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2 Pack Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs Training Collar for Dogs with 4 Adjustable Sensitivity Dog Barking Control Devices Dog Shock Collar with Beep Vibration

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About this item 【Adjustable Collar for All Dogs】The adjustable straps fit dogs of all sizes and you can easily adjust them as your dogs grow. You can also cut off the excess collar to make it more comfortable for your dog to wear. Our no bark collars for dogs are made of skin-friendly soft reflective nylon material, this design is also great for night walks. 【2 Humane Modes & 4 Sensitivity Levels】The bark collar offers 4 sensitivity levels and 2 training modes to effectively detect barking for dogs of all sizes. No shock mode: beep+vibration; Shock mode: beep+vibration+shock. Easily control your dog’s bark with our shock collar for a comfortable training experience. For small dogs 5-15 lbs, we recommend the no shock mode with beeps and vibrations only. 【Quick Charging &16 days standby】The fast charging function lets you say goodbye to the long charging time, make sure it is always available when you need it, and our automatic shock collar for dogs has a super long standby time of 16 days, so you can enjoy long-term use without worrying about the battery running out, perfect choice for pet owners on the go. 【Lightweight &IP67 Waterproof】Whether you have a small or large dog, the lightweight design of our bark shock collar ensures your furry friend won’t have to carry extra weight while wearing it. The IP67 waterproof makes them perfect for any outdoor activity, whether you’re walking your dog in the rain or taking them for a swim, it also makes cleaning the collar a breeze. 【6 step Automatic Cycle Protection Mode】The 6-step progressive mode will work according to your dog’s barking by gradually increasing the stimulation intensity, after activating the sixth step, the barking collar will enter the protection mode for 2 minutes to avoid excessive stimulation and protect their health. The combination of humanistic care and scientific training achieves the ideal training effect.

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4.33 x 3.74 x 2.95 inches; 10.93 Ounces

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2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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March 24, 2023

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Dongguan Dogreat Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

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#8 in Bark Collars

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923 ratings

10 reviews for 2 Pack Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs Training Collar for Dogs with 4 Adjustable Sensitivity Dog Barking Control Devices Dog Shock Collar with Beep Vibration

  1. Corrin Lee Mack

    I bought these collars because I’ve got 2 M-L sized dogs that like to be nosey and “yell” at everyone that walks past our house!The collars are totally adjustable and the electronic part isn’t big or bulky. It actually looks very sleek and low profile when on their necks.The sensitivity and behavior correcting settings are a little confusing at first, but once you’re hands-on with the collar, it’s really simple…One button is used for sensitivity of the microphone and the other is used to set correction for either just vibration or for vibration and shock.The collars charge pretty quick and the charge lasts a while, too (depending on how often your dogs bark, of course). I think it takes about 90 mins to take the battery from empty to full and one charge usually lasts about 16-24 hours worth of use, depending on daily foot traffic outside the house! Lol!Been using them for about a month with good results. There’s deff been a decrease in the number of barks per incident and in also noticing that the incidents are becoming less, as well… even when they’re not wearing the collars!I’d deff recommend these collars to anyone trying to shush their dogs more than 2-3 times/day. I think they’re decent quality, they do what they’re designed to do, and they’re helping to deter barks even when the collar isn’t on the dog!Saving my sanity made these collars well worth the $! Thanks!

  2. R

    Great price for a 2 pack of bark collars. I like the more subtle look of these instead of some others with a big screen on them.4 sensitivity modes and you can select beep and vibrate only or beep vibrate and shock. Progressive warnings give the dogs plenty of chances to avoid a shock and apparently they have a safety that will shut it off if the collar shocks too much. I was worried about one of the dogs barking setting off the others bark collar but so far this hasn’t been an issue.They are intuitive and come with easy to follow instructions. Battery life is great. Works for my Great Dane and labradoodle. No more annoying barking.

