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AI Dog Bark Collar with Flashing Light,Beep,Vibration,and Optional Shock,Rechargeable Anti-Bark Collar with 6 Adjustable Sensitivity,Waterproof Barking Collar,Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dog

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About this item AI Auto Smart Bark Collar,Dog barking collar is full-automatic, New color screen design for easy viewing. AI auto adjusts intensity of beep(1-6), Vibration(1-3), and shock(1-6).and dog shock collar with a safety-off feature,it will temporarily stop working for 30 seconds if it triggers 6 times. you only need to do is buy the dog barking control device at home, turn it on, and put it on your dog’s neck. it will give you and your neighbors a comfortable and quiet home then you can enjoy yourself Human Bark Collar,Dog bark collar with flashing light, beep, vibration,shock models.beep and vibration can correct the vast majority of dog’s bad habits.In addition,the flashing light also has a good reminder,it can increase effect of controlling dog barking by 30%.provide optional shock mode,avoid using the electric shock function to achieve effective dog training. Removable metal prongs bark collar with 2-in-1 no shock&shock, better to protect the dog’s neck Anti Bark Collar No More False Triggering,bark collar for medium dogs with an advanced smart bark recognition chip and a comprehensive upgrade of the program that recognizes the dog bark.The combination of these two technologies can filter out other barking, preventing false triggering and protecting your dog from unnecessary punishment.dog barking collar with 6 adjustable sensitivity, you can customize the right grade for your dog,no more worry about not triggering the situation ,No Bark Collar Suit for All Size Dogs,Barking collar with 6 sensitivity levels,it can recognize different frequencies dog’s barking, Aiming at the low-frequency dog barking and long-hair vocal cord vibration difficult to identify problem, we specially set up the most sensitive level H,e collar comes with an adjustable strap, This small dog bark collar strap is made of skin-friendly and comfortable soft nylon adjustable neck sizes 6-27.2 inches for all size dogs. Long Battery Life Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar,bark collar for small dogs can be recharged by a phone adapter and USB outlet of the PC/power bank/car, charging in 2 hours and can last up to 15 days. IP67 level waterproof, bark collar with no shock can be used outdoors in any weather, your dogs will enjoy bathing, swimming, chasing toys around a pool, or playing in the rain

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Product Description

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

bark collarbark collar

IP67 waterproof

IP67 waterproof collar is convenient for dogs playing around a pool or in the rain freely

Long Battery Life

Bark collar built-in rechargeable battery, charging for 2-3 hours, up to 15 days of regular use

Magnetic Fast Charge

Easy to charge by PC/power bank/car and adapter

bark collar bark collar

bark collar bark collar

Additional information

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

4.88 x 4.69 x 1.89 inches; 7.05 Ounces

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Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 26, 2023

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Shenzhen Smartpet Technology Co., Ltd.

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#15 in Bark Collars

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481 ratings

10 reviews for AI Dog Bark Collar with Flashing Light,Beep,Vibration,and Optional Shock,Rechargeable Anti-Bark Collar with 6 Adjustable Sensitivity,Waterproof Barking Collar,Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dog

  1. Jacqueline

    We adopted 5 year old Sid and quickly discovered that he had some significant anxiety issues. One of which was to obsessively turn circles while barking non-stop. Exhausted and desperate for a solution, I purchased this Bark Collar. This particular one has options for beep, vibration and shock with different sensitivity levels. Fortunately, Sid responded to the beep. After using the collar for a couple of weeks Sid’s anxiety had decreased significantly. For the following month we only had to use the collar sporadically, most likely when some unknown source triggered his anxiety. He did not act adversely to the collar, in fact, he seemed comforted. This device has been a blessing and now we are able to enjoy Sid and give him the home that he has always deserved. The Collar is very well made, easy to use, charges quickly and easily. P.S. I’m sure my neighbors are pleased as well. It worked like a charm.

  2. SphotoSphoto

    The AI Auto Smart Bark Collar is a must-have for dog owners looking to manage their pet’s barking habits while ensuring their comfort and safety. The collar is fully automatic with a really pretty and bright digital interface. Love the option to beep, vibrate, and/or shock when my dog barks. I like that the safety-off feature temporarily stops the collar from working if triggered six times in 30 seconds. The optional shock mode and removable metal prongs make it even more versatile and safe for the dog’s neck. The vibration is all that we needed, so we removed the prongs. The smart bark recognition worked awesome, I tested this holding by holding it close to the tv while dogs barked. It worked perfectly, so I don’t have any worries about my buddy getting punished for no reason. With six adjustable sensitivity levels, it is easy to customize the collar to suit your dog’s specific needs. This collar will fit on my big Labradoodle and chubby English bulldog, accommodating both necks. The rechargeable battery is also impressive, with a 2-hour charging time that lasts up to 15 days. I loved the magnetic clip to charge it. Overall, the AI Auto Smart Bark Collar is an intelligent, humane, and versatile solution for dog owners seeking to manage their dog’s barking habits without causing harm or discomfort. Highly recommended!PLEASE NOTE: We did not turn on the shock because the vibration was all that was needed.

