Home Uncategorized Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs (5-120Lbs) – 3300 ft Waterproof Training Collar for Dogs Large Medium Small with Rechargeable Remote, Beep (1-8) Vibration (1-16) and Humane Shock (1-99) Modes

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs (5-120Lbs) – 3300 ft Waterproof Training Collar for Dogs Large Medium Small with Rechargeable Remote, Beep (1-8) Vibration (1-16) and Humane Shock (1-99) Modes

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About this item 3300ft Remote & Through-Wall Antenna: Our dog training collar is delivered with a 1100yards (3300ft) control range, making it be freedom train indoors or in backyards without any delay to receive a signal, no more shouting and chasing to have a good boy! 3 Separate & Adjustable Training Modes: Our shock collars offer 3 humane operation modes, Beep (1-8), Vibration (1-16), and Safe Shock (1-99), allowing you to train dogs in accordance with their aptitude by choosing the best appropriate mode level, correcting bad behaviors in time. IP67 Waterproof and Compact Receiver: The dog shock collar is designed with totally hermetic technology, freely enjoying showering, swimming, and stream-trekking. As well as the lightweight and compact size, great for puppy small, medium, and large dogs without any burden. Security Lock & Dual Channel: The e collar for dogs training is equipped with independent buttons on the ergonomic remote to operate separately, prevent misoperation and accidental shock, as well as switch Channel 1 or 2 clearly to train 2 dogs simultaneously. Quick Charge & Ultra Last Long: The electric dog collar can last up to 15-60 days after 2-3 hours of charge, easy to charge with our car charger or power bank, without worrying about being out of power when we are running or camping with dogs.

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6.69 x 5.63 x 1.73 inches; 14.89 Ounces

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3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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August 30, 2022

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10 reviews for Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs (5-120Lbs) – 3300 ft Waterproof Training Collar for Dogs Large Medium Small with Rechargeable Remote, Beep (1-8) Vibration (1-16) and Humane Shock (1-99) Modes

  1. Sidney Hale

    I recently purchased the Shocking Collar to assist with training my beloved canine companion, and I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance. The Shocking Collar has proven to be an effective tool in enhancing the training experience for both me and my dog. Here’s why I believe it deserves a five-star rating.Firstly, the collar is well-designed and sturdy, ensuring durability and longevity. The materials used are of high quality, providing a comfortable and secure fit for my dog without causing any discomfort or irritation. Its adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, accommodating dogs of various sizes.The standout feature of this collar is its effectiveness in training. The adjustable shock levels allow me to tailor the intensity of the correction to suit my dog’s individual needs. I found the gentle stimulation to be an attention-grabbing deterrent that quickly redirects my dog’s behavior in a safe and controlled manner. It has been particularly useful in addressing issues such as excessive barking, running off, and jumping on furniture.Furthermore, the Shocking Collar features additional modes such as vibration and audible signals, providing versatility in training approaches. This allows for a progressive training experience, gradually transitioning away from the need for any stimulation.It’s worth mentioning that the Shocking Collar also boasts a long-lasting battery life, so frequent recharging is not a concern. The collar’s waterproof design ensures its functionality even during outdoor activities or unexpected weather conditions. My dog enjoys a nice bath in mud puddles hahaIn conclusion, the Shocking Collar has exceeded my expectations as a training aid for my dog. Its durability, effectiveness, range, and versatility make it a standout product. While it’s important to remember that positive reinforcement and other training methods should always be prioritized, the Shocking Collar serves as a valuable tool for reinforcing desired behaviors and correcting unwanted ones. I highly recommend it to fellow dog owners who are seeking an efficient and reliable training solution.Disclaimer: It is crucial to use any training tool responsibly and in accordance with proper training techniques. Consult with a professional dog trainer or veterinarian before incorporating a shocking collar into your training routine to ensure it is suitable for your dog’s temperament and needs.