  3. Renee D. Gardner

    So I have 2 dogs that I bought this for – a brother and sister – and though they are friendly, whenever they would see a dog walk by our house they would go nuts barking their heads off! That is when we would warn them if they didn’t stop barking we would get out the naughty stick (rolled newspaper). Never worked and they would get so excited they would start fighting with each other. So finally bought the collars – best price for the package of 2! and set them up. Instructions weren’t quite right but finally figured it out (not sure what the non-power button does). So now when they start barking I put the collars on them, which they do scratch at (my dogs only wear collars when I am taking them out) and wait for the next incident. If they start barking again they get a mild shock and vibration and beep (so we know its working ) and they do a little shake and ? (hard to describe), and immediately stop barking! No yelping in pain or apparent discomfort, just seem to be distracted by it. The system works by increasing the frequency and strength of the static “shock” and vibration if they continue barking . My dogs never have. For their ‘good behavior I take the collar off in an hour or so. My hope is the act of putting the collar on stops them from barking without the need for the vibration and static shock and then them just not barking under those circumstances again. It has been a swift and effective deterrent to their almost manic barking! Couldn’t be happier with the performance of the product. It would have been 6 Stars had the instructions been better and an explanation about a good working process for training was included, but in fact the device is self training, so once you charge it, set it up and attach it works!

  4. Danielle Lewallen

    I purchased bark collars and they have worked great. It’s a great training tool and has really helped. My dogs don’t sit outside at night and continues bark. I would recommend this product to anyone it’s a great training tool.

  5. SirWesSirWes

    In choosing a dog bark collar, I first researched what to look for. I read that the four keys to look for are:1) Method of Correction2) Size3) Power Source4) WearabilityI added a fifth) SafetyI like that I get two collars so both of our dogs can be trained at the same time. For Method of Correction, these collars have two settings. Beep + Vibrate, and Beep + Vibrate + Shock. The shock is felt by our medium sized dogs but does not hurt them. After a few times of getting the bark response, the dogs seemed to get it and barked a lot less. I then set the collars to Beep + Vibrate and they barked very little after that. They seem really sophisticated because I only saw one time when one dog barking caused the other dogs collar to shock and that was when one dog barked right at the other dog’s collar.Regarding size, the collars have long adjustable nylon straps which can be cut down to size.The power source is a convenient rechargeable battery using the included charging cable.Regarding the wearability, it’s about the same as wearing any other standard collar.And regarding safety, the shock is just enough to get the dogs attention and doesn’t hurt them.Thus far, the bark collars are working great. I suspect after another week of training I won’t actually need them any more. I plan to ask our neighbor who’s dog barks a lot more than our if he would like to try them to train his dog as well.I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend the dog bark training collars to other dog owners.

  6. DeanaDeana

    I wasn’t for sure if I would like these or not, wasn’t for sure if it was humane but I read the reviews and thought I would give them a shot and OMGOSH!!! what a difference! I tested them last night at the store, they bark at anything moving :/ but these collars went into action and I have NEVER had the most quieted, chilled time sitting in the parking lot waiting for my kids to come out of the store. I like these because the first signal is a tone, next step vibration, last step static shock. They are comfortable to wear (only when needed). I’m very, very happy I found these, now my marriage is saved lol

  7. Gabrielle

    This works but be ready to hear an incessant barker get shocked. It wont happen many times once they realize why its happening but some dogs just have to learn this way. I LOVE my animals and would still recommend this as a trainer.

  8. amerindo

    They seem to work. If not our neighbors would let us know. We only use the collars when running errands. So far so good

  9. TLCD

    My dog is a German Shepherd. This doesn’t shock the dog, it just has a strong vibration. It even recommends you try it on yourself. It does seem to disturb the dog enough to stop them from barking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go off when my dog whines. She has also learned that if she does a higher pitch and a little quieter bark, it also does not set it off. I read there’s a way to change the sensitivity, but I haven’t figured it out. It’s kind of fascinating watching her find ways around setting it off. Also, the battery seems to last longer than I expected. I think my dogs barking has decreased.

  10. tiari

    I used this product on my 2 dogs and it worked perfectly for both. It trained them not to bark all night at random noise.

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