picked a low shock range. I spent the morning we got it with a collar on her neck in the yard fenced. I let her run and then I would send her an audible tone and call her and she would come right away. She learned this very fast. We went out on our walk. Once I felt confident, she understood the color and I knew what I was doing with it.As we approach to our first dog walker, she got down in her attack position, and we kept walking, and I kept telling her to leave it. As we got closer, she decided it was time to strike. I shouted the command off and hit the shock. Much to my surprise this dog that’s impervious to even the prong collar, screamed and stopped immediately. From that point on we’ve had 11 dog encounters over the last seven days the first two days I just used an audible tone after the initial shock that one time. Since then I haven’t had to use an audible tone, the vibration which I’ve never used or the shock.She learned very quickly from the collar. She is now a pleasure to walk again I don’t like having to shock the dog, but sometimes you need to scatter their thought process. It’s over in a second and so is the behavior. I could see if this is abused, it could really harm the dog. But if you were thoughtful with your training and love your dog, that should work just fine. I don’t use it for recall or any other commands. Our only use for this collar is to stop aggression. And I only do it the moment she shows aggression. No other time. She wears the collar all day long just so she doesn’t always associate it with shock. I found the quality of this collar to be decent. Very good for the money. I wish the locking switch was a little clearer. My biggest fear is accidentally shocking the dog who is behaving good. So I regularly double check that I’ve got it locked properly.I’ve spent a lot of money on trainers and other collars that didn’t give me any usable results. I’ve had dogs for 50 years and never had a dog that’s problematic. And in the matter of a day or two, this collar brought her in line with nothing else could. I highly recommend this product. I have been attached photos of my broken wrist and the collar she was wearing when she pulled me to the ground. Used properly. This collar is amazing. I apologize for any typos in this listing, I have a broken wrist with the hand are used to type.

  9. willis

    I purchased this collar for my 6 month old pit bull puppy. This collar has been a game changer in using it as a training device. I have a decent sized chunk of property. I was having issues with recall and keeping him in our yard. He started to get into a bad habit of going to neighbors property and getting into stuff over there. I like that there is an audio warning, a vibration warning and an adjustable shock feature. I have only had to use the shock function a handful of times. He quickly learned that when he hears the beep that he is doing something incorrect and to stop his current action. Being a puppy and full of energy he has a goat buddy that likes to play with him but he can get carried away. Just a few beeps and maybe a vibrate is all I need to get him to stop or take the play down a notch. Now I just use the beep function to get him to return to the house if he’s no where to be seen.Now for the complaints I have for the product. The transmitter is a little large and awkward to carry around. Would be nice to have something a little more compact, maybe something similar in size as a stop watch with a wearable neck lanyard would be nice. The collar and transmitter are USB rechargeable, but it’s the micro USB plug. It would be nice if it was the USB-C charger but not a huge deal. Those are the complaints I have but are very minor.

  10. Krissy

    I have a Golden Retriever that is 4 months old and likes to occasionally wonder too close to the road. Usually if I use the vibration it’s enough to remind her to “stay home”. She has a few acres I let her run on so I use the beep setting to actually recall her so I’m not yelling for her. I usually can hear the beep too so I know where she is at(she blends in with the orange leaves). I have used it for a couple weeks and haven’t needed to do anything with the batteries. There is a flashing light that is on all the time, may bother some. I use it when she is only outdoors so it doesn’t bother me and makes her easy to spot at night. I like that the remote has a lock switch on it so I can stick it in my pocket while outside and not worry I’m going to shock her. Glad I bought this to help me with her.

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