  2. Elliot

    I recently purchased the Bousnic training collars for my beloved furry friend, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! This training collar has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.First and foremost, the range of this collar is fantastic. With a reach of up to 1000 feet, I can easily train my dog in our backyard, at the park, and even from a distance. The remote control is intuitive and comfortable to hold, making it easy to adjust the settings and give clear commands to my pooch.The multiple training modes offered by the Bousnic collar are extremely useful. From beep and vibration to static stimulation, this collar offers a variety of options to suit my dog’s needs. The levels of intensity are adjustable, allowing me to find the perfect level that is both effective and humane for my pet.I appreciate the durability and overall quality of this product. The collar itself is made from high-quality materials that feel sturdy and reliable. It fits comfortably around my dog’s neck and doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort. The waterproof design means I don’t have to worry about removing it during rainy walks or water-based activities.One of the standout features for me is the long battery life. I can use this collar for several days without needing to recharge, which is incredibly convenient. The low battery indicator on both the collar and remote ensures that I’m never caught off guard.Finally, I’d like to commend Bousnic for their exceptional customer service. They promptly answered all my queries and provided helpful tips on using the collar effectively. It’s clear that they care about their customers and the well-being of our furry friends.In conclusion, the Bousnic training collar has proven to be an invaluable tool in training my dog. Its impressive range, versatile training modes, durability, long battery life, and superb customer service make it a top-notch product. I highly recommend it to any pet owner who wants a safe and effective training collar.

  3. Calvin Kreig

    These are my third set of dual-control dog collars (first time buying this brand) and they are my favorite so far. Easy to set up, easy to distinguish between the two collars, separate settings that are simple to adjust, and hold a great charge. My only complaint, and it’s tiny, is that the remote and the collars don’t have the same charge port plug. With two collars, I can only charge one at a time, but bear in mind that the charge lasts surprisingly long and charge time is short enough that I don’t notice when one collar is done charging right away. Very pleased with this purchase.

  4. 2kids16

    This is a perfect example of how to get (and keep) customers. The collars work as stated, period, The range is good. They are well-priced–we had a more expensive one years ago and it was not nearly as good. If you are using the remote on two dogs at once, it takes a minute to get the hang of switching back and forth, i.e., once or twice buzzed the wrong dog (sorry, Daisy). The range and battery life are both good–we use it on 3 acres and have had no problems. Also, I had one receiver that started to vibrate non-stop after an unexpected belly flop into a pool, by a rambunctious 65-pound Lab puppy with bad manner; and when I called to ask how to turn it off, Bousnic Customer Service advised they would send me a new replacement. I did not ask for a repair or a replacement; I really just wanted to know how to make it STOP! (Hint: You will need to put it in the garage until it runs out of juice–remember that long battery life? Or it will drive you crazy until it dies, plus gets a lot of curious stares from the guilty pup). This comes with good instructions, online support, training tips, etc., so do not hesitate to give it a try.

  5. Isak

    The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar has proven to be an invaluable tool in training my furry companion. This thoughtfully designed collar has transformed our communication and enhanced our bond in ways I hadn’t imagined.The collar’s various training modes, including vibration and static stimulation, provide effective and humane ways to communicate with my dog. It has significantly expedited the training process, making commands clearer and reinforcing positive behaviors.The customizable intensity levels allow me to tailor the training experience to my dog’s specific needs. Whether for a spirited puppy or a more mature dog, the Bousnic collar ensures a comfortable and appropriate training session.From the easy-to-read LCD screen to the intuitive buttons, the collar’s design is user-friendly. Navigating through settings and adjusting intensity levels is straightforward, even for those new to training collars.The collar’s durability is impressive. It’s built to withstand the daily activities of an active dog, and its waterproof design ensures functionality even during outdoor adventures or unexpected rain showers. The extended battery life is a welcome feature. It holds a charge well, eliminating the hassle of frequent recharging and allowing for uninterrupted training sessions.Bousnic has prioritized safety with features like the automatic protection mode, ensuring that the collar doesn’t overstimulate. This gives me peace of mind, knowing that my dog’s well-being is a top consideration.The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. It’s a reliable, user-friendly, and effective training tool that has made a positive impact on my dog’s behavior. If you’re seeking a humane and efficient training solution, the Bousnic collar is a game-changer. Highly recommended!