  3. JVH

    I’ve purchased several in the past. The battery on this one lasts longer, it’s more intuitive to use, and seems to be more effective. Though it has the shock option, we never have to use it. The sounds adjust after each bark reaction so it surprises your dog enough each time with a unique sound. With others my dog just got used to it and just barked on through the sounds and vibration. Works well, easier to use than others and lasts a while.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I like all the different settings and options this collar offers. It can either make a noise, vibrate, or Shock. You have the option to choose. There is a setting for longer, thick haired dogs.Works great!

  5. Amy Ford

    This collar was a good price and shipped fast it was easy to size and fit my dog nicely. I like the option to adjust the shock and vibrate levels . I work from home and my very vocal Jack Russell Terrier was causing a problem when I was on calls. It vibrates first then emits a light shock. After using the shock option on a low setting only a couple times I was able to turn it off and only use the vibrate. I only use the collar during my work hours and my dog now just knows when he has it on to be quiet. This collar is a safe, humane and effective training tool.

  6. JasonJason

    I absolutely love the AI Dog Bark Collar! Its versatile features, including the flashing light, beep, vibration, and optional shock, make it incredibly effective for training my dog. The 6 adjustable sensitivity levels cater to dogs of all sizes, and the fact that it’s waterproof is a game-changer. Plus, the long-lasting battery keeps it going strong. It’s been a real game-changer in curbing my pup’s excessive barking.After using the product for a month now, I can confidently say that it continues to impress me. The AI Dog Bark Collar with its array of features and durable battery life has consistently helped in training my dog and reducing excessive barking. It’s a reliable solution for long-term results.

  7. Jonathan

    This collar does exactly what I needed it to do. After looking at a bunch of other products this one had the fairest price and works well. Super easy to adjust between the settings. It stopped my dogs barking immediately after the first correction. The beep and buzz were enough to correct my young pup Junie! Give it a try!

  8. Karen L

    I have several discarded dog barking deterrent collars in my basket of “dog stuff” that I abandoned over the years either because they weren’t very effective, were unreliable or stopped working. But when my new dog ‘s barking got too much I decided to try a dog collar once again and got this. I am very pleased!! It’s easy to operate, rechargeable so no replacing batteries or broken battery holders, and I love all the options (flashing light, vibration, sound and shock). Being able to adjust the starting strength and having it increase automatically if the dog doesn’t stop is great. Also you can remove the probes if you don’t want any shock. This collar has it all. Also, for all that, it isn’t bulky.I have a German shepherd and when the lights flash, it vibrates and makes sound it stops her. She has been on an electric fence containment collar so she knows the vibrate signal means stop so I don’t need to use the probes. Having said that, I think it would be an easy matter if needed to begin with using them and once your dog associates the light, sound vibrate and not stopping with a mild shock, I believe training will be finished and there won’t be a need to get to shock. A more “sensitive” dog may never need a little shock.Anyway you have an extremely well built/designed system with a lot of flexibility and options to meet what might work best for your doggo. It’s the best I’ve found so far!

  9. don s

    I usually don’t use so many expletives in a review, but this was the best $20 investment, EVER! Our latest addition to the family was driving us crazy! He’s a small dog with a huge bark! Almost anything that moved on the TV screen, especially dogs and other animals, would have him trying to get into the TV with them, all the while, barking like crazy. There were some shows we actually avoided watching! This collar arrived yesterday and we put it on him. As usual, it didn’t take long for something on TV to trigger his barking and trying to “attack” the screen. Warning beeps, vibration, and a couple mild shocks later, he was turning around and lying down, calmly watching TV with us. He would start running towards TV, barking and turn around before he got halfway there. Then for the ultimate test. We watched an episode of Lucky Dog. By the time the show was half over, he was calmly lying there watching TV with us with no more outbursts! What an amazing transformation! The next true test will be going for a walk and having him see other dogs on the trail. Or people. Or cars. Or anything that moves! But I am pretty confident it will work there, as well. I feel that I will be able to turn off the shock option and still have it be effective. I will update my review with new developments, but as of now, I would highly recommend this collar. In a single evening it totally changed our dog’s behavior!Update:Day 2. Gave him a break from the collar for most of the day. Then the TV came on and he started barking and lunging at TV. Collar back on. I decided to try it with shock option turned off. A couple beeps and vibration and now he’s calmly watching TV with us. Amazing!

  10. myplums

    I just want to throw a disclaimer out that I was prepared to use the shock function of this – but so glad I didn’t have to!We have a Golden Retriever and Labradoodle, the golden is a quiet pup and loves her beauty rest. We’ve never had trouble with her being loud when we go out and leave them in our travel trailer for a bit. Our Labradoodle on the other hand has that primal instinct to woof, borq, and bark at anything and everything. Mostly because she is a skittish scaredy-cat. We’ve tried forever to train her with her barking and nothing worked… Until we got this collar. While we were fully prepared to trial the shock function of it to see if that would do the trick – we’re so glad it didn’t come to that.This collar has a vibrate, beep, and shock function and you can use a combination of all of them or just vibrate and beep – which we opted for. After just minutes of putting it on her with the device beeping at first bark, then vibrating and beeping on the second one. It only took one or two barks out of her and I saw the realization in her face. She now, when wearing the collar will only woof like a whisper. There have been a few times she forgot and let out a bark – but only one. Then when the collar beeps, she hushes down. Definitely a keeper!

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