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Dog Bark Collar,Rechargeable Smart Barking Collar, Anti Bark Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity, Barking Collar with Beep Vibration Harmless Shock, for Large Medium Small Dogs(2 Collars)

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About this item 🌎【Humane, Effective Anti Barking】 Our new upgrade to the Smart Bark Collar has 5 different Auto sound wave frequencies, eliminating the need for shock mode! Instantly and effectively prevents barking (Beep+Vibration mode). 🌎【Upgraded Technology, No More False Triggering】collar features four smart AI safety training modes and smart bark collar for dogs adopts advanced dog bark recognition chip and motion detection technology. It includes a no shock mode with beep, vibration, beep+vibration; and a shock mode with beep+vibration+shock. With adjustable sensitivity ranging from 0-7, this feature enables bark collar to effectively correct a dog’s bad habits. 🌎【Automatic Anti Barking & Protection Mode】 What you need to do is to buy the dog barking control devices home, turn it on, and put it on your dog’s neck. All annoying barking at night or after you leave home will disappear. Your family and neighbors will enjoy a barking noise-free environment.dog bark collar has a safety-off feature that will temporarily stop working for 30s if it triggers 10 times. 🌎【Easy operation &Long Lasting】featuring just two buttons: the on/off button, which controls both the power switch and sensitivity, and the mode button, which controls four different dog training modes. IP67 rating, ensuring its resistance to both water and dust, making it suitable for various environments 🌎【Comfortable for all sizes of Dogs】The bark collar is light, the collar strap is sturdy and adjustable for the length of the dog’s neck( fits for neck sizes 7.8″ – 25″ dogs around 8 to 120 lbs), this dog bark collar is suitable for small, medium and large dogs.

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5.9 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches; 9.14 Ounces

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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August 22, 2023

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#9 in Bark Collars

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10 reviews for Dog Bark Collar,Rechargeable Smart Barking Collar, Anti Bark Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity, Barking Collar with Beep Vibration Harmless Shock, for Large Medium Small Dogs(2 Collars)

  1. caterpillar babies

    This pet collar works amazing for our two Brittany spaniels! The battery is long lasting, collar is fully adjustable, and very user friendly. Super easy to operate and very pleased with the results! Just remove the prongs attached if you want to eliminate the shock feature. The loud beep is enough of a deterrent to keep the dogs from barking. Perfect for your pet family!

  2. M.Beall

    So far these collars are doing great with my Yorkie-mix dogs. One is 7 lbs and one is 15 lbs. The collars were easy to adjust and cut to length for each dog. The beep is loud and that usually deters them from barking. I have them both set to beep, and vibrate. There are sensitivity settings and I haven’t experimented with that yet but we had friends over and the environment was noisy and the collars started beeping (without the dogs barking). I thought these collars were supposed to detect barks not just loud noises. I believe I needed to turn up the sensitivity for a noisy environment. May try that in the future. Otherwise, I am pleased with the purchase.

  3. Henry Bueno

    It works great! It keeps are dogs from barking crazy when someone comes to the door! It has the option to shock them but the vibration does enough. Not to heavy. And it doesn’t cause the dog a lot of discomfort.

  4. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    We have had the collars for 3 weeks and thus far, no complaints. They are easy to charge and last a long while. Our dogs don’t wear them all the time, just during training times. The collars are adjustable and work well for both our (huge) Mastiff and (medium) Mixed Breed. We have not needed to use the shock function at all as the vibration is enough to stop the dogs from barking. The adjustable sensitivity is great as we can dial it in for the two different types of barks our dogs have. The Mastiff’s bark is deep and full of base, while the other dogs bark is high and sharp. Even when the dogs are right next to each other they do not set each other’s collars off. The collar does not immediately beep either, it lets the dogs bark a few times before activating.

  5. ReviewMasterReviewMaster

    This shock collar is great in that it has several sensitivity settings and power settings for the intensity of the shock in addition to setting of the loudness of the beep. It resolved my dogs constant barking and works great!

  6. Carl Jobe

    This collar was well constructed and easy to use. I liked the controls and the versatility of the collar. It made a significant difference in the first week of use. I would recommend this collar to anyone with a barking problem.

  7. T. WrightT. Wright

    This is a great product. I have tried several bark collars over the two years with my German Shepherd, and this one has been the best thus far. It is dainty enough that I don’t feel like I have so many bulky things around her neck with her collar and tags. This product also works great in controlling her reactivity.

  8. Kelly F.Kelly F.

    My only regret is that I didn’t order this 5 yrs ago. My little guy Buddy is wonderful but likes to announce the arrival of everyone and let them know he’s boss here. He barks at every other dog on walks in the park. We were constantly apologizing for him: “He’s ok! He’s not mean, he just barks!!!” We were at our wit’s end with him.This collar has 3 single settings: vibrate, beep, and shock, and a combination of those: vibrate/ beep, etc. as well as different intensities of those . It comes w/ shock pins detached. We didn’t want to resort to shocking him so we started off with vibrate beep and that absolutely did the trick. We’ve not had to even use or try the “shock.” I have workers here right now staining the fence in our yard. In fact, he’s watching them in the picture. Not a peep out of our little guy which is not like how he used to be before this collar.I really do wish I had known years ago that there was something that doesn’t necessarily shock. We love it. Thank you.

  9. Joe Fatz

    I had previously purchased a training collar with remote, it worked well in controlling the barking although the problem was I always had to carry the remote.This collar was delivered on Tuesday (today is Friday) the collar appeared to be fully charged out of the box, I put the settings at what my previous experience said they should be, I then put it on my 100 lb German Shepherd. he has been outside far more than normal, previously I would have to keep bringing him in because of the constant barking, I think once or twice he has barked since putting it on him, its obvious this alerts him far quicker than the one with the remote. I love it!.This collar is slim and does not interfere with the regular leather collar, the quality seems great, especially at this price.Im going to purchase another just in case, great stuff like this product seem to disappear or get discontinued or of course some bean counter finds a way to save a nickel and ruin the perfection.

  10. Derek V

    I have been very impressed with this collar! My 1-year-old Paradoodle loved to bark at my older dog, or any time she wanted attention or anything for that matter. My wife and I work from home and often have conference calls where we can’t have a barking dog in the background. This collar has done the trick. Our dog doesn’t wear it all the time but when she does the vibration setting is enough to get her settle down. We started with the beep and worked our way up to vibration and that is all that was needed. Battery life has been great and we have had no issues. It’s worked great for our dog.

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