  6. Katie

    These are working well for both of my dogs so far. The beeping sound is loud enough to get their attention. The vibration also gets their attention immediately and stops them in their tracks. I tested the shock feature on my hand on a lower setting and it was strong! I haven’t used it on my dogs, but if I did, I would use the low setting! I don’t want to know what high feels like! The remote is easy to use and the charger works well.

  7. Charles K.

    We’ve been using this one for several months now and it has worked out very well. Unlike other radio collars that we have owned, this one has its controls arranged so that they are easy to use in a hurry. With other products we have found ourselves fumbling around to adjust the settings for the right signal to the right dog, but when you need to signal your dog, you need to be able to do it RIGHT NOW, not fifteen seconds from now. The battery life is excellent both for the collars and for the controller. I have only two minor complaints: (1) it would be nice to be able to charge both collars at the same time, and (2) the tone emitted when the collars are being turned off is unnecessarily loud and irritating. One needs to cover the speaker with a thumb during the turn-off process in order to mute it.

  8. P. Johnson

    Rescued a pair of Newfoundlands that a couple bought just to breed but found out they are to much work so they had ZERO training and no leash presence. With a dog that big that’s a big no no as the male is over 210# and the female was at 165#. Both slightly overweight at the time but no by much as the male is back down to 190 and looks great. So tried my normal slip leash to help break them, and the make after dang near dragging me (275 and can hold my own) responded beautifully became a treat to walk by the second outing. Female, is NUTS. She Turner and Hooched through the fence the first day I got her and the big guy had to follow. Super hard to walk. Even with slip lean up where it’s supposed to just wouldn’t respond for anything. Doing your stops and breaks to get her to listen you almost rip her head off and boom she is trying to run and pull again so break the other way wher she flips almost and boom runs out in front. She would blow through the kids if the front door was open and of course, like us all men, the big guy would chase the tail out and all his training disappeared with her around…. So got these which I have used before when training hunting dogs. Would slowly work in the house with her. Go in another room and call her while beep at the same time. Do it twice and no response then give her a buzz while calling and boom she was here. Move some where else and beep while calling and she was here. Worked great.Was always taught by an animal behaviorist on these collars is, it is a tool and the pets are your kids. The beep is a command/communication. Just like words it’s a noise they begin to pair with a task like come or pay attention. The vibration is when you raise your voice or a little smack on the butt for not listening. And the shock is a good whap, your grounded go to your room. It’s also to snap them out of their “zone” if they are going to cause harm to person or property”.. If all you do is shock there is nothing else. It’s a rare thing, but if your the person that only says No and gives a slap on the wrist, if they really want something, it might be worth that to them.So we were in the fenced in yard after about a week of using this collar and her being AMAZING of over where we started, and we are in the backed fenced area off leash. And I see her eyeing the gate. Puts her head down and bounces her butt like “I am gonna do it” beep her and say no she stops bouncing but doesn’t move. I said OK let’s play… So I walk around the corner and she goes back to bouncing, one step I vibrate her and she belly flops straight down I come around the corner and say NO pointing at her and walk inside… Looking out the window I watch her stand up turn back around look for me and back to nose down butt bouncing ready for this gate. She takes a hard 2 steps and head down to run through it again, ZAP she summersaults and comes right to the back door. Haven’t had a problem since. Bout a month later, no able to walk close to 400# of dog at the same time with leash in one hand, behaving amazing, big guy is not doing his supervised trips for his therapy dog certificate, we are at the house and I am on the mower. My little guy tries to bring my phone to be but knows if I am mowing he can’t leave the porch until I see him. I get off and the female turner and hoochs right through the screen door, big guy is tail chasing and bolts down the driveway… I run inside to grab the remote and they are at close the end (1/4 mile away) and I hit vibrate watch her shake her head but not stop so I HOLD the zap she starts shaking and still going for a good 2 seconds before finally turning and running back so I let go she turns back around and ZAP. Now she is in a full sprint to the house. Works flawlessly.Take them to the Ozarks, bout 3 months the the collars and have them both off leash in a 10 ft distance while we walk the back roads for a good mile, car comes. Call them and they come to sit while it goes by. And back off to walking. They get out of my 10ft I want them in I just say Hey and a beep and their are back. Night and day from where we started. So we introduce them to the water as the old owners never did and the female is halfway out swimming like crazy. Playing with the kids loving it. The big guys won’t let his feet leave the ground so just sits in it. Now he don’t need the collar but it helped with off leash commands also max vibrate is the only thing he responds to… Litteraly had max shock on him and he doesn’t even react more then moving his ears a little. Tried both collars and prong readjustment, nothing… So we go back in the house and the big huy is just shaking his head and lays down, and I am like what’s that noise? Non stop vibrating like someone already posted a video of. Pulled the collar apart and it’s full of water. Tried drying it out with no success… So there goes one collar….. Next day the female is swimming and my son comes up and says her collar is beeping, so I dive in to listen and sure enough it’s beeping, pull it off and she is off and going. Also realized it must of vibrated too because she wasnt coming to shore as often like I was calling her… Her collar still worked which was the main one needed, but not as good as before, intermittent singles, not beeping sometimes and not vibrating others, haven’t had to shock since except for when she darted after a skunk, which thankfully it worked. But now needing to find another pair so they can swim with because they keep trying to get in the pond and it’s old Taking it off everytime, not to mention if she gets and another female wind change and feel is like running all the sudden again haha.Easily 5* if you never plan on getting wet

  9. TheVeryWorstAlaskanTheVeryWorstAlaskan

    We adopted a female Great Dane (approximately 3 yrs old per vet) and 130lbs who has a TERRIBLE barking issue. I mean TERRIBLE!!!!!!! Over the last 8 months we’ve tried 5 bark collars all from Amazon. Junk! They stopped working or worked just past the return and then stopped. I’m convinced there’s a 30 day timer in those things.Anyway, back to Greta. I’d grown so tired of her barking that I was ready to take her to the shelter. I already have anxiety and I’m on heart meds, so her constant and sudden barking at anything and everything, my soul cannot take.I had actually grown to despise her. (Sorry but it’s true.) I knew that if she was going to stay in this house we needed a solution or she was gone. When I saw this set, and that it has 2 collars AND I remote, I hesitantly said, “sure” after reading other comments.I keep one on my Dane -the Beep is at level 5,the vibrate at 13 &the shock at 30. (I started lower but she ignored it, I almost thought the collar wasn’t working)About 20% of the time I have to escalate to the shock but the majority of the time I only need to send a beep or add the vibrateShe’s learning and my nerves aren’t as shot.The 2nd collar is on our weenie dog who can be a yapper, however now, when he goes outside I listen by the door. If he barks (80% of the time it’s at the wind) I send a beep and first, it causes him to stop barking immediately & second, he runs back to the door because he’d already done his business. His settings are:Beep – Level 2,vibrate 3,Shock – 1,but I’ve only ever needed the beep. It’s fantastic!I am ecstatic I didn’t give up. I’ve been on the edge since the week we got her, but I don’t like giving up. I’m not a quitter, Just wished I’d found this sooner.We’ve been using it a week now. The battery life is amazing, I don’t think the level has changed at all. I keep the remote on me when I’m home. Hoping one day to set it aside and not have to use it.

  10. Trula mcneaseTrula mcnease

    This is our second pair of collars. The only reason why we bought a second pair is that I was told I didn’t need to micro manage the puppies. We let the puppies outside and my husband said “are you going to beep them, their they go!” I said “no they will come back”. They did one with no collar lol. Those puppies can sure cover a lot of land in a matter of seconds. I spent that entire day walking up and down a mountain side about 50 acres no luck. I did go with a different brand and that was a mistake (only because it had a flashlight built in, which was really not that bright and still ended up putting on their clip on flashlights. We live in the countryside and when is dark its dark) one of the other brand collar stop syncing with remote. So here we are with a new set of BOUSNIC TRAINING COLLARS. You will not be disappointed. The puppies starting at 4 months old (litter mate) chewing at each other had totally smashed in the buttons where they won’t turn off and they still work like brand new. They manage to chew the buckle and I replace those with metal ones. I actually had to make new collars with webbing several times because of the chewing. They are doing better at not chewing each other’s gear now at 1 year & 4 months old. The other thing which is not a huge issue is that with the first pair & same with this second pair one transmitter is louder than the other. Thank you BOUSNIC for a great product to help train to puppies at once.

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